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Wyo, patrol: New York man busted with $151,800.00 of pot.

  1. Mick Mouse
    A New York man was arrested on Tuesday after a Wyoming State Trooper and a K-9 unit found 25 pounds of high-grade marijuana inside his rental vehicle, the patrol said.

    Max Cohen, 26, was pulled over for speeding on eastbound Interstate 80, about 8 miles west of Pine Bluffs, when the trooped noticed some large duffel bags partially covered by a blanket in the rear of the vehicle, according to a news release from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

    Cohen changed his story while speaking to the trooper. He said he was traveling to California to visit a friend, but he could not remember the friends name.

    A police dog named Hunter maneuvered around around the vehicle and alerted the trooper. hunter then entered the vehicle where he immediately went to the duffel bags in the back.

    After searching the vehicle and the contents of the duffel bags, troopers found 25 pounds of the marijuana packaged in plastic bags, and more than $800.00 in cash.

    The street value of the marijuana was estimated to be at $151,800.00.

    Cohen was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. The charges allege that Cohen was transporting the marijuana from an undisclosed location in California to New York.

    The Denver Post
    Jordan Steffen


  1. buckcamp
    I-80 through Wyoming seems to be in the news as a high traffick corridor a lot lately... Wonder if this will push Wyoming towards passing some medicinal legislation; or just the opposite and make it a "Speed-Trap" state...
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