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DMT and Ayahuasca DMT, Phalaris, Yopo, Mimosa, Virola & Ayahuasca

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Old 31-03-2012, 22:17
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I have other questions about Ayahuasca

Can someone please give me the simplest recipe to make Ayahuasca for a first timer? Also, I want to know when you're boiling the stuff in water, does it got any particular smell? I'm from North America, and to my knowledge Ayahuasca is illegal here. I could go to some of those ceremonies, but it's quite costly including travelling fees. I think I would feel safer though if there was a shaman to watch over me as I drink it down. Anyway what are the two most common ingredients needed for the brew? I have been reading around, and it seems like everybody uses a variety, so I'm confused to know which ones to get. Banisteriopsis caapi and Mimosa hostilis would do right? I notice no matter what Mimosa is used with the rest all the time, so I assume it's the most required. When you're boiling these down, does it give a druggy smell? Because I don't live out in the country. I'm very much in the city. So I do not want the smell to go out in public to the point where people are calling the cops on me.
Old 05-04-2012, 06:04
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Re: I have other questions about Ayahuasca

The basic recipe should always be DMT + MAOI.

DMT is dimethyltryptamine, which is the main ingredient of every ayahuasca brew. DMT is principal for the effects of ayahuasca. But for DMT to be orally active, it has to be taken with MAOIs (monoamine oxidase inhibitors). DMT ingested orally is rapidly broken down in the intestines, faster than it could reach your brain and trigger psychedelic effects - MAOIs prevent the action of the enzymes that break down DMT, so that DMT can be absorbed and reach your brain.

According to this, you'll need at least two plants. Mimosa hostilis + banisteriopsis caapi is a common and working recipe, but there are a lot of other combinations, one only has to follow the basic "DMT + MAOI" combination. Mimosa hostilis is said to work without a particular MAOI though, but I can't confirm that since it did not work for me. Common DMT containing plants are psychotria viridis, mimosa hostilis, diplopterys cabrerana. Some common MAOIs: banisteriopsis caapi, peganum harmala, synthetic MAOIs.

Note: MAOIs may have drug and dietary interactions, so consult your physician before taking any MAOI. And yes, it does have a smell, but it's not strong, and it's not distinctive. It's just like some smelly tea.

By the way, I wouldn't recommend drinking ayahuasca in a dense urban area, especially if you are a first timer. Respect ayahuasca, it's not a toy!

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Old 10-04-2012, 04:46
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Re: I have other questions about Ayahuasca

HeliOSophist is completely right in his post. There are a variety of ways to brew Ayahuasca, but those 2 elements are the fundamentals.

I live in Asia, so here we use Acacia bark (DMT), which grows here locally and we can buy at herbal shops, as well as Syrian Rue (MAOI). I take the 2 ingredients and brew them using kiwis, which extracts the DMT. I brew for about 8 hours. My Aya partner has a wonderful recipe for "Asian Ayahuasca" if you google "Asian Ayahuasca" it will be the first link that comes up on the Sribd website.

However, given that you are most likely not here in Asia, I'm not certain you'll be able to get Acacia. Regardless, there are other plants that can be used, which have been stated above. Another great and very trustworthy site to order said plants from xxx I have used both of the sites above and both are reliable.

I have to echo the recommendation from HeliOSophist regarding where you drink. I have been working with Ayahuasca for nearly 3 years, here where I live, as well as in Central and South America. It is not "fun" and it's not a "trip." It's not like taking mushrooms or even acid-- it can be deeply difficult, physically and mentally. Ayahuasca is not for the faint of heart, and I strongly do not recommend that you drink the brew without someone there to watch over you. Sometimes Aya leaves you immobile, unable to even stand up and walk to the bathroom. In the ceremonies we run here, we always have at least 3 or 4 Helpers on hand to assist our Journeyers in whatever they may need-- blankets, water, bathroom, tissues, etc. Some people have very adverse reactions to Ayahuasca and can actually physically hurt themselves-- a number of times I have had to sit on someone or tie their hands up in mittens to prevent them from harming themselves. Ayahuasca is different for every person, every time you drink. It's really not a good idea to "try" on your own, but if you are really intent on doing it, here is how you can best prepare:

1. Observe DIETA a week before drinking. "Dieta" is abstaining from certain foods, substances and activities to cleanse your body in readiness for Ayahuasca. Also, some foods (like alcohol or chocolate) will have an adverse reaction if mixed with Aya, so they absolutely should not be consumed before drinking. Here is a very general list we abide by:
7 Days Before Drinking, Abstain From:

  • Alcohol, cheese, soy and chocolate are major no-no's because the chemical properties of Ayahuasca will shut down enzymes in your stomach. This means you can absorb the Medicine into your blood stream (your tummy won't break it down), but you won't be able to break down those kinds of foods, which could be uncomfortable.
Red meat
  • The reason you shouldn't eat salt is because salt helps you retain water. By taking out salt from the diet, you can release the excess water in your cells and the Ayahuasca can go deeper into your cells.

Sexual Interactions of any kind
  • This is especially important for men. It is important to retain your "chi" and sexual release does the opposite of that!
Processed/packaged food.
Excess caffeine (no more than a cup of coffee a day is recommended)
Drugs, including marijuana or prescription painkillers

2. Download some sacred ICAROS to play during ceremony. Icaros are sacred songs that are designed to guide and protect you during ceremony. I have drunk Aya both with and without the Icaros and they make a HUGE difference in helping you along in your journey. They have been used for generations for a reason.

3. Get someone who is mindful to sit and watch over you, or at the very least, be present somewhere nearby in case you need help.

4. The ideal setting is outdoors, somewhere secluded where you will not be bothered. I live in an urban environment and occasionally journey here in my apartment, but my most powerful journeys have been out in the jungles of Peru and Costa Rica, or here, at a local waterfall where we camp. Someplace you will not be disturbed by any outside interferences are the most important.

I hope you found this information helpful. When used correctly and when respected, Mother Aya is a profound Healer and Teacher. I personally consider Ayahuasca to have saved me in so many ways. But as I said, it's not easy and certain precautions need to be taken. I hope you can have a positive introduction in your relationship to this spectacular Teacher Plant.

Best of luck.

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Old 20-04-2012, 03:11
MrAman MrAman is offline
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Re: I have other questions about Ayahuasca

I was worried no one would reply. Thank you so much for
all the information. I know it's not a toy, and I never
said I disrespected ayahuasca. I've been reading
everything I could find, even watching it on youtube. So I
do have an idea of what I'm getting myself into.

Nice to know you're from Asia joliejulia06. I'm Asian from
North America, if you read what I wrote lol.

Yes I'm aware that it's not fun and not a trip, but thanks
for just pointing it out as a reminder. I already know it
can be difficult physically and mentally. If you strongly
think that I need someone to watch over me before I drink
it, then I'll try to find someone. Everything else you're
saying here doesn't surprise me because I have been doing
a lot of reading about the experiences, so it's nothing new.

Oh thank you so much for telling me how to prepare ahead
of time, it means a lot to me. Well, I don't do drugs, and
the rest, I can avoid for seven days. There might be a
problem with the packaged food because I usually eat
those. What can I eat then? Salad? Rice? Fruits? I haven't
had coffee in a long time so I'm fine with purified water.

I think I heard ICAROS songs on youtube.

Why should the setting be outside? Isn't that dangerous?
From where I live, it's very noisy, so I'll find a quiet
place to drink it I guess.

You're very helpful. The more information the better. I
plan to use it correctly of course, but if I feel I
screwed up I'll post what I did on here.

My own people come from a shamanism background, and not
too long ago a female shaman have been telling me things
that scared me. I've contacted three shamans in the past,
including her, and they keep saying there is this dark
energy around me. The female shaman since she's my
ethnicity, she gave me more details about it. After
finding out, I started doing an internet search on
shamans, and that's where I ended up finding about
Ayahuasca and DMT. So maybe it's destiny that I take Aya.
I hear some people say taking these, is like tasting
death. Well, I haven't been happy with my life for a long
time. I fail at everything, and horrible disasters always
occur. Why right? The female shaman said, it's because of
the dark energy. It gives me bad luck, and that the dark
energy is actually a ghost. The ghost has been with me for
a long time, and it controls my emotions as she claims.
She told me to find a shaman near where I live to do a
ceremony to get rid of it. As I was searching around, I
talked with an old friend, and he said my grandfather is a
shaman, which I didn't know at all. So I plan to ask him
if I can't find any other shaman to help me out. I'm at a
point in my life right now where I'm so negative, so in
fear, so isolated. Suicidal comes to mind sometimes. Just
when it couldn't get any worse, I believe I bumped into a
woman who could possibly be my soulmate, and I'm so
ashamed to approach her. I feel like a nobody. I must take
Ayahuasca. I'm very sad, and in pain. Taking a journey to
the other realm might help.

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