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Yemen- 180 kg of drugs seized in Mareb, suspects run away

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    180 kg of drugs seized in Mareb, suspects run away

    MAREB, Dec. 04 (Saba) - Police seized on Friday 80 kg of hashish in Yemen's province of Mareb, almost 130 km northeast Sana'a.

    The drugs were found in a Peugeot car.

    Two suspects who were driving the car, however, ran away before police arrived at the car location.

    A hunt was launched for them.

    The seizure comes within the crackdown on drugs traffickers after the trade gained momentum in recent years.

    Over the last year and this year, the authorities seized tonnes of drugs and many traffickers, most foreigners.

    Some of them went on trials, receiving in some cases death sentences, after convicting them of trafficking drugs into the country.

    December 04 2009


    COMMENT: Not sure where the typo lies- they say both 80kg and 180kg.


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