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  1. P!MPJU!C3
    XTC users are in big trubble. "Someone" told me this. According 2 him one of the biggest cartels from Holland 2 Miami has been entirely arrested. Holland is the biggest exporter of XTC in the world and the rest of the suppliers will be scared of now. You will be dealing with very high prices now 4 a very long time i think.

    P.S Trust me this "someone" is a very, very reliable source.


  1. Psilocybe S.
    Why dident you post this in Drug News or in the XTC Forum?

    But I guess that sucks. I havent really been into Xtc all that much, so it doesnt bother me any. But I seriously doubt anyone but the people in Miami are going through any real problems. Xtc is made in a lot of places besides holland.
  2. P!MPJU!C3
    I didnt know of the existance of the drugs news forum till after my posting.

    "An estimated 80 percent of the world’s Ecstasy is produced in clandestine laboratories in the Netherlands and, to a lesser extent, Belgium using a variety of precursor chemicals."

    This is from the dea site. Trust me with this main cartel in jail, Miama has a problem and so does the rest of America and Canada.
  3. Psilocybe S.
    Well I know for a FACT that 80% of the XTC in my town is produced in California, so screw holland. No one has a problem here.
  4. markdahman
    Wow here in Canada my sources tell me we get our supply from the states. My sources is also very reliable! as reliable as probably 3000 xtc pills in his basement hes kinda like the guy on blow lol!! He gets it deliverd to his door in bags at a time.
  5. Psilocybe S.
    Yeah, I know for sure we dont need to worry about some people getting busted over seas. We have a fine amount of product in the states. And if we have a shortage, we can always make more. It's not like the people in holland are the only ones who can do it.
  6. P!MPJU!C3
    okeej, i guess you will find out soon enough.

    i know now that the prices have gone up here. Its 2 dollars

    4 1 pill now, which is pretty much unheard of where i live.
  7. markdahman
    HAha u think Ur funny there!! haha Those dutch with theyr CRAZY e prices!! Geez we have to pay between 8-15$ a pill depends who u know!! And if ur realy beginer u can usually pay upto 20 - 25$ So much money being made off these pills it makes me sick!
  8. BA
    <BLOCKQUOTE> Originally posted by Psilocybe S. on 18 August 2004

    Why dident you post this in Drug News or in the XTC Forum?


    Thanks ! Psilocybe S

    [Moved by BA]</BLOCKQUOTE>
  9. adultswim
    XTC is one of the most common street drugs and i doubt one bust will lead to higher prices
  10. P!MPJU!C3
    I really hope not with prices like that in the US. Nxt thang ya know XTC will be a rich mans drug...LOL!
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