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Zoo worker grows marijuana in rhinoceros den

  1. Balzafire
    A zoo employee in Austria lost his job after it was discovered that he was growing marijuana inside the rhinoceros enclosure.

    The Australian reported that a 59-year-old caretaker at Hellbrunn, in western Austria, was able to grow more than 30 marijuana plants in the enclosed area to which only he had access.

    One of the caretaker’s customers tipped-off police about his side business and narcotics officers showed up at the zoo in early September.

    The zoo said the employee was fired and the plants were removed.

    It was not reported whether the rhinoceros had access to the plants.

    Lynn Curwin


  1. xenos
    hmm.. wonder if thats where "White Rhino" got its name.. lol
  2. godztear
    You would think that the smell of the plants would easily give the activities up. I can't imagine what compelled this guy to plant an illegal substance in such a public place.
  3. erineseye
    maybe it kept the rhinos nice and chilled out!
  4. mokoceno
    The huge piles of rhino shit and the rest of the zoo probably helped masked the smell.
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