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education system failure, college dropouts, and drug use.

Posted 26-02-2015 at 05:29 by Scloud90
Updated 26-02-2015 at 05:42 by Scloud90

People tend to continue to pursue things that increase their sense of reward and a lot of the way your brain processes decision making will tend to do things that activate the reward pathways.

Being in college and learning a bunch of stuff that you don't care about, because of some goal you have that you want to get from college that activates your reward system may cause you to lose enthusiasm.

A long drawn out process that provides some goal not worth the negative reinforcement of certain things required to learn that the system deems necessary in order to gain some certification or goal are often counterintuitive to human behavior.

You can learn how to become successful based on understanding the brain and your reward pathways to influence your decision making. However my brain is already...
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There Are No Losers.....Only Those Who Quit Trying

Posted 23-02-2015 at 15:48 by St Dismas Novitiate (The Frying Pan-Things Always Get Hot In Here!)

It is not the critic who counts;

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,

Who strives valiantly;

Who errs, who falls short again and again;

Who has known great enthusiasms;

Who spend himself in a worthy cause;

Who, at the best, knows in the end

The triumph of high achievement,

And who, at the worst, knows

If he fails, at least he fails

While daring greatly.

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psychoanalysis determining truth behind the BS

Posted 22-02-2015 at 16:17 by Scloud90

In examining various psychoanalytical theories, and psychoanalysis itself, ive come to the conclusion that competing theories can be true, but logical deduction/inference can determine that amount of validity to their frameworks. As long as not mutually exclusive many different psychoanalytical theories about various topics can be true despite seemingly conflictive.

It is easier to examine the unconscious mind with higher empathy levels and a combined level of curiosity for truth.

This leads to interest in a pursuit of psychoanalysis, but ultimately regresses in a form of projection making the psychoanalyst fixated on their own forms of development or pattern of their unconscious mind.

This leads to a progression of theories and connections of belief, formed to their own understanding of development....
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(Drug Articles/Using logic and determining fallacious thinking.

Posted 22-02-2015 at 01:41 by Scloud90
Updated 22-02-2015 at 03:17 by Scloud90

In todays world of research we find links/connections with a lot of different things, some are recorded in scientific journals or articles etc. regardless of whether the link is significant in causation.

Its important to understand how to identify the purpose of an article or a scientific document in order to properly comment or discuss it. Immediate dismissal of research, assuming the purpose is to indicate a conclusion due to a link for example is inappropriate. Identifying purpose in a study also prevents red herrings which allows progress in maintaining a philosophy of gaining as many true beliefs and as few false ones as possible. A red herring might result in dismissing an entire article due to fixation on irrelevant points or having a concern with something that is unrelated to the conclusion. The article might not...
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How to act in public while you are on meth- opinion

Posted 21-02-2015 at 12:18 by TashunaStar

Originally Posted by derpahderp View Post
You do realize #10 in my list was paying homage to your good tips right? have a good one girl-

Excellent point! I wish I would have read this months ago. Before I got pulled over looking extremely drousy eyed and with a complete cotton mouth to say the least. First off I kept driving after the cop turnt his lights on, just could not quickly make the decision where would be the best place to pull over and stop. I rambled through tons of things in my purse, tons of paper in my glub department and everywhere else (meanwhile the insurance card was in a spot alone that I'd previously stored it for easy, quick access). Long story short I got a insurance ticket anyway, because the cop ran out of patience with me. Then I burst in tears when he handed it to me. I sat there and cried in my car for...
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3 addictions at once. The pain of Poly-substance addiction

Posted 19-02-2015 at 01:57 by Scloud90

Ok right now im feeling a little out of whack, like shit isnt working right. been battling alcohol and meth abuse of course and together with a recent addition of xanax since I have a ton of the 2mg white bars.

I havent done much meth recently probably 2 hits from the bowl....but idk how much I did before I passed out this morning at anywhere arounf 6 or 7 am something like that....Passed out in my chair right before I was about to hit the pipe I think so I never got around to it, was in midpost, before I fell asleep I did sleep the night before but that was only 8-10 hours of sleep after 3 or more days of being awake.

I started to see dead skin covering the entire bottom half of my body, which was a hallucination. I knew I didnt want to pick at it, but I thought theres no way this can be real so I tried to...
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The Law finally caught up to me

Posted 17-02-2015 at 05:47 by Scloud90

Exactly a month ago January 16 I got pulled over. At the time I was so addicted to alcohol I would have to drink till I went unconscious, however when I went to try the sobriety test not only was I cold as fuck shivering I wasnt drunk enought to do the test lol.I refused it and just got breathalyzed and blew a .15 I knew it was going to go up and when I took the chemical test it was over .2 something so they had to take me to the hospital because it was mandatory. and when I got to the hospital I got my blood drawn twice got is kept going up to .26

I was pretty calm, but at the same time pretty frustrated with myself, I didnt have to be driving I just barely touched the line for a second and got pulled over by a hick cop. Ive never been pulled over by someone that said I just touched the line. When I told them they didnt have...
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Guilt trips

Posted 05-02-2015 at 12:34 by Serak The Preparer
Updated 10-02-2015 at 15:35 by Serak The Preparer (deleted)

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A message I thought might be of some help nothing special.

Posted 30-01-2015 at 06:34 by desert flower
Updated 30-01-2015 at 06:41 by desert flower (additional)

Hey man just didn't want to clutter up a thread when it's only you that might benefit, in all probability.

It may not be in the rules you read when joining but it is mentioned somewhere that you should use "chemical names" AS WELL AS brand names, as is there a small guideline saying using correct english WHERE POSSIBLE.
Part of my point is hang on I'll just give an example.
(sorry switched trains cos it made more sense).

Say you're a member and are need of desperate help but all you have is your phone on a roaming network that keeps cutting in and out.
Wouldn't you cut corners that you thought were going to be understood?
Having been in a similar position(not exactly)I know that when you're sending literally hundreds of dms...
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Interesting Junky Stories

Posted 25-01-2015 at 20:26 by pharmmajor

I'm starting to write a book about my life on heroin in philly and new york (I have connections) A different project I'm also eager to try is collecting junky stories (doesnt matter what drug) and putting them all together.

do any of you have any junky stories you are willing to share? (I will not use them in any sort of way unless you give me permission. I have been using this site for years and would not violate the privacy of it's community. I am very serious about this being a safe place for people to share with out any consequences and would be ashamed of myself If I abused that)

Let me know if I'm out of bounds.
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How I stumbled onto this place

Posted 23-01-2015 at 14:14 by Tiona
Updated 23-01-2015 at 14:15 by Tiona (Title Change)

When I first stumbled onto this site, it was searching for the effects of mixing a couple of drugs I know well but didn't know how they interacted. I read a bit of it and enjoyed this place!
So I was like - What the hell, I'll sign up!
...My Cellphone's Chrome and Default Browser both decided they were not going to cooperate with signing up on this site... balls.
SO I just set it aside and didn't think about, next time I ended up stumbling here on yet another google search. Again I tried to sign up, because I actually found something I wanted to reply to!
Well I managed to get signed up but I couldn't reply still, I don't know if it was the cell or this site or both.. I was denied till I verified my account I think it was? The thing was my email didn't want to show me the msg from THIS SITE and I couldn't find...
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The Euphoria of Oxycontin and the emptiness of sobriety....

Posted 20-01-2015 at 15:19 by JonnyBGoode

I would say the period I am describing is sometime around the beginning of 2012. By now I am about to turn 30 in the coming weeks and I have formed what I would call a serious 'habit' of taking pain killers, at this point my main drug of choice is dihydrocodeine which is as I have pointed out previously the European equivalent of hydrocodone. I am also taking vicodins and percocets which are being sent to me from Mexico with various contacts I have made down there through pain forums, it's a little different making a western union payment than it is waiting on a corner to meet a dealer but I am almost enjoying the way this works now.

The excitement of waiting for the post to arrive rather than waiting for a dealer to answer their phone is a different kind of excitement, it's more staggered. I have a plentiful supply of dihydrocodeine...
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How opiates "Get you" without you realising it...

Posted 13-01-2015 at 21:02 by JonnyBGoode

So following on from my last post, this is about 2010 and I am getting into taking pain killers regularly. They all have slightly different highs, I have a lot of dihydrocodeine as this is easily sourced in the UK but by now I am also getting hold of lots of vicodin, percocet and they combine well with the valium I've been addicted to and been taking for sleep purposes as I suffer bad insomnia, for some time. The DHC is like my bread and butter opiate by now, I am taking DHC on a weekly basis, usually at least 360mg but often more, it's cheap and it makes me feel good and it's become my place of sanctity, in such a brutal world that is so confusing and a struggle for someone with low mood like me. I feel entitled to get some escapism and since all the other many drugs I took started to mess with my head and no longer worked the way they once...
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The phenibut for daily GAD experiment Entry #7

Posted 12-01-2015 at 23:19 by Healer

Entry #7

Since I last posted I quit taking phenibut. I have no withdrawal. I still feel the effects of the chemical! Its been 72 hours since I last dosed and its amazing how I still feel relief. I have no rebound anxiety, and no depression. I have no withdrawal symtoms. I actually feel more relaxed since I quit. I think this is because my brain is less foggy and I'm more alert. I am also not tired 24/7. When I was taking high doses I felt like I wanted to lay down and just "rest my eyes" and I wouldn't even remember falling asleep. Sometimes I would fall asleep and not even remember closing my eyes.

I have to say though, my concentration and memory has gone back to being problematic today. I'm trying to study subjects I recently had a blast learning with ease the last 2 weeks. Now I cant even watch...
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The phenibut for daily GAD experiment Entry #6

Posted 10-01-2015 at 08:30 by Healer
Updated 10-01-2015 at 16:57 by Healer

Entry #6

Well sorry guys. For two reasons. The first being my lack of responsibility with updating this post as I promised I would, and the second being my lack of responsibility with doing the right thing with phenibut...to some extent.

The first reason started above is directly an affect of the second. As you know from my previous blogs1 I've not taken a T-break for various reasons. I have gotten myself into another diagnosis treatment2 and set straight my problems. I realized my tolerance is now far too high. I tried one high dose of phenibut around 1000mg and felt really sick. I never wanted to repeat that experience. I tried it again to induce sleep and it did work. It worked fantastically. I just ate 1500mg on a full stomach this time. I had no stomach discomfort at all. I wasn't fond of being high off...
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W-15 ( (E)-4-chloro-N-(1-phenethylpiperidin-2-ylidene)benzenesulfonamid e ) drug i

Posted 07-01-2015 at 02:38 by chupamivergaguey

Originally Posted by chupamivergaguey View Post
After perusing a variety of forums, here's how all the W-15 reports can be summed up.

1) I have some/want some/know someone who has some but haven't had time/am afraid to try it.

2) It's total bunk/inactive (lactose, pickle salt, other).

My colleagues' experience is of the latter type. W-15 is the Fountain of Youth or the Cities of Gold of RCs -- I am beginning to doubt it exists and believe the legend was designed to transfer wealth from West to East.
Yeah. What I said.
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then someone will say what is lost can never be saved..

Posted 06-01-2015 at 17:16 by poppylove423

So here comes the fun part. Im down to 2 .5mg doses, maybe even a little less. Dosed .5 this morning. Im trying with all i can to sell some shit so i can just go to the doctor. Looking for work like crazy but ill end up working sick which at this point id suffee through if it meant i could just get back on track. Theres no such thing as a free lunch...

Im even at the point of maybe starting back in AA. Just for support. Ive found theres a lot less drama and bullshit in AA than NA.

Anyways. I wish yall the best. Myself as well.
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Part 4- Becoming a heroin addict....

Posted 04-01-2015 at 21:11 by JonnyBGoode
Updated 04-01-2015 at 21:22 by JonnyBGoode (Worked out how to post it now just me being a dunce!)

So this is part 4 of my story, how I became to be addicted to heroin. To put into some context or if you haven't read the other parts of my blog, my first opiate experience was in New York on the plane back after a girl I met had given me pain killers for the first time. I was 26 almost 27 when this happened and other than heroin or opiates I had taken every drug you could think of and was regularly using a variety of 'party drugs' at the time and it was normally weekend use.

Now in the UK it is slightly different to the states, opiates are not common place and the opiate scene is usually a smallish collection of heroin addicts in each town and city. The whole pain killer explosion that happened in the USA never happened in the UK as we have an NHS (national health service) rather than a private medical industry, so prescriptions...
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New Year, Perhaps a few changes.

Posted 04-01-2015 at 03:38 by LuLu81

I'm only making a start to this blog, to get it underway before i forget or perhaps cant.

I've been a heroin addict for 15 years and prescribed Methadone for 9 years. For the last 5, i have been using on top, more and more regularly, usually once or twice a week and I'm getting fed up. After bills (and lager for my BFs alcohol addiction), more often than not, any spare money goes on heroin.

I'm sick of never having money for things we need. At the moment we desperately need a new Laptop, Mattress, Fridge Freezer and Oven. Not to mention other things we need but havent bought. I got 12,000 inheritance after my dad died. I spent about 1500 on things, but the rest was spent on heroin within less than a year.
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99 miles of bad road

Posted 31-12-2014 at 01:37 by poppylove423

I have my doubts that anyone will read this, so its more a release for me than anything.

Ive been on suboxone for almost two years with the occasional "real" opie now and again. Ive been up to 16 mg and the last two days tapering that number until im down to 1 or less. After being sick from bupe, you learn a little goes a long way. What usually happens to me is that o forget that im high. I just feel normal so i redose chasing that original dose. So today im down. Ive had about 4mg and will have 6 before the day is over. I am down to two so i have to stretch them the best i can. Thats about all. I have a baclofen refill for in the morning so im hoping that helps me go a little longer between doses. Got clonidine today. Its best for sleep though.
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Tapering bupernorphine

Posted 28-12-2014 at 08:36 by Egyaddict
Updated 31-12-2014 at 16:28 by Egyaddict

I will try to document here tapering 16 mg buperenorphine (subutex) which I am stable on coming from a very big daily heroin addiction that reached 4 grams of daily IV heroin, one year ago
I am stable on 16 mg subutex (buperenorphine), which I snort in the beginning of the day, 4 mg then afte an hour another 4 mg and so on till 16 mg (I know snorting is not a good sign, but still snorting 16 mg of subs beats heroin slavery by a million step)
One week ago, I decided to tapper subs but I want to make it with no withdrawals,
Today is my forth day on 12 mg, I also take them the same way, snorting 4 mg at the time till reaching 12 mg
On my forth day I feel completely fine and normal, frankly till now I did not feel that I dropped the dose from 16 to 12 mg
The details will be updated in comments
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Lyrica Scoop

Posted 18-12-2014 at 23:04 by Cash.Nexus

Pulling up outside the windows, I give them time to note my car. Otherwise they won't open the door. A girl walks by sucking a cigarette. Gnomish beanie, lurid skirt and bad deportment.

I bro-shake Kango in the tiny hallway of the system-built house.

"Seven pm as promised!"
"Yeah man. I said to Chelsea, who the fuck? She's like, it's yourself! Go on through, brother."

The living room is cluttered like the vestibule. Mad junk and salvage. I sit next to a small generator unit. Spark-plug ceramic gleams like exposed bone.

"How are you, Chelsea? You look better."

She doesn't, especially with that old-lady lap-blanket. I tune out the latest health report while nodding in sympathy. Kango sits and lights a joint. In under a
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The Myth That Gabaergics or downers are only for aborting psychedelic trips

Posted 12-12-2014 at 23:08 by fotia
Updated 13-12-2014 at 06:34 by fotia

Just wanted to make an observation I've made about combining a gabaergic like Etizolam, or a downer like Kratom with a psychedelic like say AMT or MXE (yes, I know MXE is a dissassoc, but it has psychedelic effects too).

A lot of people either seem to not like combining them, or, are simply against the idea, due to the fact that traditionally Benzos have been used to abort trips (i.e. abort acid trips)

I have to say that what I have observed is that for the anxious person, something like etizolam actually has the potential to greatly enhance the trip because it smooths out the shitty crinkles of mood and anxiety that could turn the trip sour or give a totally bad experience. I would say something similar applies to kratom.

Hell, I think the best AMT trips usually involve Kratom and Etizolam to the...
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So Damn Bored!

Posted 11-12-2014 at 06:10 by St Dismas Novitiate (The Frying Pan-Things Always Get Hot In Here!)

Well, it is happening, slowly but surely. I am losing interest in this, and it is becoming more of a chore than the intense experience that characterized my every log-in as it was in the past. I neglect my blog, I neglect the social groups, I haven't reached out to anyone on my friends list in so long I have forgotten when the last time was. There was a time when I would be on for literally hours each and every day, and now I just......don't care. I don't know when the last time I posted an article was. My responses to others have been curtailed.

This is probably the most fascinating website I have ever found. But I have ceased making drugs as well as using them. Any experience I could possibly have had is far from unique, and has, in all likelihood, been recounted by someone here at some point in our history. And quite frankly,...
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Why Drugs-Forum is so addictive...

Posted 09-12-2014 at 00:36 by Alfa
Updated 09-12-2014 at 02:45 by Alfa

Since starting this site 11 years ago DF has evolved so much. In the beginning it was a cosy group of peeps posting crap and having fun. Hell, I remember that I used to call up members to confront them about soliciting on the site. That all has changed.
What was clear from the start was that we are onto something good. Something with meaning. Something that will grow big and influential. Back then we already knew that this site was going to make a difference. This has not changed.

The site has already made significant impact. With 35 million+ readers per year it affects the world. It's one of the main go-to places on the net. It affects what people know about drugs and how people perceive drugs. Drug Policy Organisations attribute a lot to DF.

The site has changed lives and saved lives. Lives we...
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