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WPF Saturday morning plans for the day

By moda00, Mar 26, 2008 | |
  1. moda00
    Moda00 was sleeping and missed first lecture, very sad as she wanted to see Mueller-Ebeling (sp?) or Pinchbeck.. man...busy schedule planned for the day here on out though..

    1st more ladies' stuff.. SheShamans haha..
    Then tracking down the elusive RXBandit (the name fits as far as I know lol)
    Then the Panorama, maybe.. I can't focus too good in the panorama discussions, too much happens and the language keeps switching. lol.
    Then Rising Researchers.. I wanted to make at least on RR segment and this looks to be the one for me- I'm psyched.. If anyone does PLants thru Native Eyes please fill me in, sad to miss that..
    Then likely to What about Erowid? w/ Jon Hanna (missed his film presentation yesterday.. anyone see that?) Online dissemination on drugs info (yeah "what about DF??" wtf?? ;))
    Kounen's film "Other Worlds," if I am not too exhausted..
    and a "who has the best long luscious locks" competition with matthijsV lol- gotta wash mine..

    Alex Grey's nowhere on today's agenda, gotta track him down too, along with MatthijsV and god knows who else lol.. it's kinda like finding needles in haystacks.. but much more rewarding I'm sure..

    Anyway, my morning DF duty done, I'm off to the shower and the presentations.


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