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By Delia · Feb 25, 2016 · ·
  1. Delia
    I am watching 'my strange addiction' on TV and currently the focus is on one individual who eats deodorant both the rub on kind and spray plus another lady who is addicted to her soft toy of a lamb.

    I found this intresting and was wondering what other people thought about an addiction to eating deodorant and addiction to inanimate object. I guess it highlights an intresting point why do humans feel a need to fulfillment through a substance or object?

    Is it any less or worse then an addiction to an illicit/drug substance?
    Can an addiction even be compared to another addiction?

    Is there anything that you are addicted to that isn't a substance?

    As anyone knows l am always on DF, l wander and comment constantly l would definitely say l am addicted to the Internet and have personally got irritated at not having access to Internet when l need it. I know this sounds rediciolous but it is the most honest truth. Occasionally l will completely cut myself off from the Internet world but l do have a struggle with doing it, l like to wake up and read news articles from around the world.
    I like to go to drug forum and scroll through my subscribed threads and view what has been written and slowly go through all the new threads and leave reputation on posts that l think are helpful. Sometimes l comment other times l watch the thread but never write anything.

    I enjoy the Internet for being able to find new cooking recipes, reading articles on and overall just trying to continually learn and develop my knowledge on a variety of different subjects. I enjoy reading and find out new facts.

    I am an avid reader of books but also l use the Internet to gain access to lots of reading material my local library doesn't have or the local bookstores don't have.

    So does anyone have an addiction that is separate from drugs?

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  1. detoxin momma
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    good topic for discussion


  1. afriendoftina
    I thought this was really interesting. I actually think it's completely possible. I think I notice it in relation to my pipe. I love it. I like cleaning it, I like hiding it, I like making things surrounding it like my stand and my self-blowback pipe. I am completely obsessing with the ritual of smoking Tina (meth). For me, I'm not even sure it's about the drug. I have no desire to hot rail or snort or inject tina and tbh, it's not that I find the high particularly better than speed or cleverly doctoring concerta tablets and combining it with cocaine.

    So I think I am addicted to my pipe.

    But in non-drug related addictions (sort of) - I think I am addicted to my best friend/supplier. I see him every day and I genuinely feel like I get more depressed if I don't get see him. I have zero sexual feelings for him, it's completely platonic but we have such a connection, unlike any I have ever felt that I don't think I would be able to bear him not being in my life and therefore feel like drugs will always be part of my life. So perhaps I'm addicted to him.

    Not sure. I think being addicted to people is more common than we think, no?

    afriendoftina <3
  2. aemetha
    I'd say I am addicted to the news in an unhealthy way. If I'm eating a meal, it is with a newspaper in hand. On the computer, scrolling through news articles. Nothing special on tv, over to the news. The thing is I spend so much time observing these mostly horrible things I often feel I am failing myself and everyone else by not doing at least something to try and make things better.

    Interesting read and insights Emi.
  3. detoxin momma
    i watch this show to, i can't believe some of the stuff people can be addicted to!

    i saw an episode where a woman was addicted to sniffing a baby dolls head! she couldnt even have sex without the thing in reach!

    i think the worst one i saw was the woman addicted to her own urine, she even soaked her eyeballs in it!! using a little shotglass while soaking in her own urine in the bath tub!
    people are strange.....

    as far as being addicted to something, yes, i go threw stages where i can get addicted to certain songs. i blame it on OCD, i could hear the same song several times a day, until something i find more stimulating comes along, and that can take awhile sometimes.

    i am addicted to watching Travis barker play the drums to, i'll admit it...its fascinating, like a form of art to me, it calms my nerves to watch and listen.
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