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  1. Being ripped off repeatedly, a reason to stay clean.

    I’ve been ripped off by £190 in the last few days and it is really driving the point home that I need to stay clean, whether is whack product or just being scammed by a runner, I’ve had enough. The scales are tipped towards me getting clean after wasting two weeks of money for bills and food on these things. The dark side of the drug world is rearing it’s ugly head at me. It’s all too much effort with increasingly minimal returns on expenditure. If I buy weed I know I can get it without...
  2. Dutch Courage

    ten bucks says you don't have it in you to conquer fear and quit believing what they tell you to you are careening shamelessly into oblivion you will live alone with your chemicals and gin - Dutch Courage, The Spill Canvas view of Sentinel Peak from Camp Whitsett, Sequoia National Forest, Tulare County, California (credit unknown) i started writing this a couple weeks a couple months ago. the first line was "i went camping a couple weeks ago." at least, it was before i erased it. now it...
  3. Teller of Tales

    Tell me a tale like a spider spins webs, lead me by voice and feel. Show me the place where beauty still walks, And I'll tell you why it's not real. I spent a lifetime in hell last year, I'm not sure when I got back. The mask that I use to cover my face has suddenly started to crack. One wears a smile and one wears a frown and they both seem like fools to me. The game isn't over until one of thems gone And you never know who it will be.
  4. CDC Guideline for Presribing Opioids

    This is the CDC’s recommendations to physicians to help stop the heroin overdose epidemic going on in the US. They address chronic pain patients and the modalities that they recommend to be used prior to and during any opioid prescribed patient’s treatment.
  5. Histories

    this article has two three parts. links at the bottom. (three four if you count this landing page.) you gotta help me, i'm losing my mind keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind thought we were going strong i thought we were holding on aren't we? no, they don't teach you this in school now my heart's breaking and i don't know what to do thought we were going strong thought we were holding on aren't we? you and me got a whole lot of history we could be the greatest team...
  6. Mushroom season approaching in the uk

    A look into the Magic Mushroom season set to start in the UK any time now, a brief insight into the liberty cap also known as the psilocybe semilanceata which is the uk's most common Mushroom, from experience it's looking like it's going to be a good season
  7. Wait it Out

    everybody says that time heals everything; but what of the wretched hollow, the endless in-between? are we just going to wait it out? - Wait it Out, Imogen Heap Lost in Time by ashsivils on DeviantArt 11.37p it's been a little over an hour and a half since i popped 150mg of dextromethorphan. still not feeling it. thanks, Tolerance; you're a peach. second or third day that the DXM hasn't worked as anticipated, as it usually does. mental note: time to start upping the dosage. next time...
  8. Sucker For Pain

    Once there was a young girl who believed she had found everything she could hope for in the opposite sex. He knew all the right things to say, and when to say them., all the right times to show up with gifts. All nighter at work, here he comes, cocaine, meth, lines, rolled in blunts, even poured into capsules the way she liked it, whatever he felt may suit her needs. or so she thought. Really this was to keep her awake, fully alert, ready for action. He played on her weaknesses, preyed on...
  9. Pain Clinics in The South

    Sometimes I'm in so much pain, I give myself a concussion without realizing it. I realize that sentence didn't make sense, but it's true, as is the rest of the shit I'm writing that doesn't make sense. (I can fill the holes into that sentence to make it clearer though. When I'm in so much pain that my rational mind shuts down, whatever comes in its place, thinks it's a GREAT idea to slam my head into whatever is closest. I assume it's in an attempt to transfer pain.) I've been to pain...
  10. Down The Hatch

    This here is just some random scribblings i wrote down when i was under the influence of psiocybin , a little red wine, and some very potent marijuana. i am not a good writer but this is something i have started doing out of boredom.
  11. I am sick of myown addiction

    I have finnally reached the point where I am sick of myown drug abuse. I have basically no veins left, I do not get high anymore.It just gets worse. I am in a really dark place at the moment (That is the reason of my dissapearance from DF for a while) and my addiction has gone totally out of controll. I hate this intoxicated feeling my body has, like it would be full of something really sickening.Besides, my skin has strange reactions and I guess, I have to check my liver. I guess, I will...
  12. Heroin withdrawal!

    ok I am quitting heroin but I mess around once in awhile. I don't need help thru withdrawals or nothing. Pretty strong will. But I was wondering if I had gone thru withdrawals and it's been 8 days since last used if I smoked like one little hit would it throw me back thru withdrawals bad or would it not do much at all? Just curious as to what everyone else has experienced.
  13. cut that shit out and stop cutting our shit

    Nobody likes stepping in shit but everyone seems to like stepping ON their shit I mean I completely understand the concept it's for the money nobody does it to make it last only to make more off what they have and back in the day it worked because only 1-2 links in the chain did so and nobody really complained because it still did the job but now everyone to touch it cuts it and some even do a 50/50 ratio and they think it will make more money when in reality yeah you make more immediately...
  14. No sob stories here please

    A little light hearted tale of one girls unfortunate miss rate and attempt to come off the big H.
  15. Mr.Brown (Dedicated to my love)

    When the blood starts filling my needle That's by far my most favorite part Because I know in seconds I will feel his rush And my beloved Mr.Brown high is about to start The relaxation is nothing but unexplainable Every part of my body Tingles in delight I wish I could keep that feeling forever Of when me and my love first unite I can't explain it too well if you've never felt it Even the best orgasm Can't compare at all He gives me the painlessness of heaven But the higher I go up The...