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Phenethylamines Phenethylamines and amphetamines.

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Old 22-12-2009, 02:54
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Re: 2C-C experiences

SwiC found a note containing the following

Originally Posted by Note
Gender: Male
Weight: 57kg
Dose: 30mg (oral) + 2 x 3mg (nasal) + 1mg Clonazepam (sublingal)
Duration: Short approx. 3-4 hours
setting: home alone watching TV

-1:00h: 1mg Clonazepam was taken sublingally to prevent anxiety

+0:00h: 30mg was dissolved in coola (not cola) cordial and consumed within 5 minutes.

+0:30h: First alerts felt. Nice body feel.

+1:00h: Good feel but not much visuals at this point.

+1:20h: Decide to have a bump. Weight out 3mg and up it goes. Burns nice and good.

+2:00h: Still not quiet satisfied so another 3mg bump is inhaled.

+2:30h: Visuals are nice and strong. More than expected from this one. A lot more than just warping walls and patterns but actually seeing things in the air that aren't there. Not very colourful though. Mood is great. nice interesting thoughts. Peak Didn't last long though maybe only 30m-1h.

+3-4h: Pretty much back to baseline. Feel tired but could very well be the clonazepam as its not something that gets used much. Certainly not non medically. Reducing anxiety for psychedelic consumption is medical right?

Conclusion: Good but still somehow felt a bit like it was missing something but that could be the clonazepam or perhaps the short duration. Next time will hopefully be 40-45mg oral only as that should last longer.

Post Quality Reviews:
Thanks for the report.
Good report, include key info. Thanks.
Old 23-12-2009, 10:16
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chaos69 really adds to the discussion.chaos69 really adds to the discussion.chaos69 really adds to the discussion.chaos69 really adds to the discussion.chaos69 really adds to the discussion.chaos69 really adds to the discussion.
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Re: 2C-C experiences

SwiC come across another more recent note containing the following;

Originally Posted by Note
Gender: Male
Weight: 57kg
Dose: 45mg 2c-c (+0.5mg Clonazepam)
Duration: 15m onset, 30m come up, peak 1.5h. back to baseline 4h
Set and setting: Home alone and comfortable for most part until good freind arrives so over all relaxed setting. Quite hungover however.

+0:00h: 45mg of 2c-c is consumed dissolved in a drink and skulled now in a few seconds. 0.5mg of Clonazepam is taken sublingally.

+0:15h: First alerts felt. A slight light headed feeling. Mild nausea.

+0:20h: First visuals noticed. Breathing of the walls.

+0:30h: Visuals starting to get stronger now. Although if attention isn't paid to the visuals they almost disappear. Nausea is quite bad which is rare for this subject however this could be the result of being very hungover.

+1:00h: Subject vomits which is the only time this has happened for him with any drug except alcohol (which is still very rare). Nausea fades after this however. Peak is reached which again doesn't last very long, only 1-1.5 hours.

Time is not recorded over the next few hours do to a friend coming round. Playing guitar proved difficult but not impossible. The guitars sounded really weird which made it hard to tell what was being played. Subject kept feeling like they were play songs wrong when they were not.

Baseline reach around the +3.5h-+4h point which is quite short. subject felt tired for rest of the day however didn't get great amount of sleep the night before anyway.

Conclusion: Again quite short but definitely enjoyable. Good visuals are obtainable with them chem for this subject but don't seam to long last. Nausea probably had more to do with hangover than just the 2c-c itself as this subject normally does not experience much nausea if any at all. Probably the kind of psychedelic that can be taken at a party like 2c-b.
Old 25-12-2009, 14:53
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Re: 2C-C experiences

2c-c 31mg +/- 2mg
Male, 160 lbs, Age: 24
One week prior, a small bowl of 20x salvia was smoked, followed by an unknown amount of ketamine (less than 100mg)

The night prior SWIM had 1 shot of brandy and 100mg of diphenhydramine.

About 12-16 hours prior, SWIM had a multivitamin, 800mg piracetam, 87.5mg beepollen/royal jelly, 62.5mg rocky mountain wheat grass, 50mg siberian ginseng and 50mg kola nut.

About 3-4 hours prior, SWIM ate and had a shot of Kahlua (coffee extract and alcohol)

11:38pm 25mg dimenhydrinate taken with 2 very small ginger cookies to avoid nausea.

11:49 2c-c swallowed in a capsule that had been punctured with a safety pin. SWIM is tired.

12:13am Positive mood. No other noticeable effects and the mood may be unrelated to the substance.

1:07 Dry mouth. Stomach feels a bit funny. Slight feeling of something in the head. No visuals. Still tired.

1:15 SWIM bring himself to a more powerful orgasm than usual rather quickly. Then he falls asleep within 30 minutes.

He woke up just under 8 hours later feeling fine. No interesting dreams were recalled. The first time he took 2c-c it was ~27mg and he thinks he got more out of it the first time. Perhaps it was because he weighed about 10 lbs less at the time or because he took piracetam with it. Perhaps this time he went to sleep before it fully manifested. Perhaps the dimenhydrinate or alcohol blunted the effects. Maybe since the substance is at least a few months old it has lost potency.

This experience he would rate as perhaps a plus one and a half.
Old 09-01-2010, 12:06
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Re: 2C-C as a festival drug?

SWIM enjoyed a very high dose of 2C-C (corresponding to ~70 mg) during the last night of a small electronic festival and had some proper fun without the slightest paranoia or difficulty in interacting (aside from talking utter outer-space nonsense). Anyway, will probably do it again. Did not want to make SWIM want to dance much, but socially interact and generally explore areas.

SWIMs experience with 2C-C before this trip was 3 trips at 33,5 mg.
Old 27-07-2011, 23:01
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Re: 2C-C experiences

Originally Posted by snapper View Post
Not a whole lot. It falls into the same category as low dose 5meoDIPT/5meoMIPT, being more of an entactogen for SWIM. It also seems to have a really short duration.
This is a very good description.

2C-C has been assayed on 3 occasions. Doses ranged from 40 to 60mg. Variations of dose only enhance and prolong the effects.

The onset is quite easy, no body load like 2C-E / 2C-T-2. First a mood lift, a pleasant feeling of being content. This persists during the entirely to the trip. Feels like a constant come up, as if the trip is going somewhere else but it does not.

Peak at about 1.5hr, and the effects level out for the next hour or so. Generally, colors are enhanced but there are no overwhelming visual changes. Slight shimmering/moving of visual stimuli.

Low doses could potentially serve as an anti-depressant. This is by far the easiest psychedelic to handle for the new users. Very gentle experience. Not very stimulating or sedating.

Relevant drug info reagent results here.
Old 03-10-2011, 17:22
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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

Sex: Male
Weight: 160
Experience; have tried almost all 2c-x chemicals, LSD, mescaline, MXE, ketamine, d-amp, 4-fa, 4-mec, 4-mmc, MDMA, MDAI, 4-aco-dmt, MDPV, and many more
Substances in questions: 2 tabs LSD, 40 mg 2cc, 7 mg~ 2ci

0:00 SWIM wakes up and does he morning preparations, i.e; try to get out of bed, try to get food if there is any in the fridge, take a shower, brushes teeth, and than begins the mental preparation for the mental journey he is about to take. SWIM begins by eating two hits of LSD, and starts weighing out doses of 2ci and 2cc for his friends who also wanted to trip.

0:30: SWIM is feeling the beginnings of the lovely lady's jitters, huge grin on his face, bagging the doses, hoping it will be a beautiful day. SWIM decides to take a stroll before heading over to his friends house.

1:00: The LSD has grasped SWIM in its jelly like embrace, trees are dancing in front of him, the wind is dancing around his body. SWIM feels at peace, but than remembers he somehow has to get to his friends house. SWIM texts a very close female friend of his and asks if she could give him ride to SWIM's friends house or as SWIM likes to call it "the palace of anarchy"

1:30: SWIM has now arrived had has handed out doses, SWIM being the curious SWIMMER he is decides to take 40 mgs of 2cc. SWIM has only had a handful of experiences with this chemical but the material in question being so benign SWIM thought what the hell.

2:00 SWIM still in happy LSD land, running around, jumping about, telling everyone there that he loves them. Life is good, today is a superb day.

3:30: SWIM's 2c-c is kicking in, the visuals are stunning, breathtaking, SWIM has never seen anything like this. His trails are flashing vibrant colors, he takes a look out side and there a ribbons of red entailing everything, it was just beautiful.

4:00: SWIM's friend suggests they snort some 2ci, SWIM in the state he was in thought it was one of the best ideas he had heard all day. SWIM often forgets the pain of insufflating 2c's, really something that SWIM should plaster over his apartment walls. SWIM takes his small bump, and BAM the pain proceeds to destroy his nasal cavities. It was as if someone had taken a sledgehammer to SWIMS face, god it hurt so much.

4:30: The visuals at this point are almost all encompassing, the ceiling is melting and as its melting it's swirling into geometric shapes. SWIM can't look at people properly without seeing double of them, the room itself seems to be changing shades of color every time he looks away. SWIM and his friends decided to go for walk.

5:30: SWIM and his friends have finished the walk, the walk itself being very hard for SWIM. Not that it was not enjoyable but SWIM could barley walk straight and his field vision was almost completely encompassed by visuals. Vegetation was swaying and moving and growing, and times it seemed the pavement it self was bending upwards. It was quite the spectacle.

6:00: Visuals are dying down, SWIM and his friends are just laying around listening to 90's dance music and having a laugh, one friend in particular made SWIM almost piss his pants, it was a riot:

8:00 SWIM is still getting visuals but mentally is feeling quite drained, a tad bit friend. Trying to make conversation is a bit hard so SWIM just sits there and stares into space.

9:00: Visuals have nearly died but are still there so SWIM decides to take 2 mgs of klonopin, and went to the local denny's to eat a vegetarian burrito. Even though SWIM despises denny's it was the only thing open at that time, and he has to admit, that burrito wasn't half bad.

11:00: SWIM takes another mg of klonopin and some melatonin and hits the hay. SWIM sleeps like a log but not the most restful sleep, but this is often the case when SWIM takes a benzo to go to sleep.

All in all, the trip did have some very mentally interesting parts to it but it was in large a very visually stunning trip. SWIM would happily do it again, but not really a combo for someone who is looking for a mentally rewarding trip.


Post Quality Reviews:
Good detailed report, thanks for sharing.
Old 08-10-2011, 21:09
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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

Swim is very interested in 2c-c here lately. Most people say its pretty "2c-chill" and Swiy that swim knows prefers 2c-c other then example 2c-e. Swim has personally tried 2c-e. It was alright swim never did get above 20mg range with 2c-e. But mostly swim is interested in 2c-c in combination actually with Methoxetamine. Swim has been doing a tad research on phens in combination with dissociatives specifically Methoxetamine though because swim is soo very interested in that substance but swim hasn't seen, heard, or read much on combinations with this phen and dissociatives.
Sorry if swim got off topic a bit.
Old 08-12-2011, 02:43
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2c-c experience very mild

My friend is a piece of fried chicken. He received many RC's a week ago. He decided to take 14 milligrams of 2c-c before going to class. His rationale was that he wanted to make sure it was 2c-c and not something else...obviously if it had been 2c-fly, or even 2c-p it would have been a massive overdose, but not as bad as say taking 60 milligrams! He felt confident an hour after taking it, which is about when he was peaking...about at the 60-90 minute mark. There was slight nauseau. Slight color enhancement. He participated in a class discussion, which was not much more difficult than usual. He liked being outside and felt very comfortable in his skin, very organized. Almost a nootropic effect. After about 100 minutes he was definitely coming down and by three hours he

A week later this same piece of fried chicken decided to take 63 milligrams of 2c-c. It looked like A LOT of powder...he was glad he tested it first because this might have worried him if he hadn't tested it first, but proportionally compared to 14mgs it looked right...and 14mgs was definitely not much of a trip. He mixed it with warm water and tossed it back. Almost immediately he felt nauseous. He took a shower. Afterwards he looked at himself in the mirror and he looks tweaked out and crazy. Like his facial muscles look spread out and wide open. He crawled into his bed and turned on his playlist which happened to be on goblin. It was scary but beautiful and he decided to leave it on, because it was raining outside and the atmospheric music matched really well with the mood. By about 45 minutes the ceiling was moving, and my perspective kept changing dramatically. The points on the spackled ceiling kept moving around, intermixed with slight swirls of color. He felt eternal at times.
He was just staring at his light and he thought, "this is everything. The light also sees everything. I am the light. The light is me"...etc. Then he started analyzing these kinds of statements in his head and started disproving them. He just got a 40X60 inch tool poster...its the alex grey "net of being," also known as the hallway of faces, which was in 10,000 days album art. All of the different parts of it were moving and he felt like he was in front of a living creature. The eyes all followed him. He stared at it for about 20 minutes.
His roommate actually interrupted his trip at about the 2 hour mark. He thinks he was peaking around then. His roommate convinced him to watch the Black Keys on the colbert report...seems like a waste to watch tv on hallucinogens but for some reason the 2c compounds seem to be enjoyable with tv. Got very very comfortable on the couch. Wrapped up in a blanket. With some cola. Laughed hard. At some points it was uncontrollable. Didn't tell roommate he was high, but roommate probably suspected it. He remained high as a kite for the colbert report and then came down over the next hour after that. By 4.5 hours he felt sober, but had a nice afterglow until he went to bed: things looked more angular and he felt comedic.

This particular piece of fried chicken will be getting really good "fluff" lsd soon...supposedly its the best of the best and he's pretty excited. He also has 2cp and plans to take that soon as well. Trip reports will follow.

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Old 21-12-2011, 15:34
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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

TR 2C-C #2

Title: Grandiose playful circus at the experimental music festival
Substance: 2C-C, 2nd time
Dosage: 2C-C 30mg rectal
Personal data: Male, 85kg, 178 cm, 26 years old
Setting: At the experimental music festival, mood is nice, expecting interesting music and trip

Rating: 9/10
Previous experiences:
* Weed (many times)
* Shrooms (x3)
* Kratom (x4)
* Salvia (x1)
* Alprazolam (x2)
* Amphetamine (x1)
* DOI (x1)
* 4-HO-MET (x1)

Substance appearance: white fluffy powder with large lightweight flakes
Physical condition: athletic, exercise daily, but some back pains and (undiagnosed) ADHD
Medications and addictions: none except vitamins.
Closest previous trip: 100mg dichloropane on the previous day

Tolerance: None
Sensitivity: Unknown, probably on the lower side
Addiction potential: Low
Main effects: slight texture drifting, slight color enhancement, body buzz and energy, eased breathing, relaxation, music appreciation, playful mood
Side effects: None
After effects: Nice afterglow, better mood next day
Shulgin scale: ++

T 00:00
In the evening I and my friend Panda went to experimental music festival. Few words about festival: it had very different kinds of music, but all pretty experimental, some very noisy and loud, and I mean REAL noise and close genres like drone.
When midnight was closing, I plugged 30mg capsule. My bowels were not very clean, so I think only half or two thirds of substance got absorbed. I think this because trip was not very strong, but 30mg plugged could be much stronger, according to other reports.

T +00:20-01:00
I think effects started at this point. I felt textures slightly floating and moving if I concentrated on them. I also had some trouble walking, but not much, and moved very carefully.

T +01:00-02:00
This was during the pause in the middle of music performances, I sat on a chair and chatted with my friend, looking at screensaver projected on stage and listening to silly screensaver music. At this moment experience peaked, and all this seemed like some grandiose circus, very impressive. Time slowed down, hearing was enhanced, energized body buzz appeared. My friend asked me: "How it goes?", but I was not able to answer much. My mind was pretty clear, and I managed to tell him "slow down, don't take this much as me", but otherwise I just watched in awe. But after some time, I got used to this state and thought to myself "it is very manageable and fun, he probably can take as much". But I was not able to tell this to him, because my mind was occupied with sensing amazing surroundings. Stage lights were very bright and colored, I liked violets the most. But soon I became a little bored looking at the same things, because pause seemed to be very long (it actually was something like 10-15 minutes, not much).

And then the music started. It was very hard music, it reminded me of concrete mixer filled with cobblestones and boulders, and I imagined how this mixer throws all these stones into space before me. I sometimes enjoy this kind of music, and under 2C-C it was easy. My friend was not under influence of any substance at this point, and he did not like this music at all. But I closed my eyes and listened very carefully, thinking of music and sometimes of other things, just enjoying myself, feeling high and euphoric. I was sitting not in the chair, but in inconvenient position, but that did not bother me much and did not cause body discomfort.

Next performer (sadly, I can't tell band names due to privacy issues) played noise drone ambient. I liked this a lot. During his performance, I imagined that all these noisy sounds are tender warm wind. This was possible because bass and sound waves from the concert massive speakers could be very well experienced not only by hearing, but physically, by sensing air moving and feeling vibrations from the floor. I smiled all this time, feeling funny and thinking how people around me experience this as very noisy and menacing music, but I felt it like I'm on the beach, enjoying sunshine and warm breeze. My eyes were closed, and what I seen can be best described by "circus". It was some floating objects, all of them was absurd, inept and preposterous, totally did not make much sense seeing them in this context. For example, I've seen Dr. Breen's face from Half-Life 2 game, appearing rotating from far to closer before me, and then disappearing in same fashion.

T +03:00-04:00
My friend for some reason was thinking that I'm not listening to music, and this made him anxious and dissatisfied with me. But this was just one of many signs of growing problems in our friendship. My friend was hesitating to take 2C-C rectally, so he painlessly insufflated it. Effects were similar to mine, except a bit weaker, but he peaked on performer described in previous paragraph, so he liked him very much. After that, more bands were playing, I did not like some of them, but my friend did. Our favorite ambient-electronic-experimental-jazz band was totally amazing, even if effects of 2C-C started to wear down at this time. We argued which performers are better, and I told my friend he just don't take into account that most of his euphoria and love for musicians came from substance, because we liked "time of peak" bands each. But our genuine love for our favorite band was real and did not depend on 2C-C. My friend also complained on "speedyness" or some "slight body load". What I was experiencing as pleasant, he felt as cumbersome. I guess, it just works this way, or he was just under impression of our amphetamine experience, which he did not like very much.

T +07:00
Around this time we went back home, drank some chamomile tea and discussed festival experience for a half an hour, and sleep came without much problems.

Next day

Was very pleasant, especially closer to the evening. I felt warm and clean afterglow, happiness, enjoyed talking with my GF, and eating. I even called my friend Panda to tell how happy I am.

This was beautiful trip, mostly due to setting at festival. Music sounded amazingly and atmosphere was friendly and relaxing, not very crowded and intimate. Substance amount also was quite right, maybe good idea was to take more after few hours, but we had not any. Overall, I think 2C-C is forgiving and easy substance, gearing you towards light-headed and funny mind state. The only thing I wondered about if taking 2C-C changed my understanding of music, and maybe without it I would be more analytical and clear-headed, able to understand more. I'm don't like alcohol for this reason: it makes my mind clogged and unable to grasp all aspects of things around me. At the same time I enjoy serotogenic psychedelics because of how they expand senses, but I am not sure about logic and reasoning. I really wonder how 2C-D would feel in similar setting, from descriptions it would be less light-headed and more rational and will allow me to understand more.
Old 10-06-2015, 23:31
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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

Anyone any experience with 2cc combined with 2cb? SWIM is very curious for the effects of this combination.

Post Quality Reviews:
do not use swim, it is against the rules.
Old 28-02-2016, 18:06
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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

T.R. 2C-C Nr.: ?

Title: Finding a personal threshold
Substance: 2C-C + some cannabis
Dosage: 2C-C multiple doses over three days, range: 5-15mg
Personal data: Male, w:96kg, h:190 cm, age: over 50 i don't tell any more
Setting: At home
Rating: ?/10
Previous experiences: nearly everything over the past 35+ years
Substance appearance: slightly off white powder, slightly sticky, flakes mostly
Physical condition: AOK
Medications and addictions: cannabis, benzos
Closest previous trip: n/a
Tolerance: None
Sensitivity to phens: usually very high
Addiction potential: nill, or so it seems until today from vastly experimenting with purportedly very addictive substances

Gob has started a little experiment using very low doses of 2C-C starting at 5mg the first day. An aqueous solution of 40mg/ml was made and used sub-lingually-ish at wake-up.
The first morning, the 5mg sub-lingual were felt almost instantly, like one feels LSD's slightly metallic brain-taste-sensation thingie. This was followed by slow onset of very subtle yet subjective effects:
- bright colours
- general mood lift
- way more giggles than usual
- the effects of .5mg clonazepam taken 9 hours prior to help find sleep were waved off the table almost instantly, while it usually takes a cup of coffee or two for larger doses.
-> sex, immediately!
- within an hour and then some, colours were more intense, working on textures in the 3D program became difficult, the textures were sharper and grittier.
--> TV! - same here, but at least no interaction necessary - very good place, especially with a good movie.
- It's amazing and it's like clockwork: as mentioned so many times by other users, all effects of the visual and giggly kind had disappeared at T+ 03:45

T+4: 5mg sub-lingual again!
- same mood lift, a tad higher than before, same giggles, same inability to work on 3D
- working on music using the DAW sequencer as little as possible but using many machines is a grandiose experience and much fun.
T+5: horny -->> sex!
T+6: after a quickie and some bedly giggles, back to music. This time the experience is gigglier and a very little bit speedy, yet the body boost is very welcome to get back out of bed.
T+6.30: colours, especially the LED displays and pads of the midi controller, are intense - still no visuals besides that, no CEV, music is deadly enjoyable and instead of continuing to work, the choice goes to listening -> best choice at that moment.
T+8: all gone, no come-down, fell a bit tired, in the good way, stress-free. Someone on some post here mentioned that this might make a decent anti-depressor, Gob agrees although dosage and personal sensitivities to phens might make this a very very long clinical study.
T+ Gob doesn't remember: not sleepy but tired, still in a very good mood and mental space, sleep is difficult to find, even after sex.

10mg sub-lingual at wake up.

Again, the phen body buzz thingie is felt almost immediately. There was a 2mg clonazepam + 50mg Hydroxizine taken about 10 hours before and the dosing was done in a zombie-like state, almost mechanically - this is no placebo effect and it's definitely waky-waky time for Gob. A coffee thirty minutes later pushed the whole thing to "did i take anything to sleep yesterday night?". Yes, you did.

T+1: The colours get vivid, no visuals, a very very good mood and a sheer obsession with sex. We just can't get out of bed for the next three hours. Much much giggles and some CEV this time, especially after physical activity.
T+4: back to baseline, some residual speediness, re-dosing 10mg, this was a useless sunday until now, let's make it ludicrous.
T+5: ok, the metabolism of this one is quite odd it seems. Giggling again, just more, less horny (finally) but colours tend to shift, traces and arabesques are seen in dark places (someone had to get the laundry out) - visuals, finally, even if faint.
T+7: The mood is incredible, the visuals almost non existent, let's go outside and do some gardening in the colourful rain. The rain stopped almost immediately. The plants and new seedlings look amazing, the beauty of fractal structures within the physical structures of plants and tree branches are a delight to the eye. No visuals nor CEV's though, intense colours and sharpened sense for aesthetics is a definite effect here.
T+9: back to baseline, almost, and the half-life of this compound seems long. Still a bit speedy, in a good way, horny again... this is one of 2C-C's main qualities it seems.

The rest of Day2 is spent with friends, consuming much cannabis and great wines. Sleep is achieved easily around 4am with .25mg clonazepam and some Cheese joints (the weed, not the food).

Day3: Monday - retirement makes that Sunday+1

15mg are taken sub-lingually (although that amount of liquid starts getting difficult to hold under your tongue and doesn't facilitate swallowing control), again at wake up.

T+10 min.: This phen/lsd impression is back - you know, this moment where the brain says "hey" but no effects are yet felt.
T+1: giggling again, sex again (praise evolution for old-fart loving women!), two light hash pipes are consumed during that hour.
T+2: slight visuals, definite CEVs, intense colours with slight shifting, no tracers, music is fantastic (the infamous Superlongevity 5 (is it 5?) 7-vinyl compilation from the German label Perlon).
T+3: plateau has been there for 30 minutes, everyone is outside enjoying the first sun of very early spring, quite sedated but active, as in Shulgin's description.
The world looks beautiful, the mood is great, the peace within is unusual as a residual, pre-retirement anxious state used to be the normal state - feeling of happiness and of being lucky.
This is the first dose with which a plateau is achieved and felt as such and 15mg seems to be a threshold dose, for some at least.
T+4: Hi! while 4hrs where expected to be the standard duration, the effects are still fully there, very enjoyable! The studio is warmed up and production begins. Again the focus is away from the computer and DAW and fully on the machines, this feels like a very good thing for Gob.
T+5: Baseline-ish - still a tad speedy, while also feeling heavy and still a tad sedated, work goes on, sometimes Gob catches himself staring at a flickering old LED indicator on an old 60's device. Mood is still great, "dude this is the best anti-depressor ever!" is the feeling of the moment.
T+8: For the first time it is noticed that this substance seems to bear no anorexia-inducing effects at all - all meals over the past few days (even at pre-threshold chasing doses) were regularly taken and thoroughly enjoyed, and this particular dinner is one of the best ever - not that the usual place changed cooks, the taste buds seem to profit much from 2C-C as well.
T+12: The wine, the joints when back home and the humping made the rest of the night very easy, enjoying movies and each other with much love and laughter - beautiful.

The week before had seen Gob use 2C-C at higher doses (up to 50mg on one intake - intense but will be discussed another time), so he is very curious as how such small doses could have had such noticeable effects. One can't really call 5mg a threshold dose, even if effects are felt and especially when one knows the effects of the ten-fold dose.
These experiments were incredibly enjoyable, interesting and not in any way "socially obstructive" - interaction with people was never a problem, even "professionally".

Gob is considering restarting another round of low dose experiments. In any case, and even at 35+mg doses, this is the most forgiving and easy hallucinogen ever. Just plain lovely!

Gob's 50mg TR is in the making but the wife has to help with recollections and timeline, since Gob ended it with some 600mg of glorious Meprobamate and huge quantities of hashish.

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Re: 2C-C Trip Reports

Hi again,

I'll pass on the retrospectively uneventful 50mg 2C-C trip mentioned above.

Our friend Gob had sourced some more 2C's lately and played around in the kitchen with them before Suzy suggested Gob and her try 2C-C again through another ROA, namely plugging.
Suzy had found 2C-C to be extremely aphrodisiac.
On the friday night following her remarks, Gob and Suzy went on to prepare a large batch of solution at a concentration of 50mg/ml.
Both first had 2ml each of the solution orally. After two and a half hours it was called fun, cushy, very much mood lifting and aphrodisiac, but nothing very spectacular.

Suzy likes to play games, so she decided, at around T+3hrs, that it was time to try plugging. She prepared two specially acquired syringes and both patients received 1ml each.

The rush set in quickly and was incredibly intense, breathtaking, knocking them back like an H shot. It seemed heavily sedating in a very strange yet very nice way, bringing on a wide-ass smile on both faces and not impairing the ability to be active or mobile, as long as everyone stayed horizontal.

Gob got on his feet to go get some much needed drinks and "the box" in the other room while at T+5min from the plugging. Walking was a mess, with a strong impairment of equilibrium that persisted for about a minute before slowly fading over the next 5 minutes, probably due to the visual blur and general sense of WOW that the 2C-C was smashing at his face. There was also no controls of eyes closing or staying open from the rush, even while walking - that's when living in the same house forever has its perks. Once the mission was accomplished there was just horizontal bliss for about two hours, that seemed to only last 30 minutes or so.
Open eye visuals were not overwhelming albeit very interesting, with strange dark trails and arabesques populating all surfaces. The most impressive open eye visuals were the impression that everything was made out of scales, like sharp-edged fish scale, and that the whole scene seemed to be breathing and moving like a living thing. Closed eye visuals were pure bliss, music was incredible, notes flashed into brightly coloured geometric shapes. At times during the steepest moments of the coming-up phase, it was difficult to tell if one had his eyes open or closed. This was also the moment the aphrodisiac effects rushed in and the nonsense began.

Time contraction was extreme, the first two hours after the first plug felt like mere 30 minutes at most to both of them.
Also at T+2hrs from the first plug, both plateaued within the same 15 minutes or so... Upon which Suzy got busy again - this time they'd plug 100mg each... Gob was in a blissful blobby state, and was rolling spliffs.

If the first plugged 50mg were a smash in the face, plugging 100mg ~3hrs later felt like being shot into the mattress at 500mph. At first, just a few moments after plugging, it was difficult to move, or so it seemed. Visuals both open and closed eyed, were much more intense and seemed to be dictated by the music. The first major open eye hallucination pattern came back, this time everything was made of those sharp-edged scales, except everything felt soft to the touch. Items in the room were hard to tell apart.
Upon getting up from the bed a few minutes later to fully appreciate the impairment caused by this dose and ROA, they felt like they were walking through an explodingly colourful 2D space - at this point both decided to hit he bed again, as it became abundantly clear how even the smartest people can accidentally jump off anything on high doses of hallucinogens: Both couldn't really tell where they were within the confines of a 10 square meter room. Both had the impression to teleport from a spot to the other in the room - full blown madness.
The going back to bed decision was a good one, as barely 15 minutes had passed following the second plug and the effects were getting stronger, while staying put allowed for more safety and comfort, and especially less visual confusion. The latter pulled back a bit after 30 minutes while the other effects became more intense. Notably, the records sounded like they were twisted and played on an old wobbly turntable, while being in mint condition and played on a perfectly accurate and balanced turntable - pretty unsettling and annoying at that point, so it went out. It was pouring outside, and being under the roof provided for enough auditory stimulation to participate in feeding the whole hallucinated state.
The aphrodisiac effects quickly became overwhelming and the next three hours or so were sheer madness. Again, time perception was incredibly modulated by the drug. Some phases of the trip seemed to last ten hours, other phases passed like minutes.

At T+4 from plug 2, the effects first seemed to plateau and then recede pretty quickly, maybe due to the drinks and hash. That's when suzy granted both another 50mg plug each and a ~150g LSD geltab each for good measure.

While the 2C-C was working its magic again, the acid didn't take long to make itself noticeable, 30 minutes passed before the hello signals came flashing by, brightly. The weird physical lethargy of 2C-C vanished quickly, hallucinations became brighter and more colourful and the incredible bliss slowly made way for a strong impression of interior peace, while the large smiles remained unchanged. The whole trip quickly became more physical for Suzy and Gob, and they stopped recording notes.

Over the next 6 hours both had a few other doses of 2C-C above the high-rolling acid trip (sides hurting XL), 50mg a pop, ROA was now oral. Counting was not an option, maybe it was two more doses maybe four, maybe more.

The whole experiment had now lasted a long, long time and both started to be quite exhausted. The comedown was surprisingly very cushy, the sun was already high enough to light up the house, the visuals were still strong at times, so Gob got the bho and the vape out of the box, and the wine was opened. They both slowly downed the bottle, popping a small dose of meprobamate, a pea sized opium ball each and a hefty amount of joints and bho. Sleep was achieved very easily after three more hours.

All in all, this was an incredible psychedelic experience, more on the side of sensory and behavioural distortion than on a deep insight-type of trip.
The next day was filled with a fantastic lazy afterglow, great mood and CEVs on demand, but from the physical side, both were feeling as if they had ran a couple hundred miles during the night.

Retrospectively, it seems like 2C-C is really worth the ride with this ROA (as despised as it is by some) but the substance does seem to switch one over from fully hallucinated and tripping to relatively sober in a matter of minutes when it recedes. Duration is never very long, unless one doses repeatedly. On the upside, even with a high dose, you're pretty sure that the intense part of the trip will only really last about four hours, which for some might be reassuring and allowing one to chose wether or not to continue. Comedown from 2C-C alone is a breeze.

Adding the LSD to it was a great twist and the effect of oral dosing of 2C-C while full on on acid is stunning to say the least - not for the inexperienced traveler, and not be performed alone, nothing looks like what it really is, nothing sounds normal anymore, and while that might be just a load of fun for very seasoned travellers, it could be very deranging to someone not being able to tell if they're high or just batshit crazy.

Gob will now take on other 2c's and other novelties, 2C-C will stay in the freezer for a while.

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