World of Warcraft 'More addictive than cocaine'

By Sven99 · Mar 3, 2009 · ·
  1. Sven99
    World Of Warcraft 'more addictive than crack cocaine' as teenager suffers convulsions after 24-hour-long game

    An internet computer game has been condemned as being as addictive as cocaine after a teenager who played it 24 hours non-stop had convulsions.

    World of Warcraft has been hugely successful in capturing the imagination of players by drawing them into a virtual universe of battles and quests.

    However, it is at the centre of a growing problem of computer game addiction.

    article-1157362-037764020000044D-662_468x345.jpg Highly addictive: World of Warcraft has been described by experts as the crack cocaine of the gaming world

    Many players will sit alone in their rooms for hours at a time, immersed in the lives of their fantasy character creations - or Avatars.

    Some 11milion around the globe play World of Warcraft - making it the world's most successful 'MMORPG' - massively multi-player online role-playing game.

    However, a report from Sweden's Youth Care Foundation describes it as 'the most dangerous game on the market'.
    The report's author Sven Rollenhagen said: 'There is not a single case of game addiction that we have worked with in which World of Warcraft has not played a part.

    'It is the crack cocaine of the computer game world. Some will play it till they drop.'

    The Swedish National Institute of Public Health has backed the report, adding: 'Computer game addiction is becoming more widespread across the world.'

    The warning comes after a Swedish boy of 15 collapsed after playing it for for 24 hours earlier this month.
    Hospital doctors diagnosed an epileptic-type seizure brought on by sleep deprivation, lack of food, and too long a stretch of concentrated game playing. He has made a full recovery.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours per day of 'screen time'.
    Psychiatrist Dr Richard Graham of London's Tavistock Centre said: 'Some of my clients will discuss playing games for 14, 16 hours a day at times, without breaks and without attending to their physical needs.

    'For those, the consequences are potentially severe.

    'Such prolonged gaming can produce a sort of socially withdrawn figure who may be connecting with people in the game, but is largely dropping out of education and other social opportunities.'

    By Ian Sparks
    Last updated at 7:10 PM on 27th February 2009

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  1. cra$h
    haha, great find! I love seeing different kinds of addictions compared to drugs, and their social impact. and the little heroin diddy's interesting to. Good work.
  2. cannabis-sam
  3. jakored
    Parent's much? 15?
  4. dutch-marshal
    well SWIm played allot of other MMO rpg's and they can consume SWIYS whole life!
    SWIm was playing 10+hours a day! 5-6 days in the week!

    and SWIm can remember 1 time at "the efteling" an amusementpark in holland.. he was going into a roler coaster and actually thinking...i wanna go home and play "diablo2"..

    shorft after that SWIM knew this had to stop and SWIM havent played much sinse!
    only like 10-20hours a month!
  5. dadrone
    It may be as addictive but it's not as physically dehabilitating...

    WoW and a quarter ounce of the dank, the kind that almost fills a sandwich bag with only 7 grams... Good times.
  6. Rainbowzz
    ^^^ troof, for sure.

    SWIM plays wow, but is out of time right now, and let me say she MISSES the game incredibly. She finds herself pining for the game for sure.:thumbsdown:
  7. CoryInJapan
    1-2 hours of screen time wtf....I would say no less or no more than 5..

    Gotuh get them levels man.
  8. Grabnar
    this isn't new , but it sure is great when something new comes out and the whole population is addicted xD this is just the next generation of the everquest user , google THAT and addiction and check out the results :thumbsup:
  9. EndThisDisgustingDystopia
    SWIM plays WoW on the US server Andorhal and Drak'Tharon.
    SWIM has invested about 60 days of playtime over the past two years, since he started playing. SWIM finds it fun to smoke Cannabis with friends while playing WoW over a LAN. SWIM is the best of his friends, averaging only 12 hours a week. Nothing compared to some who play 8 hours a day, 5+ days a week. WoW has worked well for SWIM, because personally SWIM doesn't have much time for games between work, school, and being social.
    WoW can be enjoyed as a casual gaming experience if SWIY does not make tons of time for the game, or chooses to play alone over being social.
  10. vantranist
    SWIM playes wow also... 72 priest!

    Kil'jaden server.

    My name is Clairitee... HIT ME UP!
  11. helikophis

    This is a bit of a misleading/unhelpful comment. Of course there are video game addicts who have never been involved with WoW. I have known several of them personally. I've been one, to tell the truth. Multiplayer computer game addiction is as old as MUD, if not older.
  12. Raz
    ^^ I agree. Why do they have to be so sloopy. They were numerous indicents of people dying before WOW hit the market.

    It sucks when you make a "research" and Wikipedia has presented the problem better then you did hehe.
  13. bubbly nubs
    Haha 'more addictive than crack'?? What a load of bullshit. Also 1-2 hours per day is ridiculous. I spend that amount of time doing my 'daily internet tasks' (i.e emails, DF etc.) before I even need to think about having a more recreational browse.
  14. Aofia
    I got bored of wow after reaching lvl 60 as everyone else i knew was lvl 70+ nd i had no hope of catchin up nd only played 1-2 hours every mounth, its also quite expensive too. But i was addicted to an extent during my first year of a-levels but got bored of it nd found it quite repetitive.
    Hobz found pot more interesting than wow.
  15. Guttz
    I used to play wow and I can honestly say I got extremely addicted to it. Played it for 3 years with some breaks. I think the breaks in total were something like 10 months. In those 3 years I played for a total of 300~ days in played time(something like 297). So 300 days spent in front of the pc over the period of 26 months. When I mean played time I mean the actual time you have been online. You can type /played in the game to see how much you have played in total and my number is somewhere close to 300 days.

    Now a brief explanation on how the game works. You start at level 1. You have to level your character up to be able to kill mobs that are higher level then you. This is very similar to a donkey following the carrot in front of him. Getting to the highest level possible will take around 10 - 20 days in played time for a first timer. It does differ a lot between players since many are very lazy and don't want to farm quests all day long. When you have how ever reached the highest level the only way for you to improve your character is to play more. You have to either run through instances, do some pvp (player versus player) or raid. Those are pretty much the only methods to really make your character better.

    When running Instances you can do them in 3 different ways. There is the 5 man version where you play with 4 other people, you go through an instance where you fight some elite mobs that have a chance to drop better equipment for your character. When you get better equipment your character gets better. Then there is the raiding part (addiction addiction). When raiding you play with either 9 people or 24 people. You go into a huge instance which requires more people to defeat the encounters due to how difficult they are. Doing them with less people would be close to impossible most of the time. There are those 2 kinds of raiding. These places drop the best equipment at each time in the game. Blizzard releases new patches like every 3 - 6 months so players have new challenges to face. This is done so that if you have already completed everything and have all the best gear around you really don't have anything to do. Except maybe play some PVP.

    PvP is player versus player, there you can fight other players in Arena where you collect points to for which you can buy gear. Although, pvp gear is not really good for raiding and raiding gear is not really good for pvp. So if you want to be good at both you have to spend more time in the game to improve your character.

    Guilds: When you get to the highest level you will most likely want to join a guild. A guild is like a team of some sort. You get many players together who share the same goal as you in the game. To become better and that want to kill those bad ass bosses just as much as you do. All so that they can get better gear. Many guilds don't do this and are just social places for people that don't play that much. But most guilds have some set raiding hours so players come together at the same time to run through the raids.

    Now here's the problem. To become very good at raiding and improving your character at that level you have to show up to most raids. For that you will have to play something around 3 times a week. Each night for something like 4 - 6 hours. Some guilds play 7 days a week. If you don't show up for each of those raids or at least 75% of them you will most likely get kicked out of your guild. That is a big no no for a player who wants to improve his character and become better at the game. You will also have to farm some gold so you can buy buffs for your character outside raids. People need to show up with some Elixirs and flasks that can only be obtained through professions. Professions are also a huge farm to finish. There is also reputation that you have to farm and loads of other stuff you must get just so that you have some little extras that make your character a little bit better for each raid. Not having these buffs will make you seem as you don't care about what you are doing and nobody wants to have some slacker in their raids. This is where the addiction gets to the maximum point. Your life starts to turn completely around the game, you think about it when you are not playing and you don't want to do anything else really. Since that is what matters the most to you when you have reached this far into the game.

    I know many people who still play this game and many people who play a lot more then I did. They're life's turn around the game pretty much. My life used to do that. I had a job when I started, was in a fine position in life really but I soon got addicted to World of Warcraft.

    I started showing up late for work, started asking to go home early with some lame excuses so I could make my raids. Very quickly I quit my job and spent all my time at home playing the game. That's all I did. I didn't go out, I didn't see my friends. I actually lost contact with many of my friends during this period. People tried to get me interested in going out and doing some stuff but I never had even the slightest interest. This lead to extreme depression and complete loss of self esteem.

    This all may sound very stupid seeing this is a video game. But I can assure you that probably a few hundred thousand players are stuck in exactly the same position I was.
  16. enquirewithin

    It can even kill you! Starcraft is similar to Warcraft isn't it? SWIM has spent a lot of time on GTA and some city building games. Even after one night of playing you feel quite unwell.
  17. Guttz
    Starcraft is a strategy game, similar to red alert or something. But in Korea it is pretty much like Football in England. They even have tv stations out there that cover video game lans and some big competitions.

    Then again, Starcraft is a Blizzard game just like World of Warcraft.
  18. lestat737
    Whilst reading this thread all swim can think about is that southpark episode where they play wow for like a month and get really fat! lol!
  19. Bajeda
    Yeah its amazing how fanatical they still are over there considering how long the game has been out!

    Example of the "tournaments" they have there (actually a sweet match btw) ----->

    They have uniforms, sponsors, live audience, commentary, and everything else!
  20. SullyGuy
    I have had many friends who played WoW, and I can say its gets pretty bad, if less fiscally demanding than a coke habit. A friend of mine had something like 3 months worth of play time on an account he had for a year...

    Gotta get that next teir...
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