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  1. sweetsugar
    It doesn't matter whether you're 14 or 114, you should never give up on your dreams.Too many people do so at the first sign of any setback. You've got to have the will and determination to go on, even in the face of adversity. I think it's just human nature that if you want something with all your very being then you're probably going to have the most horrendous time trying to get it.

    I liken it to climbing Everest (not that I actually have you understand). Look at what those few people who make it to the top have to go through to get there; all of the unimaginable obstacles both mental and physical they have to overcome. But then, when they finally make it, after all the anguish and exhaustion, with just about nothing left in the tank except adrenaline alone, they suddenly take that final step and there they are, standing on top of the world. Can you imagine, having given absolutely everything to reach that point, the utter exhilleration and consummate joy they must feel, even if it only for the very briefest of moments?

    It's just my opinion but I'm certain that if you were to ask any of those people who have made it up there whether the suffering, the hardships and those darkest of moments were worth enduring to achieve the almost impossible, then they'd say yes without any hesitation. That sort of courage to make it against all the odds, no matter what your chosen field, is half the battle because without such qualities you cannot and will not succeed.

    Somebody once said "It's better to aim at perfection and miss than to aim at mediocrity and hit". I wish you good fortune and success in the pursuit of your dreams. Aim for perfection, give it your very best shot and don't ever give up. One day I'm sure you'll conquer your own Everest and take your place up there, on top of the world. You need only believe.
    Just a thought!!
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Love, health and happiness always...[/FONT]


  1. mickenator
    I seem to have spent my whole life climbing that mountain. Hopefully though Iam now getting near the summit and my struggle will be over.
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