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Benzodiazepines All about benzodiazepines (downers)

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Old 15-10-2011, 00:28
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Has anyone found long-term anxiolytic benefit from daily benzo use?

Everyone knows about the tolerance problems with benzos, but a doctor has told my friend that long-term daily benzodiazepine therapy for anxiety is possible, without losing effectiveness. Tolerance to the sedative and other effects still occur, according to his theory, but not to the anti-anxiety effects.

Basically I am asking if anyone has found this to be true in real life, or does tolerance always cut in to stop benzos working for anxiety? If tolerance did stop them working, was a higher dose then effective long term, or did the tolerance just keep on rising all the time?

Please note that I'm not recommending anyone keep on raising their dosage, or even take benzos in the first place.
Old 15-10-2011, 01:46
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Re: Has anyone found long-term anxiolytic benefit from daily benzo use?

I dont use benzos so this isnt from personal experience, but I have a good friend who is in a trade where he has to climb and work at great heights so he has bad anxiety when working in such extreme conditions and he has been using Zanax PRN.

He doesnt abuse it , been on the same dose for 10 years. He's very reliant on it , only when he needs it. He doesnt take it every day, he says he doesnt need it every day , only in certain situations and at certain times.

His doctor wanted to get him off it and he felt very uncomfortable switching because he said it works and he doesnt abuse it.

I think that is the key, not to abuse it. I think most problems happen when people use it to much and build up a psychological tolerance first .

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