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  1. perro-salchicha614
    So, I got a letter from my landlord today. He plans to put the place I've been renting on the market. Now I get to pack up my loads of books and try to find a place where they won't give me crap about having a dog.


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  1. detoxin momma
    awww man, that sucks! i can relate, having a pitbull, we are pretty limited where we can rent...you shouldnt have much trouble with a little dog....hopefully.

    my landlord keeps calling me to, my husband never answers his cell phone for him, so he keeps calling home.
    he is dying, he has colon cancer, he is going threw chemotherapy, he tells me he doesnt believe he will make it to spring, and my husband still hasnt given him a down payment to take over the lease!

    our landlord doesnt even live in the same state we do, so everything is paid western union.
    he tells me he would hate to see us get put out if he dies. he has no kids, no wife, no siblings, nothing. if he dies, the bank will take over and we will have to deal with them, which wont be as easy.

    ugggh, i feel for you, very stressful when things get shook up on the homefront.
    i cant imagine moving my animals....good luck to you, hopefully you'll like the new place even more!
  2. Budgetadvisoryservice
    This is one reason I'm sooooo lucky to live on my own boat. Ain't no rich man gonna tell me I can't live here with a dog.

    I don't have a lot to offer in the way of practical advice, and as a man that makes me rather useless in this situation. All I can offer is sympathy and empathy, and to say that I really hope you get to stay and that the new owner is a dog lover who needs your help disposing of a massive collection of antique opium pipes.

    Seriously, I've been there and the uncertainty of that situation is horrible. Good luck to you and the pooch.
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