Canadian Cannabis Capital Markets Conference

May 18, 2019 → May 19, 2019
the Hilton London Paddington Hotel
  1. Our mission is to make this conference a transformational, uplifting and (fem)powering experience.

    When CBD and cannabis are used medicinally, they’re most effective when used holistically as part of a healthy lifestyle. To this end, our Networking Retreat shares some highly effective relationship building, healing and stress management techniques – ones that can serve as enhancers or even substitutes for the health supporting powers of CBD and THC-rich medical cannabis.

    Women are on the rise globally. As is the cannabis plant. And the female plant is where most of cannabis’ healing energy is concentrated. It truly represents the Divine Feminine.

    The patriarchal/masculine energy that has dominated for so long has created the world we see before us. Good or bad, it is what it is. But for the first time ever, women have an opportunity to co-create a transformative global industry, and on equal footing to men.


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