You know what's funny?

By Gaaaaassss · Jun 3, 2011 ·
  1. Gaaaaassss
    Trippin balls, best description. Jesus Jesus. No DF looking stuff about.
    What exactly is DF looking stuf?
    This font is clean.
    WTF DF. I got a zero going on.
    What is in the closet? Henry the 8th?
    Can we reboot this fucker. Reality is fence sitters? How in the fuck can I ensure you are seeing the font I see? This is roman shit.
    1. TxT
    2. Jesus hung out with drunks.
    3. Am I the guy who waves a little flag announcing his genius?
    4. Any drug must be contained within a known encapualazation (Mozart) because this is a point of known release. The hard work has been done, we push forward.

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