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Why Drugs-Forum is so addictive...

Posted 08-12-2014 at 23:36 by Alfa
Since starting this site 11 years ago DF has evolved so much. In the beginning it was a cosy group of peeps posting crap and having fun. Hell, I remember that I used to call up members to confront them about soliciting on the site. That all has changed.
What was clear from the start was that we are onto something good. Something with meaning. Something that will grow big and influential. Back then we already knew that this site was going to make a difference. This has not changed.

The site has already made significant impact. With 35 million+ readers per year it affects the world. It's one of the main go-to places on the net. It affects what people know about drugs and how people perceive drugs. Drug Policy Organisations attribute a lot to DF.

The site has changed lives and saved lives. Lives we...
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