Young Nazi's and Drugs

By Nagognog2 · Mar 6, 2007 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    As I tried to point out in another thread (started by Police Officer), the young and disillusioned kids in America have no real options of where to turn when all they see is injustice. Such as the "War On Drugs" provides daily. In the 1960's and '70's during Vietnam, they had the political left. Now what do they have? Here:

    White Supremacist Gang Gains Clout

    BUENA PARK, Calif. - The white supremacist gang Public Enemy No. 1 began two decades ago as a group of teenage punk-rock fans from upper-middle class bedroom communities in Southern California.
    Now, the violent gang that deals in drugs, guns and identity theft is gaining clout across the West after forging an alliance with the notorious Aryan Brotherhood, authorities say.

    Police say the gang has compiled a "hit list" targeting five officers and a gang prosecutor - a sign of just how brazen Public Enemy has become.

    "They make police officers very, very nervous," said Cpl. Nate Booth, a gang detective with the Buena Park Police Department in Orange County.

    Law enforcement officials trace the gang's rise to shifts in the power structure inside prisons.

    The Aryan Brotherhood has long been the dominant white supremacist gang behind bars, with the Nazi Low Riders acting as its foot soldiers on the outside for drug dealing and identity theft.

    In 2000, officials reclassified the Low Riders as a prison-based gang and began sending its members to solitary confinement as soon as they were imprisoned.

    The crackdown hurt the gang's ability to interact with the Aryan Brotherhood, which turned to Public Enemy, authorities say. The alliance was cemented in 2005 when Donald Reed "Popeye" Mazza, an alleged leader of Public Enemy, was inducted into the Aryan Brotherhood.

    The pact has increased Public Enemy's wealth and recruiting power, said Steve Slaten, a special agent for the California Department of Corrections.

    In the past three years, its ranks have doubled to at least 400, but authorities suspect there could be hundreds of other members operating under the radar. They said heavy recruiting is taking place throughout California and Arizona, and members have been picked up by police in Nevada and Idaho.

    "They move around. We find them everywhere," said Lowell Smith of the Orange County Probation Department.

    The gang traces its roots to the punk rock subculture in Long Beach in the 1980s. It soon shifted its base to nearby Orange County and in the 1990s began recruiting what police call "bored latchkey kids" - white teenagers from upper-middle class neighborhoods.

    Public Enemy is now involved in identity theft. Booth said the gang has gone from swiping personal information from mailboxes and trash to stealing entire credit profiles with the help of girlfriends and wives who take jobs at banks, mortgage companies and even state motor vehicle departments.

    Money from those operations is used to fuel its methamphetamine business, he said.

    Two months ago, police agencies in Orange County arrested 67 suspected members after learning about the hit list against officers in Anaheim, Buena Park and Costa Mesa. Those arrested in the raid were charged with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of illegal weapons and identity theft, among other things. Police have not released their names or further details because the investigation is continuing.

    Booth recalled another case in which a member of the gang fired dozens of rounds at police from a car driven by his girlfriend during a high-speed freeway pursuit. After being arrested, the man was taken to an emergency room, where he grabbed a scalpel and tried to slash a deputy before cutting himself, Booth said.

    Authorities worry that Public Enemy is using stolen credit information to learn the home addresses of police and their families. Some officers have gone to court to have addresses removed from those records, Booth said.

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  1. Shiacmkmleer
    [rambling] Ha white suppremists... How quaint. It's a pitty they never show their heads around here in Detroit. It'd be intresting to see to say the least. "bored lachkey kids"? :-/ although it seems odd they are using money to fund a Meth buisnuss... odd that it doesnt pay for its self ... they must be doing something wrong, generally one doesn't sell drugs at a loss. [/rambling]

    In all honesty though arnt there a lot of mexicans in that area? Why dont they take care of these racist fucks?
  2. Nacumen
    My guess is the journalist was just being a presumptuous journalist and made a stupid comment.
  3. Donmeka
    jesus these fools will probly get their way to SWIMs neck of the woods, theres a good amount of very low class whites and some savage big older whites. pretty much not a bad place for them to find crazy white ppl to work for them.

    interesting news though nice post nag
  4. Riconoen {UGC}
    What about the crips the bloods and the mexican mafia? This shit isn't new.
  5. Alicia
    There all pointless these silly groups as swia says groups nothing more real organization and people handling and these ventures will and would never be discovered. Period.
    after a while these people love the fear they cause and eventually it becomes there down falls or they get wiped out by other groups who want more territory.
  6. El Calico Loco
    As much as I dislike racist idiots (of all colors), I can't help but laugh that a white supremacist group calls itself "Public Enemy." Fear of a black planet, indeed. I wonder if they wear clocks around their necks to identify themselves.

    Goddamned suburban sense of history.

    (Flava Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav!)
  7. Trebor
    Oh those nughty Nazis. When will they learn? Love the way these Racially Pure use amphetamines to prove they are superior to the rest of humanity.
  8. Nagognog2
    I love the irony here: Our member the Police_Officer is scared of methamphetamine more than anything else, as he confided to me. And everytime he slaps the 'cuffs on some kid for a bag of pot or? - this is what he is helping to create. Ever heard the expression "Being the worst enemy to your own cause?"
  9. xctico
    is sad how some people can only identify with each other by their hate towards everyone else... sad indeed.
  10. jonny thaiwongy
    Seems that thats how a lot of ppl bond tho mutual dislikes...think about it, gossip is one the most personal things like it makes friendships for a lot of people. basically thats what rascists do joined by their love of hating... sad for the human race
  11. El Calico Loco
    It's sometimes the other way around - they don't join these groups because of their hatred for other races; their hatred of other races develops because they join these groups. Teens who've had abusive or absent parents are particularly susceptible to being preyed upon by cult leaders of all types. Once they join the group and feel that sense of belonging, it's not hard to imprint whatever ideology one wants to.

  12. wednesday
    i believe most churches started out as gossip huts

    nazi's using ampethamines?!? no way
    hitler passes down his secrect and downfall to his little
    "lowryder" soldiers

    i used to actually be friends with a reformed neo nazi white supremicist guy
    even though he had left his old life behind he was still pretty messed up
    but who isn't
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