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WPF Linguistic Phenomen

By moda00, Apr 6, 2008 | |
  1. moda00
    Communicating the Unspeakable? Linguistic Phenomena in the Psychedelic Sphere Diana Reed Slattery

    -Psilocybin, DMT have been shown to have effects on the language centers of the brain (will look into more info on this, either no sources were listed or I didn't get the chance to write them down in my notes as she had 12 minutes to go through her presentation and it was a bit rushed)
    -Idea of "the Other." Psychedelic sphere is densely populated by entities or other presences of some sort- this is consistently reported throughout multiple cultural contexts and experiences
    -Idea of an inner signal transmitted and one has the choice as to whether to enter in to this dialogue

    -Slattery invented a series of 27 "glifs," language is called "glide"
    -Glifs consisting of three strokes each- initially for a science fiction novel (The Maze) but also basing a PhD on this and continuing to study and expand it through work with entheogens and computer software development
    -In the book, Glide is the architecture for the maze which must be navigated- based on physical movements and body language- the first of the three strokes is action of scooping pollen, second is depositing in baskets, and third is the movement from lily to lily

    (Unfortunately technological difficulty prevented her Power Point presentations or video segments from being visible, which I think was an important part of being able to understand and visualize this, but was interesting nonetheless)

    Software to manipulate glifs:
    1st developed a lexicon to translate the meaning of the glifs into multiple national languages- but that only dealt with static signs, didn't involve motion, and she felt it needed to be taken farther than a simple, set-in-stone lexicon of interpretation, also wanted to include the glifs' interaction with each other, not just as solitary symbols or entities
    2nd developed the "Collaborinth" which was a glide-glif editor
    Oracle- translation of 729 pairs/729 morphing pairs
    Current- 3-D glide writings software- takes 2-D forms and moves them through 3-D space

    People involved in process- Henry Munn, xenolinguist, also her examiner for PhD process- Edwardo Luna

    Use of rhetorical analysis of own and others' reports of linguistic phenomena- less methodological/scientific but equally meaningful to her work

    Practice-based dissertation
    Self exploration as -> knowledge
    Practice of reading/writing Glide in non-ordinary states allows progress
    Some of what she talked about was very far removed from my frame of reference. Unfortunately, scheduling did not permit me to attend her film/software presentation and demo later that afternoon, and since her video equipment failed during the presentation itself, my understanding of the concept may be far from complete.

    However, it did call to mind an experience swim has had on psilocybin mushrooms. She still has the notes somewhere, she'll have to try and dig them up, but she felt the need to write, and what she was writing felt very significant to her, but it came out nothing like any written language she has seen or understood when looking back on it.. pages and pages of it.. She has also had unusual linguistic phenomena of.. unsure how to describe this, but kind of like a voice in her head (that sounds so creepy and cliched!) or the linguistic expression of the energies of something within (or all of) her surroundings. So she is very interested in learning more about linguistic phenomena and psychedelics.


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