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  1. trixion
    The World Drug Report presents comprehensive information on the illicit drug situation. It provides detailed estimates and trends on production, trafficking and consumption in the opium/heroin, coca/cocaine, cannabis and amphetamine-type stimulants markets.
    This year, for the first time, the World Drug Report includes special feature sections on the quality of drug data available to UNODC, trends in drug use among young people and police-recorded drug offences. It also discusses one the most formidable unintended consequences of drug control - the black market for drugs - and how the international community best can tackle it.

    1.1 Opium / heroin market
    1.1.1 Summary trend overview
    1.1.2 Production
    1.1.3 Trafficking
    1.1.4 Consumption

    1.2 Coca / cocaine market
    1.2.1 Summary trend overview
    1.2.2 Production
    1.2.3 Trafficking
    1.2.4 Consumption

    1.3 Cannabis market
    1.3.1 Summary trend overview
    1.3.2 Production
    1.3.3 Trafficking
    1.3.4 Consumption

    1.4 Amphetamine-type stimulants market
    1.4.1 Summary trend overview
    1.4.2 Production
    1.4.3 Trafficking
    1.4.4 Consumption

    2.1 Why illicit drugs must remain illicit 163
    2.2 Move beyond reactive law enforcement 166
    2.3 Create flow-specific drug strategies 172
    2.4 Strengthen international resistance to drug markets 179
    2.5 Take the crime out of drug markets

    3.1 Production
    3.1.1 Afghanistan
    3.1.2 Bolivia
    3.1.3 Colombia
    3.1.4 Lao PDR
    3.1.5 Myanmar
    3.1.6 Peru

    3.2 Seizures
    3.3 Seizures of illicit laboratories

    3.4 Prices
    3.4.1 Opiates: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
    3.4.2 Cocaine: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
    3.4.3 Cannabis: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
    3.4.4 Amphetamine-type stimulants: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels

    3.5 Consumption

    3.5.1 Annual prevalence Opiates Cocaine Cannabis Amphetamine-type stimulants (excluding ecstasy) Ecstasy
    3.5.2. Treatment demand Primary drugs of abuse among persons treated for drug problems in Africa Primary drugs of abuse among persons treated for drug problems in America Primary drugs of abuse among persons treated for drug problems in Asia Primary drugs of abuse among persons treated for drug problems in Europe Primary drugs of abuse among persons treated for drug problems in Oceania

    3.6 Youth and school surveys
    3.6.1 Heroin
    3.6.2 Cocaine
    3.6.3 Cannabis
    3.6.4 Amphetamine-type stimulants (excluding ecstasy)
    3.6.5 Ecstasy

    3.7 Drug-related crime

    4. Methodology

    Swim is curious if anyone is interested in the above report as swim outline the content. Swim did downloaded a copy in pdf format...unsure to upload. The file size is ard 8.94m

    Swim upload a copy at scribd as private with the following details.
    Title: WDR2009
    Filename: WDR2009_eng_web[1].pdf
    Category: Books
    Sub-Category: Lifestyle and health

    Interested swimmers..feel free to dl and read. Very informative!


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