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  1. Heretic.Ape.
    worlds worst buddhist

    Eyes fixed but unfocused, a mantram pulsing through his head--weaving a vibrational flux to act like a pendulum of attraction on the electro-chemical waters of his brain; singing into being a scaffolding of dissociation.

    Sinew and bone begin to melt into a quantum foam of probabilistic non locality.

    Sounds of people talking and laughing are left to bleed into the sky, belonging no longer to the corrugated cartilage and tiny bones that catch and coax them into coherence.

    Dimensionality begins to collapse, leaving the tapestry of sense and cognition--so enveloping and complete a moment before--seeming analogous to a spotted film of oil on the surface of an ocean.

    Dark twisted figures of demons--black, shiny, and convoluted like insects--kneel beside and below him clicking the mantram like a plea for salvation to the jeweled deities in burning fractal mandalas above.

    He is done seeking gods.

    It is pure disintegration, complete dissociation he seeks now. Perhaps it has been all along.

    But the spell breaks, the mantram stutters into a mere collection of syllables, his concentration spent.

    He lights another cigarette and breathes the smoke in deep to speed his death.


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