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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Yemen Headquarters for Drug Traffickers

    The onetime conservative country of Yemen is suddenly falling apart morally as poverty, greed, and power is forcing thousands of Yemeni youngsters to turn to drugs for a better future.

    Yemen is considered today the hub for drugs trafficked to the Gulf, as drug lords today feel it is easier to send drugs to others parts of the world through Yemen than any other country.

    Over 12 tons of drugs were seized by the government this year alone. Observers believe that the seized amount is only 10% of the total amount of drugs that passes through Yemen.

    Last week Hashish from Afghanistan found its way into Yemen. I always thought that local made Hashish was enough for Yemenis and neighboring countries. The idea of brining tons of it from abroad only shows the quickness of its spread. Some government officials are even blaming Iran for the spread of drugs in Yemen, as they believe that Iran is easing the way for Afghan Heroin and Hashish to enter Yemeni regional waters. Yemen as a government has always loved the idea of blaming others for the chaos that takes place inside the country.

    One teenage drug dealer in Sana’a told me that he is a drug dealer because it is the easiest way to get rich. I explained to him that he is hurting families and may even be the reason for the death of others. He replied with anger “why should I care about a country that doesn’t care about me. No one cares if I am dead or alive, so I feel the same way about them.”

    Al-Qaeda is expanding in Yemen; Southerners are calling for a separate state, Houthis already have their own state, foreign kidnappings are on the increase, and now intensive drug trafficking. What else needs to happen for the government to believe that Yemen is on the brink of failure?

    Hakim Almasmari



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