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Zoo Mistakenly Shoots Guy in Gorilla Suit With Tranquilizer Dart

  1. Rob Cypher
    If you, for whatever reason, think it's a good idea to run around in a gorilla costume, let this be a tale of warning: Earlier this week, a veterinarian at a zoo in Spain reportedly shot an employee dressed in an ape suit after confusing him for a real gorilla.

    The incident happened during a practice drill at Loro Parque, a zoo in Tenerife, Spain.

    From The Dodo:

    It should be noted that there's some translation-related confusion about the story. According to Google Translate's take on the original La Opinion article, the zoo employee was in a "gorilla suit to give greater accuracy to drill" when the vet "opened fire with a narcotic dart that struck the victim in the leg that fell slumped to the ground just at the time he was in the cage of apes," though, the article later adds, when "the victim was located he was in his underwear." So, either he took off the suit after he was shot OR he was just hanging out in a gorilla cage in his underwear. Either way, weird story.

    Taylor Berman
    June 4, 2014



  1. Drugfreekid
    well people make mistakes, no need to wear a gorilla suit at the zoo. im sure that kind learned that in the midst of a k-hole.

    *gets hit* 1,2,3,4,5, K-Hooooooooole
  2. RoboCodeine7610
    I know this is kind of tough to believe, but I live two minutes away from "Loro Parque". This is the first I'm hearing of this; but it's kind of bizarre that it made it here.

    That's actually the hospital where I did a 3 month internship a year ago as a pharmacy technician. It's kind of crazy that I haven't heard about this though.

  3. tayorous
    This just made me burst out laughing! Why did they have to shoot the gorilla and why was he wearing a suit?
  4. Potter
    They shot him because they could get away with it and he probably needed the harsh lesson
  5. Keiyentai
    Imagine the L&I claim for that. "yea my co-worker shot me with a tranq dart cause I was in a gorilla suit and he thought I was a rampaging gorilla, am I covered?"
  6. cloudchaser
    Well I think this is a marvelous idea. Next time I want a 'hit' I'm just gonna be wearing me a gorilla suit and off to the zoo I go. ;)
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