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Old 13-02-2012, 00:30
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iv suboxone prep any tips for keeping the shot clean

swims got a regulAR eight mg doing four using cold water being careful drawing the liquid carefully leaving as much shot behind as possible for that don't use too much water and keep your cotton to the side. after multiple cotton filters using q tip then tried cig filter came out cleaner less cloudy repeated pall mall filter three more times solution is noticeably much more translucent also consistency change noticed it became thinner every filter swim let you know how this goes after swim tests his potion. potion worked well got a wimp rush but very euphoria now was sick all day debating my dance with the devilslight irritation on my arms overAll no bad effects
anyoneItrying this please read read read the posts iv subs are badddddd for you learn some risk reduction swim hopes ppl will post more safety tips about pills

sorry this posts so sloppy on swims mobile ill clean it when I get to the
Old 13-02-2012, 16:27
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Re: iv suboxone prep any tips for keeping the shot clean

- You should have asked ahead of time, Someone might have mentioned that it was a bad idea. Subs are strange, and the least euphoric of the opiates (well, besides loperamide, maybe a couple other ones that don't work for pain), and IVing is really not the way to go with them. I personally have no troubls with IV use, I myself slam OxyIR 30s almost every day, and also have had large quantities prescribed to me of suboxone, which I still had when I started IVing oxy as opposed to snorting. I would still advise that this drug is best taken sublingually, as directed, and in smaller doses than directed as well, because this drug is also stronger per mg than most opiates.

- I did feel the "euphoria" that people talk about the first time I ever took a sub, but it was very mild and really more of a novelty than something actually enjoyable... Like the op says, one shouldn't shoot these. I know people are going to, just know you're in for a what is usually a crappy high (some people do get more euphoria apparently, but they are the minority), followed by puking either from an accidental OD on bupe (which is stronger than morphine by a 4:1 ratio (that does NOT mean it makes you feel 4 times better, you just need 1/4 as much to overdose, or something like that, I'm bad at math), or something called precipitated withdrawls, where the bupe just sends you into WDs because it stops all your opiate receptors, which are involved in natural processes as well. The stopping of the natural processes is supposed to be akin to an addict suddenly going cold turkey, and they can happen to someone who has never even taken an opiate, in fact are probably more likely to happen to such a person. Personally, I've never felt them, but they are apparently terrible. I'd want to avoid them. They are easier to have, apparently, if you IV your subs instead of taking sublingually, due to a higher availability of the naloxone (narcan) when taken intravenously rather than a lower availability when taken under the tongue.
Old 25-04-2016, 11:30
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Re: iv suboxone prep any tips for keeping the shot clean

I've been taking Suboxone for years. I started on pills, and have since switched to strips. I've found that it's quite easy to inject Suboxone. First, start out with a clean needle, cut the sub in half, and if you want to, you can cut it in half again. Put it in the spoon (I recommend dampening the spoon so the strip sticks. put about 30 cc water, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Stir up, pull liquid back in syringe, find a vein, and boom. Just try not to miss, b/c it Burns like hell. Any other questions hit me up. I respond immediately.
Old 23-06-2016, 19:30
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Re: iv suboxone prep any tips for keeping the shot clean

Yeah I also IV use suboxone 8mg strips IV depending on how much you plan to do in one shot should determine what size rig, in my experience 31g is terrible for shooting subs, unless you shoot only half of an 8mg strip or less, but as far as shooting a whole strip the 31g needles clog hella easy, imo I suggest using 29g or 27g, I shoot usually 2 at a time so the 27g works best with no clogs, 29g is perfect for one whole strip, but for me I can't stand using 31g it's just so much of a hassle. Anyways if you have questions about anything to do with slamming subs let me know, I've been slamming anywhere from 2-10 8mg strips in a day for almost a year so I might know a thing or two.

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