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Old 08-01-2012, 06:13
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Switching Personalities on LSD

SWIM found that some People react on LSD in a way that they totally loose it and do things that make no sense. Sometimes violence actions.

SWIM witnessed this two times and put im infront of a lot questions.

SWIM Are these reactions just stemming from the result of a panic attack or are there really some different stories inside these folks.

SWIm is so excited to hear about your experiences and thoughts of this matter.

Love & Light

Old 13-01-2012, 00:56
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Re: Switching Personalities on LSD

I remember a time I turned into a "dark prince" danced around in torn up clothes and felt eeeevil for a bit. not violent but a strange personality
Old 13-02-2012, 22:42
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Re: Switching Personalities on LSD

It depends on what you're asking. LSD has the potential to make people schizophrenic in people that are predisposed for it. I can't think of a simpler way to describe schizophrenia than 'switching personalities'. Actually they use LSD in numerous clinical trials to learn how schizophrenia works, because LSD mimics it so well. But if you have no predisposition for schizophrenia (most people don't) then you have nothing to worry about.

But in general people react differently to chemicals. Who you are, and different metabolisms (The sum of all chemical reactions occurring in your body) can make the drug effect you differently. It is also possible they are on some medication ect..
Old 14-02-2012, 07:54
Phungushead Phungushead is offline
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Re: Switching Personalities on LSD

You hear it all the time that people who completely lose their shit and/or become violent while tripping most likely have some kind of pent up psychological issues to deal with and probably need to investigate any psychiatric conditions that they may have. And on a fundamental level, this can certainly be true... People need to be very cautious when confronting their inner demons.

However, at the same time, nothing is textbook with psychedelics.

All drugs can potentially bring out a different side of people's personalities - I think most of us know someone who has become angry or confrontational from drinking, or paranoid and delusional from methamphetamine, or egotistical from cocaine... LSD can be even more unpredictable because it takes you even deeper inside your own head.

The general nature of LSD is that it alters your perception of reality... A bad time on acid can cause your best friends to appear as the devil incarnate, your past memories contorted to seem fucked up or obscene, and everything around you to give off intense vibes of evil and malevolence. Sometimes, when you become that confused and scared, you become capable of things that you never would have thought you were before.

Everyone has a deep-rooted fight or flight instinct, and subsequently, the capacity for violence. It's a characteristic we all possess, and if you manage to fool yourself into believing that you do not, then you will only be that much more unprepared for it if or when it comes out. Having witnessed people losing it and becoming violent while tripping, I can only say that it is truly an awful experience... The only thing learned that day was that somewhere inside of him, this person has this trait as does everyone else. It just comes down to whether and when you choose to act on it.

In other words, deep down all humans have the monster inside of them... You can never really be sure that it won't happen to you one day...
Old 23-02-2012, 07:42
shoosha2 shoosha2 is offline
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Re: Switching Personalities on LSD

I find that LSD doesn't make me switch personalities so much as lets me explore the full ranges of being. If I am listening to music I might 'become' the musician, even if they are of a different gender than I or what I conceive as my own personality type. Sometimes I will flicker through multiple beings all at once, including fictional constructs ranging from books I've read to pure fabrications. Perhaps these personalities express some deeper, subconscious aspects of my being, but quite often they are surprising in how little they resemble me, or at least what I take to be myself. Perhaps LSD lets you 'assume' the role of any being, assuming you can imagine it? With the common experience of ego death it brings this makes sense--it lets me 'play' at being someone else, even if I never actually believe it, although it feels completely authentic in the moment.
Old 23-02-2012, 09:07
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Re: Switching Personalities on LSD

The first time a friend did it he absolutely lost it and had a psychotic episode.

I was 18 and had been given a book of love hearts by my cannabis dealer who had no idea what to do with them or how to go about shifting them. To this day it was the greatest summer of my life. I felt like Tim Leary handing them out.

Anyway, there were four of us who dropped and it was their first. We were having a great experience. Laughing so hard I thought they were going to wet themselves. The look on their face as though seeing the world for the first time.

One of them, Nate, asked me how long this would last. When I told him about another 8 hours everything changed for him. His whole world went to shit he told me later. He became introverted and paranoid, just wanting to sleep. He fell into my bed and tied his shirt around his eyes. For some reason he walked downstairs and stretched out on the floor by my front door in just his underwear and socks. I asked him to get up because if my girlfriend would be coming home in a few hours found him like that she would flip.

I tried and failed to move him, I asked him if he wanted to go to the park, that he'd enjoy the experience and the squirrels. He turned to me and said "I know what your plans are for me", right then and there I knew it was serious, he said everyone was a threat. I didnt know what to do so I went up stairs to the other two who were enjoying listening to classical music and smoking joints. It would have totally ruined their trip had I told them what was happening.

But from below I heard shouting, Nate started screaming that he needed a drip and to call an ambulance. I knew I couldnt risk the police coming to the door either. I was planning on asking his cousin to help tie him up, no joke it made sense at the time, just so he wouldnt hurt himself or others. But then with an almighty boom my door had been pulled open and he had darted out the house and was running down the street, stark naked, save for his socks.

I won't lie, this was one of the funniest things I've ever witnessed and to this day I feel guilty for laughing. Apparently he asked a woman at the phone box to call an ambulance but she replied that she had no change to do so. This put him in a deeper despair. His cousin walked up to him and gave him his underwear and shoes, the rest we couldnt locate, later we found them in the washing machine. But he couldnt look at Nate because he was laughing so hard. Our other friend that was tripping helped him and told him he was gonna phone an ambulance. Nate just wanted his mum, so he was taken there and told her, calmly, that he had taken some LSD from some guys in the park and that he was having a bad time and to call an ambulance.

The ambulance came and took him away. One of the nurses treating him turned out to be a girl who he was with and had cheated on her, this sent him further down and thought someone was setting all this up and he was being booked into a mental hospital as a punishment. He later told me he thought that was me. They gave him something to calm him down and spent the rest of the evening playing with the wires near his bed and watching the patterns on his gown move.

He told me that the paranoia and heavy thinking stayed with him for about a month after that.

Well, you wanted an experience OP!

I don't know exactly why he went like that and often thought it was my fault for telling him how long it would last as that was the trigger but I will say that in everyday life Nate likes to be in control. He doesnt like MDMA either because it makes him feel out of control. I think that has a big thing to do with it.

I've never had a bad trip, even the really strange ones I think fascinating. Another time while on mushrooms me and my neighbour thought that we were having deja-vu every 10minutes and time kept re-playing it's self. My friend didnt like it and freaked him out but i thought it amazing that time could be played with like this

Hope this helps.

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