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DXM Dextromethorphan

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Old 21-05-2012, 23:02
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How much is too much?

So my friends and I have been doing a lot of Delsym. Basically every other day and it's been going for about a week. We just wanna do it until summer which is another week and a half away. How dangerous is this? I have noticed nothing wrong yet, and I didn't even puke my first time. I seem to be the only one out of my friends worrying about this too.

One of us is doing it every day, and I can tell sometimes that he is a little fidgety, but no too bad.

We love the high so much, along with the confident feeling we get. If this is really bad, is there a way we can get a similar high, or is there a way we can do this and it not be bad for us?

Old 21-05-2012, 23:17
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Re: How much is too much?

you should stop right away man. dexxing too often can cause brain damage, make you retarded or have seizures. stop now.

a similar high would be ketamine or pcp but you should stay away from those. just get some weed man, i know you don't wanna hear that.

if you want confidence you can't go wrong with mickey's 40oz.
Old 22-05-2012, 02:50
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Re: How much is too much?

DXM is a drug that should never be used daily. never.

I guarantee you if you keep this up psychosis will rear its ugly head very quickly. People who become daily DXM users end up really messed up from just a few months of daily use.

If you like it so much wouldnt you prefer to be able to enjoy it in the future?

If you take breaks between doses then you can enjoy the effects without damaging your mental health. Also if you keep this up it tends to "lose the magic".

There are few worse things for ur mental stability than robotripping until it feels normal.

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Old 22-05-2012, 03:24
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Re: How much is too much?

I remember when i was new to dxm i did it 5 times in one werk, but only on 1st and 2nd plateau trips

Besides occasional derealization and mild HPPD, dxm hasnt had pronounced effects on me. However, i only did dxm once or twice a week besides that one epic week for around 2 months. The magic of it gradually faded away for me, compared to other drugs it is weak until the high 2nd and 3rd plateau trips. If you want to enjoy it in the future, you definitely should take a month or two long tolerance break.

Also, doing dxm at your rate for weeks will lead to serious mental issues. I caught myself lucky but i know someone who did it more often and ended up in a mental hospital for months.
Old 24-05-2012, 06:50
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Re: How much is too much?

Stop immediately DXM is a very hard spiritual and realistic drug. Its fun to do everyday and I did that exactly for 2 years of my life. Sad to say I do not remember anything much from those 2 years. DXM is fun but you will ruin it for yourself if you do it so much.

Just to re-cap and list you side effects that occured to me after this DXM binge,

Everything "breathed" around me for months..MONTHS after i quit DXM. Laying in bed looking at the closet the patters would swirl slightly, it appeared as if one door would be going up and left and the other would be going down and to the right torwards each other. The cieling looked as if it was lowering, little hairs on the bath tub sometimes in the morning would appear to twitch occasionally.

YOU WILL BECOME DELUSIONAL after extended periods of use. I'm not talking crazy delusional but you will start to get delusional thoughts as if you are always correct about a subject, and just basically think off the wall thoughts about things.

DXM WILL APPEAR TO MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON Im sure when you trip you feel like DXM is making you happy, feeling good, and a more social nicer person this is true at first but will turn around and bite you on the ass. My first month of dxm use was great I was nice to everybody but after a while I started to push people away, i would go out to hang with friends, but first go to the store for cough syrup, arrive tripped out and people most likely complained about me always being late. I always put DXM first, I even left the house at 8AM one morning the day of my best friends birthday and did not get back till 1pm and i was fucked up, didnt even give a shit, thats not right.

DXM gave me delusional thoughts, I always thought that everything that happened to me in life was all a part of some big conspiracy against me, mostly with friends I thought "Oh their probably all in on some big joke between them about me" or always thought when they laughed they are laughing at me as some sort of inside joke. I always felt like i was left out of everything with everybody about everything which im sure was not true.

DXM made me disgusting I had periods when I would not wash clothes, wear clothes for days on end, would not shower sometimes for weeks and did not even brush my teeth or wash my face. I was already dropped out of school when I started DXM but I got back into school and did perfectly fine the first 3-5 weeks than heavy dxm use started again. I ended up not doing ANY school at all..and it was all self paced! I didnt give a fuck. I did not give a fuck about anyone or any thing not even myself all I cared about was DXM and getting high on DXM thats it.

I love DXM, I love how it works what it does, but you need to know that DXM is NOT an every day thing. Using DXM every day, was very childish and immature of me. DXM will remove you from reality 100% and put you in your own reality where whatever you say goes and you dont give two shits about how things REALLY happen in the real world.

To your friend who seems fidgety, he needs to stop now, not stop 100% but he NEEDS TO STOP DOING IT DAILY, and I am talking not every other day, im saying no more than three times a week. I became fidgety within my 3rd month of DXM use and I have been suffering from tremors ever since. And by tremors I mean being fidgety, I unexpectedly jump and tense up every so often through the day and it makes people think you are weird. Even after quitting DXM for a month this still occured. I still used DXM frequently till about 2 weeks ago and I only just quit having tremors just this month, and I started DXM November 2nd 2010. DXM WILL effect your nervous system.

You only get so many trips before the magic feelings of DXM go away, and if you can't stop doing DXM at this point you will just end up taking DXM to get black out drunk effects. Thats rock bottom of DXM use when the only effect you get is being blacked out but still awake, its horrible.

Please, please just only do DXM occasionally. Save DXM for some weekend fun. You will not notice negative side effects on your mental function and personality till its too late and even when you are confronted about it you will not believe it because of DXM's delusional ways. Be safe, take my word on this.

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Old 02-06-2012, 02:01
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Re: How much is too much?

Thats not good my friend. I dont know why a lot of people gravitate to doing this drug daily.. I can understand though because DXM is sort of a binge drug and it erases all problems you have in reality. Any ways read about what people have said about chronically using DXM. Many report fogginess, loss of concentration etc.. pretty much makes you dumb and thats not what you want, so do your self,and your friends a favor, show them this thread and make sure you all DRASTICALLY cut down on the usage(TWICE a month max)(I know it sucks.lol). Also I hope you guys arnt stealing it, it only makes its already notorious rep more notorious ultimately leading to it being out lawed..

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