Young girl dies after crazy Ketamine sniffing contest

By enquirewithin · Oct 4, 2009 · Updated Oct 5, 2009 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    This is from an online translation of a news report about a 17 year old girl Shenzen, China. The video clip is here:

    The girl ... was invited to challenge the "cord K" competition... piles "K powder" ...slowly into the nose, [to win a] ...500 yuan "bonus". [She] suddenly collapsed and was certified dead at hospital....

    ...The two minute clip [shows] a dozen friends in the crowd... about one meter K inhalation powder.... next to his friends constantly stir up trouble and eventually [she wins] 500 yuan on the spot..., "to accept the award," [she makes a] "V" word victory gestures ... very coquettish.

    [Her] friends thought that she was "high Great stripped", and found she did not breathe, so [was] admitted to hospital, but he was certified dead.

    That's the gist of the article. It may or may not be true. If it is true, another substance such as MDMA (also popular) may have been involved. Ketamine is very popular in Southern China as club drug. Night clubs even have names like "Baby K." However, despite its widespread use, there have never been any deaths solely attributed to it. There was a previous case in which a 16 year old girl died of a mixture of ketamine and MDMA (I can't find the reference now). The HK government is concerned about the use of ketamine amongst students.

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  1. fnord
    Re: Young girl dies after crazy K sniffing contest

    Jesus!!! Grandma puked after snorting just a 1/2 gram at once how she managed to get all that up her nose is crazy..

    I guess this shows that Ketimine is one of the few drugs that safer to inject!
  2. enquirewithin
    School drug tests on despite growing row

    I cannot see how anyone could snort that much either! Hong Kong has a very primitive anti-drug programme, with posters saying "Just say no to drugs" (they should pay Reagan for stealing his motto!)


    The government will press on with a program of drug tests for students despite signs of growing opposition and worries about privacy laws being breached.
    The scheme is set to be launched as a pilot program at 23 secondary schools in Tai Po in December, with a review of progress in the middle of next year. The main thrust of the scheme is to provide counseling for those who test positive.

    But social workers have joined the Catholic Church in taking a stand against it, and Privacy Commissioner Roderick Woo Bun has said under-18s may not have the capacity to consent to tests and that the law does not allow parents or guardians to agree on their behalf.

    Permanent Secretary for Education Raymond Wong Hung-chiu said yesterday the government is also concerned about privacy, which is why the Department of Justice was consulted before the government went public with its plans. And the testing will conform with the law, he insisted.

    A spokesman for the Education Bureau said Woo has been contacted about his concerns. Bureau officials, along with the Security Bureau's Narcotics Division, will soon explain to him plans for protecting privacy.

    Wong is also confident there will not be lawsuits once the program begins because "we will explain to parents and students the reason for collecting the data and how they will be used. The government will put in place measures to protect personal data."

    Wong's views received a measure of support from Hong Kong University assistant professor Eric Cheung Tat- ming. The Privacy Ordinance does not come into play, he said, as students have the right to refuse to be tested. Still, students should sign agreements to clarify their consent, and schools must explain how data will be used.

    Social workers, meanwhile, worry that students identified as drug abusers will face expulsion or discrimination by school management.

    Social welfare lawmaker Cheung Kwok-chu said more than half of 500 social workers polled see an invasion of privacy. They also feel that disclosure of test results should not rest with school authorities.

    Deputy Secretary for Education Betty Ip Tsang Chui-hing and Commissioner for Narcotics Sally Wong Pik-yee have already talked with school-based social workers in Tai Po about their roles in the scheme, but what was said has not be revealed.

    Principals, including those from several religious schools, yesterday reconfirmed a commitment to testing. "If we chicken out now, nothing can be done," said Buddhist Hui Yuan College principal Sung Lim-ping. "So we should take the first step."

    Confucian Ho Kwok Pui Chun College board member Elaine Lee Bik-wah said: "In secondary education, privacy is not our main concern. It will do them good if we insist on this and be strict."

    The Catholic Church, however, continues to disapprove, with vicar- general Yeung Ming-cheung describing drug testing as negative.

    Education Is a better alternative, he said.

    Beatrice Siu, Wednesday, August 12, 2009
  3. missparkles
    Re: Young girl dies after crazy K sniffing contest

    The club owners have got to take some responsibility, accept some liability for this young womans death.
    To be honest, I'm surprised she's still standing after that huge line.
    No good testing people after the fact, that wouldn't have saved this young woman.
    These young people need to be educated about the dangers.
    But offer some people money to do stupid stuff, and they'll always do it.
    No doubt this competition brings in loads of idiots, and that's what needs to be regulated, not the people.
  4. Rainbowzz
    Re: Young girl dies after crazy K sniffing contest

    This makes me think there HAD to be another substance at play. From what I understand, with ketamine, would you not pass out before you OD'd?
  5. Tony Williams
    Re: Young girl dies after crazy K sniffing contest

    I blame peer pressure too, she probably wouldn't of done it overwise, she was probably already a moderate Ket user and maybe drunk at the time. If Ketamine was a legal high - I bet all the papers would call for it to be made illegal too. *tut tut*. Try doing that amount of caffiene. :)
  6. DynoMiTe
    Re: Young girl dies after crazy K sniffing contest

    That's just insane. I mean do people over there have NO idea that they can die from drugs? That line was longer than she was tall! Even at a young age my Buddha knew anything like that wasn't safe.
  7. EscapeDummy
    I'm sorry to sound like an asshole, but she was in a... 'Ketamine Sniffing Contest'? Her own damn fault. Just like if someone dies after 30 shots in a drinking contest, it's their own damn fault.

    Also, yes, Ketamine's LD50 is far higher than its anaesthetic/unconscious dose, which I understand to mean you can pass out but not die from a Ketamine overdose (directly).
  8. Insomniacsdream
    Gotta take into account the fact that that massive line wouldn't have absorbed instantly. She will have passed out first but everybody who saw her do that line probably expected that and weren't too worried when she did, however unless she blew her nose then that line would still be going into her blood stream, I don't even want to know how bad her drip was either.
  9. enquirewithin
    I have not seen confirmation of this story yet. She was, according to the online story, only 17. The people organizing the contest and egging her on have a lot on their conscience.
  10. Benga
    most would probably end up being orally absorbed, which is what usually happens when the nose mucosa is saturated, ends up in the stomach- and can cause delayed overdoses, with cocaine HCl for instance

    pretty horrific story and video

  11. DrugCritics
    If people used drugs in moderation we wouldn't hear about crazy stories like this. drugs can be beneficial and fun, if you use them correctly and with caution.
  12. Synesthesiac
    Okay, surely there is a limit to how much can be absorbed and contained in a persons nose?

    Surely after a certain amount she was snorting this DIRECTLY into her lungs? Just like where most air we breate ends up... Now, surely, that would NOT be healthy. At all.
  13. enquirewithin
    As this story has not been conformed, it is quite likely fake.
  14. lovelyuy
    Swim after a mdma night party than in the dream some friend ordered ketamine and swim snorted a personal record of a 10cm line twice. This made swim lie on the ground without being able to move and SWIM completely lost conciousness. When waking up SWIM felt his body had a heavy heart rate and his heart was going very fast. SWIM was lucky and did not die. swim saw the video and the amount that the girl took. If she took 1 gram mdma then its no surprise that she died, because her body surely can't take this amount. And from the news from Hong Kong, it is clear that she did not faint immediately, but first danced with her friend and then fainted. Surely after such heavy use of 1 gram of ketamine and then still go dancing, that surely is too much for the heart. The heart can't take it with a fatal result. Haiz teenagers just dont treasure life enough.
  15. Alfa
  16. Nil by Mouth
    Jesus that video made me cringe, she even went back to snort the bits she'd missed. And that line is longer than my dining room table (and that seats 8 comfortably)
    Maybe the ketamine (if it is at all) is seriously cut because how could she ever make it to the end? (even cut its gotta add up on that scale)
    Anyone heard of the Darwin awards?
  17. MrG
    Re: School drug tests on despite growing row

    Yeah, I'm gonna call that the Catholic Church is worried about who might test positive for Rohypnol yet who may be from a nice, church going, family.

    Absolutely nothing but wild speculation I might add. Wild, wild, speculation.
  18. Routemaster Flash
    'Darwin Awards' was my first thought when I saw this. Just a tragic case of peer pressure really, I mean it goes to show there's not much some teenagers won't do if they think it'll make them popular.

    On the point about passing out before finishing it, you have to take into account that snorting is a fairly quick way to absorb a drug but not infinitely quick, it still takes a couple of minutes - easily enough time to snort a really stupid amount of something if you're sufficiently determined. Like how you can kill yourself through acute alcohol overdose (rather than choking on vomit, I mean) by necking bottles of spirits, whereas it'd be practically impossible to die that way from drinking beer.
  19. podge
    No, swim took a quick look. Most threads seem to be different stories.

    Having watched the video swim thinks it is highly unlikely anybody could snort that much ketamine consecutively, i too would wager this story is a fraud.
  20. Frond
    Yup, real trustworthy source, Chinese media is. Faked this story cannot be. Precedent, there is not. Yoda accent, I have.
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