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  1. Basoodler
    Toddler Cheng Cheng, from eastern China’s Anhui province, got his first taste of wine when he was only 10 months old. His father put wine-dipped chopsticks into his mouth just to get him to stop crying, and the boy developed a taste for it instantly. As he grew older, he started to consume alcohol in increasing quantities. Now, at age two, he is probably the world’s youngest alcoholic. He’s been dubbed the ‘Little Winebibber’ because he prefers alcohol over milk.

    At first, Cheng Cheng’s parents and relatives joked about his affinity towards alcohol. They found it funny and cute as he guzzled an entire bottle of beer without any side effects – something highly unusual and unexpected of a child. He didn’t experience any of the symptoms of alcohol consumption, not even an increased heart rate. Cheng Cheng simply emptied the bottle without batting an eyelid, and then asked for some more! “At that time, all of us in the family have already thought that this child can really drink a lot when he grows up,” said his aunt, Cai Teng.

    But now that the toddler’s story is out, the family has been severely criticized for encouraging such behavior. The local media has displayed outrage, while doctors have urged the parents to immediately put a stop to Cheng Cheng’s drinking habit. Several pediatricians have warned that since children of his age do not have well developed body organs, even a little bit of alcohol can seriously damage their health.

    Getting two-year-olds to give up something they want badly can be a nightmare, and that’s exactly what Cheng Cheng’s parents are facing now. Whenever he spots a bottle of alcohol, he wants some for himself. They’ve tried hiding the bottles, but when he spots the adults in the family having a drink, he throws a tantrum until he’s given one too.

    Social services are now debating if Cheng Cheng needs to be removed from his parents’ care and placed in a foster home. With all the media attention, the family is finally taking the matter seriously. His mother is quite scared of the legal consequences that she and her husband could face, so she’s doing everything she can to get the toddler to switch to milk or juice instead.

    But that’s easier said than done. “As sometimes he is really noisy, we have no option but to let him to try a little bit of wine,” she said. “His eyes are always on the alcohol bottles. We can only try our best to store the bottles in a place which is not seen by him.” She also said that she’s worried about Cheng Cheng’s ability to handle alcohol. “We will not let him drink or touch alcohol anymore as we are afraid that it will affect his growth,” she promised.

    Cheng Cheng’s case is probably one-of-a-kind; whoever heard of a kid being able to withstand so much alcohol? But a couple of years ago, we did feature an equally shocking story – a two-year-old Indonesian boy who was addicted to smoking. I do hope he was able to kick the habit.

    Source: ET Today via Shanghaist


  1. Alien Sex Fiend

    This is one of the most creepiest things i read. Are his parents Beavis and Butthead by any chance? :0

  2. Basoodler
    Its odd that a Chinese media outlet would run a story like this... In the real world the story would be about the idiot parents

    I mean shit, at least wait until the kid's liver and brain are done developing before you allow them to take such abuse..

    I wonder if a child starts drinking at this young of age does his growing body develop ways to counteract the abuse?

    Does his tolerance prevent him from feeling effects at a quicker pace due to adaptions that developed as he grows?

    Provided he lives long enough to find out..

    I agree .. Its creepy
  3. mess clean
    This kid is going to be an alcoholic when he's no longer a minor under his parents control.

    And again, this is totally creepy.
  4. oliverslife
    My grandma would tell me of how I would drink my dads beer he left on the table-- there's a film ( the old reel to reels) of me, two years old, about 15 cans on the table and I'm drinking, pouring out beer, playing in it having a great time. My grandma said there would be times though I would cry all night long after doing g this, and she figured I was feeling "hung over".

    I also became an Alcoholic by age 12.
  5. Alien Sex Fiend
    the was a Chinese baby that smoked two packs a day unfiltered... im not sure if it s still alive
  6. Hipsta
    How hard is it to just not have booze in the house at all? Especially when your two year old is an alcoholic.

    I feel weird just typing that.

    I agree with Basoodler as well. Here in America the parents would be demonized by the media and petitions and all other types of horse shit.
    But it's more of an anomaly in China.
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