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  1. la fee brune
    Plato's Cave--many of us here are probably familiar with the allegory of prisoners sitting in the darkness of a cave, shackled, watching mere shadows projected onto a wall. Dragged into the light of true knowledge, finally.

    I've read it many times for classes I've taken over the years, and one thought has always resounded in my head: give me the darkness.

    Give me the darkness, now and forever. Let the eternal night descend upon my troubled soul, or whatever it is I have that resembles one. Give me slavery with velvet shackles that I never want to escape. Give me someone who feeds my darkness and derives his own pleasure from bending it to suit his. Give me someone who smiles knowingly as he hands me the pipe and makes me his opium slave. Give me someone who will follow me to hell. There is no salvation for me, and it's the only heaven I'll ever know.

    Some of us need the romance of the darkness. The world needs its Baudelaires and Poes.

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    la fee brune
    Opium fiend, bon vivant, and all-around pain in the ass.

    Annoying others since 1982.
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  1. detoxin momma

    you mean something like this.....

    place marijuana within reach, dont get too close, i bite ;)
  2. la fee brune
    Haha, weed makes me frisky too. ;)

    I have wished so many times that I could be a different sort of person, a different sort of woman. I beat myself up constantly for not being someone who comes across as particularly sweet or "nice."

    I wish I could cast my issues with addiction in some sort of inspirational light to give people hope, but the fact is that the monkey is still on my back all the time. I'm pretty sure I'll always be addicted to something, the question is what, and how much harm it will do me.

    Opium smoking is harm reduction to me. The cultural aspect of it is the only bulwark against self destruction, which is what my PST habit was. Taking opium that way was an orgy of self-destruction. My current drinking habit kind of is too.

    I wish I could be an optimistic person, or a person with what society commonly refers to as "morals." I wish I could be the kind of person who inspires sympathy in people, but that requires understanding, and the way I view the world is uncommon.

    I remember reading something in which someone asked the question, "What does the opium smoker know of shame?" The answer, of course, is nothing.

    I don't think any of us can change who we are, not really.
  3. detoxin momma
    we can change, if the change is necessary, and only you know if a change is necessary or not.

    im sure we all wish to be something other than what we are from time to time, we're people, we can't help it. we all get bored sometimes.

    when it comes to showing compassion, im a natural because ive seen alot of pain. That could be good, or bad, its all in how you look at it.
    same with how you feel your personality is, theres always pros and cons, thats just life.

    you are a capricorn right?
    capricorns are work - aholics, rarely stopping to smell the roses, its in your makeup to look too far ahead, and not see whats right in front of you..

    sorry if thats a little , forward and presumptuous, just something ive read ;)

    stop and smell the roses more often....
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