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On Science’s Ideology (or ideology’s science… idfk)

Posted 18-10-2016 at 20:47 by ethereality (Cogitationa Scripta)
Updated 18-10-2016 at 22:58 by ethereality

Since the early hours of today's morning, my housemate (in favour of) and I (verging on against) have been engaging in an ongoing (and rather tedious) back-and-forth argument concerning the possible link between ideology and science. Having responded as politely as one possibly can to such preposterous so-called “arguments” as the ones my housemate so brainlessly put forth, I’ve consequently been forced to repress a number of emotions, some of which I should now like to release through a cathartic avalanche of declamatory words. (Convoluted though this sounds, bear with me, for all will become clear.)

I’d like to start by pointing out that even if science *is* ideological, it is a hell of a lot less ideological than religion, because it is, at least, self-correcting. Of course, there are more than a few...
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Posted 09-10-2016 at 05:15 by Hideyourlies

Relapsed on kratom almost a week ago now itll be a week monday also using benzos and alcohol and i am in a dark place i feel like im an akward person that nobody likes my girlfriend is here but idk how long shell want to deal with my shit i just really feel insecure and i feel like nothing gets better why is it that i only get good days like once a week and even those days arent that great becAuse im just always tired and feel like such a dumbass i need to just get on antidepressants and give up the thought that i will one day get myself clean and happy with no help i feel like such an ugly person on the inside and its killing me right now
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Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Being Gay

Posted 02-10-2016 at 01:20 by Ibezinging

Im gay and proud of it!
Appreciation for both sexes. It would go without saying that I find men attractive- but I can also appreciate attractive woman. Many straight men are less fortunate in the sense that even if they believe another man is good-looking- they wouldn't dare admit it. Being gay allows me to say "You're good-looking" to both guys and girls without having to worry what is thought of me.

(To be Continued )
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Just can't stay away!

Posted 30-09-2016 at 04:04 by Mick Mouse (The Frying Pan-Things Always Get Hot In Here!)

Well, it has finally come to this, I just could not stay away. I took a little journey to "find myself" and, in doing so, I rediscovered.....life. Happiness. Satisfaction, even! I have come to terms with the death of The Dog. I will never get over her, but I understand why she had to go. I have even forgiven my Goddess for taking her! As if that is not hubris personified. Still have one Rotten Little Kitten left, but she has three "trainees", so it is assured that I will continue to be vexed by cats for quite some time to come.

it was all about death. Death of my friends, death of my trusted companions. The death of my feelings and finally, the death of my compassion. But death is not an end, it is a beginning. And I had forgotten that. I had forgotten that it is how you live that counts. Don't get me wrong,...
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9 months clean

Posted 29-09-2016 at 22:43 by luya

It's been a long time now. I've been depressed for even longer though, and every time I look back on my months of opiate abuse, it seems like the happiest time of my life. I know I was miserable, really. I look back and I feel like I was young and free back then. I'm newly 20 but I feel like my life is so much duller, and I dont have that spark in me anymore.
Everyone around me bores me, sometimes I see flashes of beauty in people and things, but it quickly burns out.

I had my ex back then; not quite a boyfriend or partner but someone who I imagined to love me or be in love with me, too complicated as a person to treat me nicely. What did it mean when he held on to my drugs? He risked it all for me? I finally found someone who loved me unconditionally

Being high allowed me to perpetuate these thoughts. I've...
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[] Day 26.. Chick Flicks and Candlesticks! HAHA []

Posted 18-09-2016 at 13:39 by iwantsobriety

**So I don't know if it let me post an update on my recovery in the Amphetamines R&A Journals section.. my internet connection is being a pain right now but here is an update to all my besties in this forum! I love you all and you guys are all awesome and it's good to have a place to call home.. I just miss coming on here as often as I used to.. so I do apologize if I don't update everyday but I'll be here on day 30 to post my 30 day sobriety.. it's coming up in 4 friggin' days I honestly feel like this is a dream.. and if so please don't wake me up hahaha

[] Day 26.. Chick Flicks and Candlesticks! []

Day 26.. Brad is still clean and sober you guys.. and gals! Only thing I am hating is obviously still lethargic at times and I take Modafinil mainly for work if needed.. 200mgs only once a day with...
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The Dance Goes On

Posted 17-09-2016 at 04:34 by Snowdeath

Hey! This is my first blog entry, so lemme introduce myself. I'm a 21 years old female living in Canada. I'm very new at Drugs-Forum, so forgive me and let me know if I make any mistakes. My primary DOC is both meth and weed.
If you want to know more about me, just visit my profile and read 'About Me' if that's possible. Now to the actual blog entry...

09/16/16 - 12:28 PM
After two weeks of unpurposeful sobriety from methamphetamine due to buying bunk or very cut products off an unreliable dealer, I finally scored some decent meth.

Of course... At first, I'm wary so I do the bleach test. I filled up half of a shot-glass full of Clorox Original, a bleach brand, hoping it would do the trick. With the bunk/cut stuff, it floats briefly and then sinks promptly through the bleach. However, with this stuff...
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A Crystal Meth Riddle

Posted 06-09-2016 at 23:30 by Count Quagula
Updated 09-09-2016 at 08:01 by Count Quagula

What is translucent and weak
But will withstand the heat
But can't handle concrete
Even if dropped from two feet

It's sizes and shapes awesomely vary
No matter it's form it is often carried
But when it gets lost its awfully scary
Anthe price for replacements honestly vary...
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ID:	171  
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(Lines of Rhymes) Sackless in Seattle

Posted 03-09-2016 at 16:26 by Count Quagula
Updated 06-09-2016 at 07:43 by Count Quagula

The first hit... well, holyshit! After that I was never the same.
The minute meth got a hold and sunk in it's fangs!
Just like a vampire that sucks blood from veins...
and when I don't have it ... im too fucking tired and drained.
It sucks waking up everyday with craving dope on the brain.
So recognize this or ignore it; but don't ever be ashamed.
Becasue I too feel like meth is the core of my pain.
I understand that being drug-free offers more of a gain.
But I can't get up and just quit! It's not a sport or a game!
There are no forfeits or extra innings that remain.
I got a fuckin bad drug habit! That's a solid-ass claim.
And fuck a sunny day, I like thunder and rain!

Sackless in Seattle
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Was not meant for blog post and written for myself

Posted 03-09-2016 at 07:11 by mastermind22
Updated 03-09-2016 at 19:44 by mastermind22

I apologize to anyone who read that in its entirety but shit happens with amphetamines. Even if it's highly negative the content was meant to help me remember things and rethink things, but I thought that other people didn't need to think about that stuff and probably do not share my views on it and how I view some things. i don't even know i probably wrote it here because fuck notepad I cant read black and white I need color then made it a post because I never care enough to double check what I'm doing i need to learn to pay attention
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My Lady Opium

Posted 25-08-2016 at 16:36 by perro-salchicha614 (The Parnassian Heights)
Updated 25-08-2016 at 17:00 by perro-salchicha614 (added image)

She is different from the rest, with her deliberate languor and drowsy eyes which lock onto mine and refuse to let go.

Her vivid petals unfurl for a precious few days before she reveals her sinister, pregnant glory.

She leans in and whispers in my ear, you’re mine now, her danger concealed behind a veil of softness.

She is the liquid darkness, the eternal night, yin-upon-yin.

She is the sum of all beauty and pleasure.

My lady opium.
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Trying to get myself together before i break down for good.

Posted 25-08-2016 at 04:08 by Hideyourlies

I want to be smarter than i am, eat better than i do, be a better boyfriend, brother and son to the people i love. I want to be in better shape and i want to have less addictions. I want to be more organized and i want to be able to manage my momey better than i do. I want to know what i want to do with my future and i want to know that im not going to end up an old grumpy man with nothing left.
Where can i even start on bettering myself? Every task seems 1000% harder than it should be and i feel like its impossible to better myself when ive already turned myself into a monster.
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Chronic Pain Update

Posted 19-08-2016 at 20:07 by TazDevil

Met with my new pain management/anesthesiologist yesterday. The diagnosis looks to be Small-Fiber Neuropathy, which if so is unfortunately a lifetime thing.

Plans going forward are as follows:

1) Meeting with a family friend who specializes in testing for peripheral neuropathies. Am going to have a third nerve conduction+EMG done because he is convinced that the last test was not done or interpreted correctly.
They are also going to use an ultrasound and look in my thoracic area while I'm turning my neck to see if anything is being missed.

2) Adding a muscle relaxant (probably baclofen)

3) Meeting with a doctor who specializes in autoimmune disorders. I have already had blood tests and symptoms checked, everyone so far has told me it's not autoimmune. My Dad's side of the...
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Boredom, drug use, boredom

Posted 14-08-2016 at 20:30 by WashedCNDL

I get bored a lot. When I was young I loudly and often complained of boredom.

I feel mildly bored now. I want to use drugs when I'm bored. I've read that it's one of the most common reasons for relapse, boredom. With six tabs in the fridge, the thought of taking returns and leaves my mind. The boredom is frustrating, at times. Eating for something to do. Fill the time.

There are plenty of things to do, it's a state of mind. I could read or write or watch a new tv show or anything other than get high. Clean. Sleep. Instead of sitting and drinking and smoking.

One phrase hangs in my mind for a moment "saw the universe, now I'm bored". Yet I haven't. Little moves.
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I took the bait...

Posted 11-08-2016 at 19:08 by detoxin momma
Updated 12-08-2016 at 12:39 by detoxin momma
Tags tramadol

well, i have no point in this blog other than to vent and voice my disappointment in myself.

Its the first day of the new school year,its noontime,my baby sleeps,and i am bored.I've been anticipating this.
Its the first year since my oldest,13, was in 2nd grade that I haven't had a tramadol prescription to keep me feeling busy.

i quit taking tramadol,or any pain pills, on october 17th of last year.this is very easy for me to remember because it coincidentally was my deceased cats birthday.

The last few days I have been hanging with a friend and neighbor who takes tramadol for a bad back,her daughter is the same age as my oldest.

This morning,as we sat outside on the bench in my yard,drinking our coffee and smoking our cigarettes, i whined about the house being a mess,and feeling...
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Verapamil, Propranolol, Nortriptyline... More intense than DMT&PCP

Posted 10-08-2016 at 22:04 by TazDevil

Most people don't believe me when I say blood pressure pills and tricyclic antidepressants get me high. Would be interested to see if anyone else shares similar experience?


Verapamil: 21.6 g (60x max daily dose)

Propranolol: 2.4 g (240x minimum active dose)

Nortriptyline: 6.75 g (45x max daily dose)

Yes you read that correctly. The doses are in grams, not milligrams. My parents are both doctors and tell me that these are all lethal doses and that it will kill me. Nope, I trip a few times a year on this combo. Have done it 5 times in total.

You can frown on me all you want about "amateur" substances. I have experience with DMT, ketamine, PCP, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, Fly-Agaric mushrooms, salvia... I once smoked a fat hit of...
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Help me find my kratom

Posted 24-07-2016 at 07:32 by profesor

ZeUS159;1767047]Dang so no benefits for a tincture huh?
What about capsules? Those the same as any or should I just look at making a good tea?
I've made alcohol tinctures and they seem to be more sedating than tea. None of the energetic properties. That's a no go for me.
I used to do capsules but I had a few instances where I took enough to get sick and puke. Now I can't bear the thought of capsules. I make yogurt smoothies for my Kratom. I also used to use apple sauce to good effect. That was back when I did 5grams at a time. Now I do 7-10 grams a day. I see tea as needlessly complicated. You'd want to cover up the taste anyways. And who knows how much gets wasted in tea. I eat it and know it's all going in my gut.
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Emotion overwhelmed me today (not sure if it's OK to Chuck this in here)

Posted 21-07-2016 at 03:53 by Char2009

Emotion overwhelmed me today... As it spilled from my eyes and rolled down my face
I wanna run away.... Don't want to be in this place....today.
Run from the madness that is inside my mind. If only there was a way.
But there's no way to escape ... No way to find....solace...
Lying here curled tightly into myself, I cursed the day that shone too bright ... And I Curse the silence of tonight.
Sleep escapes me ... My heads not clear
It's noisy and frightening being alone in here.
I wanna run away.. Don't want this headspace today... Run from the madness inside my mind.
Emotion overwhelmed me today... As it spilled from my eyes and ran down my face

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Day 12 - meth facts

Posted 15-07-2016 at 04:46 by turn-the-music-louder (Your and My Useless, Wonderful Trivia)

The meth section around here is always full of people. Give the people what they want, eh?

1.3 million people die from meth per year.

1 in 10 people have tried meth. Maybe its time to question your post man a little further..

Marilyn Monroe took part, then sang Happy Birthday to JFK.

JFK was also on meth. His birthday was just an upscale drug party.

Hitler was on meth too.

Wanna be famous?? Do meth I guess.

Please do not take that seriously.

I need sleep.

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Day 11 - Facebook Facts

Posted 08-07-2016 at 07:18 by turn-the-music-louder (Your and My Useless, Wonderful Trivia)

Facebook is blue because the founder is colorblind.

1 in 11 people in the world are on facebook

Its available in over 70 languages.

It gives jobs to over 3000 men and women.

Most people on facebook are single - 43,869,800 of them.

750,000,000 photos were updated on New Years of 2010. It was, and still is the record.

If you type, utnam: in the Facebook chat, an easter egg will appear.

82% of pages have 5 posts or less a month.
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Day 2 Burp WD

Posted 14-06-2016 at 01:48 by Stell22

Am I missing something today....
Yes my Burp...
Thats what I am missing
CT off it day 2 today
expecting worse by day 4 now
The ol brain is fudging along somehow in very slow mo
Fingers feel light and heavy on the key board
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Sensitive to drugs

Posted 13-06-2016 at 12:20 by bheadmaster

I don't know if it's in my body or in my mind, but I am very sensitive to recreational drugs overall. Few beers and a joint can knock me out and make me unable to stand properly, let alone control my thoughts - I start nodding out and become paranoid if someone around starts giving me bad trips, like telling me that the cops are coming or so.
Last night I had to walk home few kilometers because I missed the last bus, and the whole time I thought that somebody was following me with intention to rob me, so I held my hand close to my knife the whole time

Acid really makes me lose myself, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not, MDMA makes me lose all my inhibitions and control, and speed makes me feel like a superman, and that's why I love it so much.

I see people around me that can take a few ecs and still...
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Am I Missing Something ?

Posted 12-06-2016 at 14:06 by Stell22

Story of my life
I get it too late
I loose it
I dont get it
I lost it
There is something missing in my brain
Lots of frontal lobe damage I am told
But I think it has always been so
Am I missing that stable gene ?
The one that keeps us normal
Oh to be normal
As I overthink I miss small details
Story of my life...
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Day 10 - Facts of 10

Posted 27-05-2016 at 02:30 by turn-the-music-louder (Your and My Useless, Wonderful Trivia)

Men get an average of ten hard ons in a dream.

There are 10 vowels in the Korean alphabet.

If you write the number 10 twice as 1010, you get the binary representation of 10.

In the Bible, there were 10 generations between Adam and Noah. Also, 10 generations between Noah and Abraham.

The traditional 10th anniversary gift is tin, while today's gift for the 10th anniversary is diamonds.

In the UK, a person could be convicted of a criminal offense at the young age of 10 and can even receive a life sentence if found guilty of murder.
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Day 9 - Here's a Fun One - FETISHES

Posted 01-05-2016 at 03:19 by turn-the-music-louder (Your and My Useless, Wonderful Trivia)

Come on this has to be a good one. Enjoy!

Sploshing: This one is mostly for the ladies, apparently. I guess being naked and rolling around in kiddie pools full of baked beans is a major turn on??

Formicophilia: Gettin reallll excited over being covered in insects..

Tripsolagnia: Having a thrill of having one's hair shampooed.

Dendrophilia: Some people like trees. Some people really like trees.

Psychrophilia: Having fantasies of watching people freeze.. to death. Not sure how this one is exactly satisfied.

Climacophilia: Arousal to falling down stairs. Either you're falling down stairs, or your partner is. Can't imagine how they keep explaining to the hospital how they manage to come in every night with new injuries and social services haven't put...
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