You Know You Are Getting Older When.......

By Mick Mouse · Oct 22, 2016 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    1. Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work.
    2. You feel like the morning after, and you didn't go anywhere the night before.
    3. Your knees buckle, and your belt won't.
    4. You can only burn the midnight oil until 9 O'clock.
    5. The twinkle in your eyes is the sun hitting your bifocals.
    6. Your back goes out more than you do.

    Any more to add?

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  1. fleur du mal
    When they stop asking for your ID at bars.
    When the 18 year old sales clerk with perky boobs calls you "ma'am."
  2. detoxin momma
    when you start telling your kids they don't know how easy they have it....

    Just the other day i felt like a grandma saying, ' well back when i had to catch the bus......"

    and, " we never did have any fancy toys like this, we had dirt, hotwheels, and mario" :laugh:

    know what else? They arent teaching kids to write in cursive anymore at school!! that makes me feels ancient.
  3. Budgetadvisoryservice
    ... you look in the mirror and see your dad.

    ... you spend more time reading about how to stay off drugs and less time researching how to make them.

    ... you have to plan to stand up in the morning, keep forgetting that you need to follow the plan and decide that a post it note on the ceiling is a good idea to remind yourself to follow the plan, so you don't collapse on your way out of bed.

    ... 'kids these days' have big beards.

    ... you realise that turmeric is your favourite food.

    ... your medical bills surpass your first income.

    ... you have insurance that is paid for out of your pension.

    ... your dreadlocks are completely grey.

    ... you wake up when you used to go to bed.
  4. JaneDeux
    ...your calendar has more doctor appointments than social activities.

    ...naps are a part of your daily schedule. have a dozen pairs of reading glasses scattered throughout the house, and you can never find them.

    ...your wardrobe is based on comfort, not style. grows in places you never dreamed of. start to resemble Boris Yeltsin (thanks, Nos!).

    ...your favorite music is now on the oldies station.
  5. fleur du mal
    When you feel like you're channeling your mom any time you talk to someone under the age of 21.

    When you start sentences with "When I was a kid..."

    When you say stuff like "Back when TV was good" and most of your references are to sitcoms from a couple of decades ago.

    When people tell you that you "still look good for your age."

    When you get hit on by guys who are literally young enough to be your son.
  6. detoxin momma
    when you yell at your kids to turn their music down because you can't hear the news.

    friday and saturday night mean absolutely nothing to you.

    you realize you are perfectly content to do nothing with your time, but chill....

    you have to ask your kids how to make adjustments to your device.

    you don't say a word to anyone until you've had one cup of coffee.

    you shout out the door of your house atleast once a week, " get off my lawn!"
  7. Budgetadvisoryservice
    you realise that you can tick most of the boxes on a list like this

    I'm too young to be this old
  8. detoxin momma
    you call the police on your punk ass neighbor for riding his piece o' shit four wheeler too close to your house, after 10:30 at night.:mad:
  9. AKA_freckles
    When you used to dye your hair for fun, but now you dye it in a lame attempt at subterfuge.

    When you actually read ALL the mail.

    When you have to follow the rule that if you wore it the first time it was in style, you can't the second time.

    You still have panyhose.
    You didn't know pantyhose was vintage till last year.

    You just had all your out-of-state DUIS from the late 90's catch up with you.

    You think French tip pedicure looks nice.

    You use trays but you're not a server.
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