You're Welcome (I ddod pla hwn cont.)

By una_cavaletta · Jun 26, 2013 · ·
  1. una_cavaletta
    From some I stole; cruel japes with bloody punch lines
    the infant starving while his mother rots
    her body slumped beside the cot
    It wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t planned.

    I gave to you, you the inception
    bringer of the Prometheus Virus –
    the spark of their fate.

    To you who begged for my gift,
    staring with pinned pupils.
    You, the misanthropic Quixote
    threatening windmills with blunted needles.

    And to you, pioneer of the new tomorrow
    The beacon to the half-bastard remaining
    Let me give you this scourge, this mark

    You’re welcome.

    Stalking the ruins
    watching the rivers run red
    surveying the damage
    the fires burn the remaining
    parasites of the old ways

    cleansed by the gentle nudge of
    a domino toppled, a breath of fetid
    gas wafting over the remains

    our chorus fuelled by mad calliopes
    and arrhythmic beats, the voices of
    the spared the un/lucky the
    ingrates the half-bastards the
    hopeless sad sack fuckers left to
    scrape a meaning from this mess
    I gave.

    I gave you the screams
    the floods the fires
    (the stacks and stacks of funeral pyres)
    the rash the cough
    (the sickness inside you just can’t shake off)
    the pus the boils
    (sowing salt deep in sacred soil)

    You’re welcome.

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  1. una_cavaletta
    PS: BURN.

    Okay, this is Plague just ambling along, looking at the dead & dying remains of humanity. His mission is pretty much over, but the game's not over, because he's not done playing. No, no, not everyone died of the big bad disease (something akin to Captain Trips, for you Steve King fans) and here Plague has found PATIENT ZERO, and PZ isn't too happy about it to be honest.

    The "pioneer of the new tomorrow" is a callback to an ancient poem that is, at it's heart a poem about hangovers. I can't find the magazine it was in though to refer to.

    (also PPS, don't harsh on Plague too much, he's just doing his job/destiny. In another time/when, he's just a dude named Eddie).
  2. una_cavaletta
    I started a wordpress site to shift all the poetry over to, thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by.;)
  3. Calliope
    wonderful, evocative, and I love the rhythms in the language.:thumbsup: Eugh! Captain Tripps!! I'd forgotten all that... This is quite a bleak clear eyed vision, the kind I used to fear i'd have during a bad acid trip. Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work on wordpress! calli xxx
  4. TheBigBadWolf

    I very much felt like Calli, reading this. Thank you.

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