Oct 25, 2019 → Oct 26, 2020
Mostra D'Oltremare, Naples, Italy
  1. The association CANAPAinMOSTRA is pleased to present 'CANAPAinMOSTRA' International Trade Fair of Industrial and Medical Hemp of Naples.

    Hemp, known and used in all parts of the world, is recently returning to make space through a renewed social and economic interest.
    In particular, we propose hemp as an ecological resource in the agricultural, energy, medical, recreational, textile, paper, green building and in every other possible field of application, trying to undermine the socio-cultural prejudices that oppose its real and massive reintroduction in the Italian context.

    The fields of use of this plant are already very many, but with the advance of technology and scientific discoveries could become infinite, moreover the continuous demand for new eco-sustainable technologies imposes the need for new research on this extremely versatile material.

    The intention of the association is to bring the general public and institutions aware of this potential and to bring to mind the long tradition that links our country to hemp, particularly the Campania region, trying to provide a place for aggregation , training and exchange for workers, experts, enthusiasts and anyone who is intrigued by this re-emerging industry in continuous turmoil and expansion.


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