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Opiate addiction Support for coping with Opiate addiction and Opiate addiction treatment.

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Old 04-03-2012, 04:35
Pain Hurts Pain Hurts is offline
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Pain Hurts needs to UTFSE some more before posting.
Doc is Tapering: 270mg OXY to 300mg Morphine.

As a chronic pain sufferer with real pain, real congenital moderate roto-scoliosis and lived with EXTREME pain since 19y/age. Never took any pills nor meds till 35y.age.

Just drank + smoked hashish (mostly helped pain) and I did not even understand it all, I was too busy trying to get into Univ & get my life going.

But then it all stopped. Sudden pain onset, too bad to work, to function as normal. Went downhill, fast.

Docs put me on 5mg Oxy ~ and as of 48hrs ago was cut off after being on 270mg Oxycontin for 2+ full years , and NOW to 300mg Morphine ER (Canadian) + 20mg (2 x 10mg) Instant Release Oxy for breakthrough pains.

Lets say I drink max 5 ounces mixed hard liquor per week MAX, no more smoke at all, 15-25lbs overweight.
Slight asthma. Eat very well, but .... but live a little too.

Paging 1,2,3 .... anyone out there? Hello?

So is there anyone who has had a similar experience(s) and their doc has tapered them and what have they done to make life bearable.

Any life lessons, input, etc... ? Suggestions.


I prefer to take my meds orally whole and insufflation is kept to minimum weekends if that. Bio-Availability is fine with me when eaten* and I Lost a childhood friend to the prick (iv) and prefer to keep it simple. I have read all of the forums suggestions on WD ,etc... just looking for real people who have real life experiences with these wonderful, but fukin awful (when thy bite back) medications.

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