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Phenethylamines Phenethylamines and amphetamines.

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Old 08-01-2012, 18:39
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

A lil dab will do ya i hear. I had a dream where i was trying to create the best experience ever with my friend in a utopia scenerio. We had all these rcs around us and whe had spent months researching brain Chemistry and receptors and releasing ageant and so much information it became confusing. We found a bag that read 25I-NBOMe 150mcg, butylone 250mg, MDAI 350 mg, and amphet 30mg. Whats this we thought. The bag then multiplied and became two bags identical to each other. The bags disapeared and became part of us and we began to experience a new stage of the dream its like we blasted off into Oblivion rolling around and around. This is the most intense dream ive ever had. Pulsating, butterflies all over, vibration, .... it reminded me of a guy that took 5 x wafers i once knew 20 years ago that he says hell nexer forget as he tells it. Amazing visuals so crisp unlike anything ive ever experienced. Everyones happy and nothing is negative its almost like the best lmfao amusement part ride and we just laid there not even needing to do anything. Then the dream took a super arousal twist in passionate unbeleivable hours of the best love ever. The music the girl twisting into each other becoming one flowing through each other. OMG, mdma is a thing of the past now. This dream lasted for ever and just kept comming unlike anything. We ended up out side in a 3-d movie stage that was incredible. Everything was so crisp and clear and positive. this is so real. Ive never. Een so clear headed and positive on an adventure of this kind without it becomming negative or heavy at some point or wishing it would end. This was a much better place than id ever dreamed of before. It was like the cleanest acid trip without the bad stuff and crazyness in thoughts. Add about 5 x wafers to that and thats were i seemed to find
MYself.... The dream ended lightly and i woke up a lil tierd but it was just a dream and i was fine. I wish i could dream like that all the time. I woke up and wrote everything down because i thought i might have come up with the next best all around dream weaver ever.

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

The following is a report of test subject Raoul Borkalefski.

Dosage: ~400 ug 25i-NBOMe complexed with HPBCD
Route: blotter/buccal
Duration: 12-14 hours before baseline/cessation of side effects
Raoul Borkalefski is male and weighs approximately 180 pounds.

He purchased a quantity of 25i-NBOMe. However, Raoul was unsuare that the substance was 25i because of differences noted between his experience, and those experiences documented by others. He prepared a dose of apprx 400ug, though the actual dose was likely less. The reason for this was that the size of the blotter was too small for the amount of liquid being absorbed, and as a result, became saturated. Some material was lost as the saturated paper released excess liquid during the emptying of the syringe. Please see the end of the document for other concerns regarding the method of preparation.

The setting was in a quiet hotel room. It had been about 12 years since Raoul Borkalefski had taken a psychedelic. He wanted an enviroment that he could control, and felt confident in his choice of setting.

Raoul had never been a hard charging psychonaut, having only used LSD in small doses in the early '90s for about a year and a half. About ten years later, he grew his own psilocybin mushrooms for period of about a year. It was during this time that his experiences culminated in a ++++ trip. It was truly awe inspiring and wonderous, though Raoul felt no urge to repeat the experience anytime soon. Fast forward to the present day. Raoul's life is in order, and he generally feels pretty positive and optimistic about his own place in the universe. He had been reading about 25i and was intrigued by the glowing reports, as well as its being active in submiligram ranges.

00:00 - Blotter was placed between the inside upper lip and gum area.

00:45 - Raoul was concerned that there was no drug activity at this point, as he had read tregar's posts in this thread and was expecting results within about 20-30 minutes.

01:30-02:00 - Effects began to build slowly, subtle 'breathing' of the intricate pattern of the bedsheets observed.

02:01-06:00 - Raoul was able to determine that he was peaking, and classified the intensity at ++. Raoul was somewhat disappointed at the lack of euphoria that others had reported with this substance. If there was any euphoria, it was very slight. Instead, there was light to moderate anxiety and irritability, accompanied by a moderate amount of restlessness. This was most likely due to elements of the setting not being fine tuned well enough beforehand.

Raoul could not tolerate remaining in one position for more than several minutes. He found that getting up out of bed to go urinate would provide temporary relief. He placed a chair in the bathroom near the sink, so that he could run warm water over his hands. This is when he began to notice the synesthetic properties of this substance. By making small adjustments to the temperature of the water, Raoul could get the anxiety to wax and wane. Rubbing small amounts of water on the forearms and forehead helped as well.

Raoul could feel the drug trying pull him out of his 'humanity' or 'reality' into a full-blown psychedelic experience. Instead, the experience would wax and wane. He was reminded of a whale coming up to the surface of the water to breath fresh air. Raoul was thankful that the drug was benevolent in this manner, seeing that it had been over a decade since his previous experience with psychedelics.

There were hints of closed eye visuals forming, but due to the apparent low dose taken, none seemed to form into anything. Rather, there would be the appearence of a distant, sparkling star swirling about in a small area with a tiny tracer of light following it. But as quickly as this was noted, it would fade away and Raoul would report coming back to 'reality'.
The television was a source of constant nuisance. Raoul thought it would be possible to get some enjoyment out of having the television turned on. In fact, he could find nothing worth watching, and found operating the remote control to be irritating. He did not have the patience to concentrate long enough to make a decision. Watching the various emotional states of the humans on the television was extremely annoying. Raoul finally found a nature program and observed how intelligent the giant tortoises seemed to be. He found their slow movements and craning of the neck somewhat humorous, but could not bring himself to laugh. Raoul remembered reading others' reports of how 25i would make them break out into fits of laughter. Indeed, Raoul had similar experiences when taking LSD for the first time. He was somewhat disappointed.

At some point the presence of light began to be annoying, so Raoul turned off all of the lights except the television. Even the brightness of the television was striking. Raoul grabbed a towel and placed it over his eyes and noted how the various colors of light piercing through the fabric would alter his mood in various ways. The smell of the recently cleaned towel was also quite interesting, itself having mood altering effects.

Raoul wanted to watch a concert on his laptop, but the hotel's WiFi bandwidth was crap. This was a major disappointment, as Raoul understood how well the affinity for music is increased with this substance. It was interesting to note that simply thinking about a song would evoke a hightened emotional response. Raoul will most likely have content downloaded in preparation for next time.

The sound eminating from the television was interesting. The voices in particular sounded not distorted, but as more of an unintelligible murmer. Raoul reported having to concentrate harder than normal in order to comprehend speech. It reminded him a bit of having to pick out one voice in a room of speaking people.

At about the third hour into the trip, Raoul began to feel tension in the back of his neck and a headache behind the crown of his nose and also in the area of his temples. He took 200mg of ibuprofen, plus 200mg of ibuprofen with 25mg of diphenhydramine a little later. Neither seemed to have any effect on the pain. Raoul thought it felt a little like having his head in a vice, but it was manageable. It's worth noting that this pain did not subside completely until about 12-14 hours after takeoff.

Raoul found that stretching and 'meditation' helped with the tension.

06:01-08:00 - Raoul felt the effects of the drug beginning to wane. He dosed off for a while and awoke at around 07:00 into the trip to find that the subtle OEV's/breathing surfaces were still going fairly strong. He was amazed at the longevity of the trip despite having read others' reports confirming the same timeframe. At around 08:00 he fell asleep for around four to five hours.

12:00 - Raoul reports being at about 90% baseline, although the headache and neck tension were still present.

14:00 - Raoul finished a much needed meal about an hour ago and feels much better. Not long afterwards, the headache and neck tension subside.

All in all, Raoul believes that this was a lightweight experience, and one that was just about right considering his time away from psychedelics. Raoul at times felt like he had visited an old friend. That said, he feels that he will try the same dosing in a couple of weeks. If he can make it through that experience easier, then perhaps he will graduate to higher dosing in the future. Perhaps others here can make a recommendation on pain relief?

Raoul used the method of preparation outlined by tregar earlier in this thread. Approximately 100mg of 25i was added to a beaker along with approximately 900mg of HPBCD. Then, 50ml of 95% etoh was added. The beaker was placed onto a magnetic stirrer. About two to three hours later, he noticed that 10ml of the etoh had evaporated and that some of the liquid had splashed onto the the inside surface of the beaker. Raoul may have had the rotation speed of the stirrer set too high. 10ml of etoh was added to bring the total volume back to 50ml, and the stirrer speed was lowered by about 50%. Raoul wanted to let the solution stir for eight hours as tregar suggested, but time was short and so the solution was placed onto blotter after only having stirred for six hours. Could this have affected the onset and intensity noted above?

The blotter pieces were cut from #103 filter discs as tregar had described. They were cut to approximately two inches long by 3/8 inches wide and placed onto a wire mesh screen. Two units of solution(apprx 400ug of 25i) were drawn up into the syringe and deposited over the blotter. It quickly became apparent that the paper strips were far too small to absorb this much solution. In some cases, excess solution dripped from the blotter paper and dripped through the screen. Raoul believes that next time he will simply deposit one unit of solution per strip and then double stack two strips when placing them buccally.

The etoh evaporated very quickly from the strips, eliminating the need for a drying device. It took less than an hour for the paper to dry.

It seems as though the trip was a bit too lightweight for a 400ug dose. Then again, everyone is capable of reacting differently to the same dose. On the other hand, perhaps the 25i did not complex completely with the HPBCD? Perhaps the remaining solution should be placed back on the stirrer for an additional two or more hours?

Post Quality Reviews:
Great detailed report. Looking forward to reading about Raoul's future experiences

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Swim got hands on 0.800g of 25I-NBOMe recently. Swim dissolved it in ~10ml of meah and brushed the solution evenly onto a 500 square of blotter paper. That made each square a strong 1.6mg approximately....swim co-injested 1 hit bruccal with 250mg of methylone.....I felt the m1first at about T+20, both substances were at peak at T+1h, it was like being on methylone with very good visuals. It was a little harder to communicate but the m1 soothed away almost all the body and mind effects of the 25I-NBOMe except the visuals...I did m1 3 more times that night but the 25I-NBOMe visuals were wild for like 4 hours, then faded away by the time I quit taking m1......this experience was social and excellent....

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

SWIM found 25i to cause an incredibly HIGH amount of tolerance, particularly if a lot is taken.

Malcolm Xtreme added 1 Minutes and 3 Seconds later...

"a lot," being 1-2mg of course, which comparatively to MOST drugs is nothing. BE CAREFUL!

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Some guy on the street told me-

body weight & gender- 145lbs, Male, 20yo
dose taken-550ug
route of administration- complexed blotter, applied to gums for 45 minutes without swallowing saliva
Setting: in what environment it was taken.- at home alone, night time, very at ease mindset
duration of main effects-
main effects-
side effects-
after effects-
rating of the experience-
any other valuable information-

T + 0:00 - Applied blotter, set alarm to remind me when I can swallow again
T + 0:20 - Beginning to feel not 100% sober
T + 0:45 - Mood slightly elevated, no visuals, but it seems like I can feel them coming on. Finally able to swallow. [/no homo] Going to start cleaning the house while I wait for effects to kick in.
T + 1:15 - Psychedelic state of mind starting to kick in. Visuals around bright light sources in the periphery. Put "into the light" by PsoGnar on repeat.
T + 1:30 - Noticing more and more visuals, some at the point of focus. Strange sensations in the stomach- warm for a few seconds, then normal, then cold, repeating.
T + 2:00 - Nothing much more to add. Hoping that it starts picking up soon.
T + 2:30 - The only change is that my stomach has settled down.
T + 3:00 - Slight increases to the visuals. Nothing impressive.
T + 5:00 - I guess I peaked already? I guess 550ug was too low of a dose for me- I do tend to need more phen's to achieve the same results as others.
T + 6:00-8:00 - took some local herbal incense blend to liven things up. Currently experiencing world as if my mind is operating a robot...
T + 9:00 - back to where I was at before the incense. it's nice, but I was hoping for something more. putting on some TV and getting off the computer. Can't imagine having anything more of note to post, so GoodNight
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

AFOAF told me:

Body weight & gender: 62 kg male 27 years
Dose: 2mg (total)
Route of administration: Insufflated liquid, water+ alcohol
Daily medications from 2 years : SSRI (atm Citalopram 20mg)
Setting: home with gf
Psychedelics previously tested: 25D and 25C-Nbome, shrooms,psilohuasca,LSD,LSA,MXE,Salvia 20x,DOI,4-HO-MET,4-Aco-DMT,4-Aco-DPT,4-Aco-Dipt,DXM,Ketamine,4-MeO-PCP,Datura,5-MeO-Mipt,2C-I,2C-E,2C-T-4,2C-T-7,2C-P,5-MeO-DMT,AMT,5-MeO-AMT and peyote.

Before this trip he already tried 25C-Nbome and 25D-Nbome, both at similar dosage and method of administration.
He dosed 4 mg and dissolved them in 4ml of water and alcohol.
He started snorted 1 ml, the same did his gf.

T+ 0:05 It is already coming up really fast, he can feel the body effect
T+ 0:15 Now also the visuls are kicking in, everywhere he is watching he can see lines of colors vibrating in the air, mainly pink and green. The body load is quite heavy but not unpleasant, no nausea at all.
T+ 0:30 It already reached the peak for sure, intense colors everwhere, the colors are pulsing on the walls, it seemed to be in a disco just with the lights of the lcd monitor.
Can't even explain how great it was, by far the best visual substance ever tested, only 25D-Nbome can match this, the 25C no for sure.
Everything is morphing and changing color if he just look at it for a moment.
Lets say this was a full +++ but still easy to handle in a safe condition like it was, at home with his gf.
Speaking was great and easy, only the body was really high, as if he weighed 40 more kgs, coordination wasn't the best and walking straight was difficult.
It reminded him a lot the past experieces with 25D-Nbome, really similar visuals and incresead mood, loving speaking with close friends, lot of empathy, much more than most 2cx he tried.
T+ 1:00 Still on the peak, visuals and distorsion are extreme, he spent all this time speaking with his gf, inventing absurd stories about a guy who both knows that is a really strange subject, lets say pretty brain burned from ketamine and meth.
I don't know if they ever laughed so much for an entire hour, was really a great time.
Rolling cigarettes was pretty hard, concentrate for more than few moments was hard, anyway he was so used doing cigarettes that he has done it.
T+ 2:00 Now he is feeling that the trip is already decreasing, still colors and things ondulating but not as hard as before.
A part some moments contemplating the visuals the rest of the time they were constantly speaking about many things and enjoyed all the arguments touched, like if everything was really interesting to explore.
T+ 3:00 Most of the visuals and distorsions are really fading now so they both decided to redose and insufflate the remaining 2ml.
T+ 3:20 The body load that was getting to normal before came back hard like at the beginning.
Unfortunately this didn't happen for the visual part, he already nothed that thing with 25D-Nbome;redosing doesn't help getting back the visuals you had at the beginning. Even if i was still high again the visuals were nothing compared to before.
He thinks that the tolerance with Nbome build up really fast and even after 5 days or 1 week it isn't gone entirely, at least for the 25D and 25C.
Well they spent the rest of the night enjoying speaking and having fun at home, when the effects were disappearing again (after 2 more hours) they had sex and tried to sleep but they didn't till late in the morning.
Maybe some lexotan could have helped but he doesn't like using benzos to stop the effect and sleep.
Anyway this is by far the best phenethylamine tried with 25D-Nbome, they are by far more visual and funny than 25C-Nbome with which he feel more dissociated and less empathic and doesn't enjoy speaking so much.
Next one he will test soon will be the 25E-Nbome, hoping it has nothing to share with the 2C-E that he didn't like at all.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Surprisingly informative and clever experience I found. Taken from here: http://www.ultravulgarsuperfiend.com...cal-25i-nbome/

This may come as a bit of an oddity for our first Featured Chemical segment, of which there are sure to be many more where we meet, greet, and explore new and unique research chemicals. The main qualifier for this particular mind expansion tool was me having way too much of the thing and finally running through the stash. 25I-NBOMe is a phenethylamine, which is fancy talk for a psychedelic stimulant. Discovered by Ralf Heim in 2003 and made popular by the infamous David Nichols of Purdue University, this premiere drug is a novelty which remains elusive in even the tightest of RC circles. You won’t find it in PIKAL, but interested parties will find this to be much more than a novel chemical. There is not a lot of info on this chemical on the net or otherwise, which is exactly why it is a choice subject for this article. 25I is the big brother of 2C-I, which may sound a tad more familiar. For simplicity sake, we’ll say 25I-NBOMe is approximately 25 times the potency of 2C-I, meaning the dosage is much, much smaller as well. While it is active to the microgram, researchers have reported doses as high as 5 mg to be “safe” and effective. For those who don’t have real, hardcore lab equipment, it may be easier to dilute this chemical in a small amount of ethanol (vodka anyone?) and dose from a pipette.
But down to the nitty gritty; what is it like? Disregarding that “Not for Human Consumption” sticker, researchers will find that 25i comes on much slower than any relatives of the 2C family. In fact, 25I often infiltrates your consciousness without you knowing it. You might become bored after a very sobering hour of sitting around, but under no circumstance should you re-dosing. An hour or two after ingestion, pick up a book (we recommend catching up on some UVSF articles) and you’ll notice that letters take on a life of their own and refuse to hold still. Another indication is often finding oneself reduced to a giggling mess. Yup, you’re tripping.
Akin to its brother, which is known for its intense visuals, 25I also produces pronounced visual and subtle auditory hallucinations. One noteworthy attribute here is the longevity of the chemical, which seems to peak around 4 hours, but continues to be active for another 12 before one can finally read words without them moving around on their own accord. This may give the chemical a more practical value for long nights, festivals, or in combination with other enhancements.
Of course, we would never recommend anything that could be potentially harmful, but experienced researchers may want to consider the following combinations which work wonders given the subtle synergy of this chemical.
Alcohol. Although the word “moderation” is one often overlooked by those living in a state of pragmatic profligacy, hard liquor and RCs is absolutely a yellow flag. That being said, a few beers here and there take the edge off of the anxiousness often associated with psychedelics.
DXM. Don’t ask how we discovered this, but knocking back 300mg or so of dextromethorphan, the psychoactive in cough medicine, provides a synergetic effect on the psychedelic properties of 25I. In addition to the dissociated “robo-walk” features archetypical of DXM, you have the grinning euphoria and trippy-ness of a phenethylamine. As with all RCs with little to no real studies done on them, pursue this combination at your own risk.
Cannabis. What can we say? A little weed goes a long way. With everything. In this case, it only potentates your abstract thought patterns typical of psychedelics.
Things to watch out for and stay away from include more stimulants like coke and ecstasy and depressants like opiates and benzos. Also, MAOIs in combination with just about anything nowadays, 25I included, is a no go.
All things considered, 25I is absolutely not without its merit, however, enthusiasts in search of a shorter, more intense peek may opt for the traditional 2C’s. One could never go wrong with Shulgin’s Magical Half Dozen, of which we plan on doing a Featured Chemical article on each coming soon. Remember, be safe in your sinning and fully enjoy every aspect of your mortal vessel. Peace.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

What's clever about it? The background is riddled with errors and typos (facepalmed at PIKAL). Then they don't even state the most basic and critical of details about the experience.

Without knowing the dose taken how are we supposed to know if longevity is truly characteristic or if they just took too much? Their suggestion that the onset is slow also goes against many reports that say the uptime is extremely fast when this substance is insufflated. Again, without knowing how they dosed it's impossible to put their experience into context. They don't even say if they were handling the freebase drug or a salt.

And anyone that thinks mixing some DXM in with an untested serotonergic drug isn't someone I'd be turning to for advice! For all we know the NBOMe series may have MAOI properties.

Post Quality Reviews:
excellent refutation of a crappy article
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Since writing his first trip report, swim has had two more experiences with 25I-NBOMe.

The second experience was with 1000ug, taken bucally. this was a fairly disappointing trip, and wasn't quite as intense as the first trip with 500ug. SWIM does not think that he had a left over tolerance to NBOMe from the last trip because there was a month between the two trips. he thinks that the first experience was intensified by the methoxetamine and marihuana smoked. Having more experience with both mxe and NBOMe, he thinks that the mxe was partly responsible for the vividness of the visuals. while 500ug of 2c-I-NBOMe and 110mg of mxe was a bad mix, swim thinks that the combo would be better with 1500ug of NBOMe and 50mg of mxe.

Swims third nbome trip was with 1500ug of sublingual 25I-NBOMe, 70mg of DMT smoked during peak, and 20mg of 4-ACO-MET taken orally during comedown of nbome. Swim thinks that 1.5mg of NBOMe is pretty near the
perfect dosage. it was a fairly intense but not overwhelming trip. During the peak, swim saw some amazing visuals, lots of translucent greens blues purples and creamy oranges. Swim could see through peoples heads, which were shaped like fish heads, it was quite amusing. The NBOMe combined with the dmt very well. Swim is planning on doing much more research on 25I-NBOMe. His next journey shall be with 2.5mg of nbome, he will also try to perfect the ratio of NBOMe to MXE, combine with a very small amount of alcohol, and combine with several grams of weed. will report back in a week or two.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

I had a very profound experience off this substance recently. Not positive what the dose was but here is what happened.

Dose: 5-6 mg (insufflated)
weight: 160 lbs

I tried to weigh out about 2-3 mg of 25i-nbome but my milligram scale kept jumping and I wasnt able to get an accurate read on it. So after a while of fiddling around with my scale I eyed out a small portion and snorted it.

The first sign was when I just started feeling really good and then I started seeing color blotches everywhere. After about 30 minutes the color started getting so intense it started becoming very difficult for me to see my phone's screen as I was attempting to text a friend.

At this point it's been an hour. I tried geting on my laptop but the visuals I was getting became so intense I found it almost impossible to even type my laptop's keys. The keys were spinning out of control I kept pushing the wrong buttons and I even locked out the screen accidently from pushing the wrong buttons. Im seeing spinning globe objects on the walls and its starting to get wild.

Around 45 minutes later the visuals get INSANE. I see Dora the explora move across the wall and I'm hearing noises that sound like laughter. I turned off the tv because I became uneasy with the program that was on but a little later it turns on by itself with mickey mouse on the screen. Of course the tv didnt really turn on by itself but to me the screen came alive with mickey mouse. I saw a toilet go across the wall as well.

I start losing my cool and get slightly paranoid fearing the possibility that I have over done it and am reaching over dose. I am in a top floor in an apartment complex and I look out the window and right outside the window I see a sheriffs Car parked right in front of it, but as I said Im in a top floor so this is impossible. A while later I basically blacked out because I have very limited memory of it. I was told I lost it and claimed myself to be the anti-satan being born to fight off the anti-christ. I took off my clothes and became completely naked so I would be accepted as the "anti-satan". I started thinking completely insane thoughts I have never experienced anything like this. I've never reacted to a substance so intensley where I became temporarily insane. I took this substance at around 8:00 pm and the last I remember was settling down in bed at around 5:00 am. This is where I started snapping out of my insanity.
The next day I still felt slightly high and felt shook from the experience. At first it was a very enjoyable experience, but then it became too much when I felt myself losing my mind. 25i-nbome is still a very remarkable substance in my opinion I am not turned off by it, although when I do experience this substance again it will be accurately measured and on blotter taken sublingually. I do not wish to insufflate the powder again.

Post Quality Reviews:
Its hard to understand why you would eyeball several mg and snort it when all the reports in this thread insist a dose of 500ug - 1500ug is normal
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Last night I had an experience with what I believe to have been 25i-NBOMe

it came on 2 tabs of blotter, sold as LSD, but as soon as it went in my mouth I felt the numbed tongue and extreme bitterness, and I knew it for what it really was

it came on extremely fast, with threshold effects within 15 minutes of dosing, and full trip with huge time distortion and visuals in 30 minutes, with nausea appearing during this time and disappearing just as quickly, along with an extremely tense body energy that stayed throughout the trip

I remember looking at my wall, and seeing all the little facets form together and create spiraling star patterns, which then turned to swirling lava lamp type patterns outlined in purple

there was an extremely sexual element of the trip, where I began imagining all of the attractive girls that I know and their female-ness began to form together in my mind until I was imagining pure female sexuality, which was also interconnected with the universe in my mind, as if the universe and reality had taken on extreme female sexuality

I listened to all of mothership by Led Zeppelin, and it was absolutely exquisite. I remember hearing the individual instruments isolated and enhanced, and much of the female imagery stemmed from the songs
It also felt quite a bit like Robert Plant was my mind singing to itself, or I was Robert Plant.
This continued to the extent where boundaries between myself and others began breaking down. I didn't reach full ego death, but for a while I was having trouble differentiating between myself, my friend who I was talking to, and everybody else.
It felt like after about 3.5 hours the visuals died almost entirely, although I was still solidly within the same headspace
I went out on my fire escape and smoked a little bit of weed, and almost immediately the trip kicked into slightly higher gear, with a body high being more prominent than the visuals this time.
I lay on my back on my fire escape staring at the sky and thinking while watching tree branches warp around slightly for about an hour, at which point I went back inside, lay on my couch for a while longer, then went to sleep.

Overall, while I am slightly angry that I payed a huge amount of money thinking I was getting the ever-elusive LSD but instead got 25i, it was a completely worthwhile trip, and intensity in the first 3-4 hours definitely felt like the first part of a really good LSD trip

It's like if LSD is a finely tuned and intonated 6 string guitar, then 25i is the same guitar but missing a string or two and intonated ever-so-slightly wrong
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

doseage 1 mg intravenous body weight 250lbs effects came on almost instanly verry intence toatol room meltdown for first 30 min then slowly began to get a grip on the real world . visual duration 3 hour trip toatal 6 hous not recomended but had to be done

Post Quality Reviews:
not very descriptive, ecperience reports should be at least a few paragrpahs
"not recomended [sic] but had to be done" - uh, no it didn't.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Originally Posted by critter272000 View Post
doseage 1 mg intravenous body weight 250lbs effects came on almost instanly verry intence toatol room meltdown for first 30 min then slowly began to get a grip on the real world . visual duration 3 hour trip toatal 6 hous not recomended but had to be done
What was the solvent?

LOL @ "Had to be done"
Was there a gun to someones head?
Or maybe it was like a scene from one of the "Saw" movies:
"There is a syringe fixed to your arm. It is full of 25I-NBOMe. You will have to push the plunger in to release this woman tied to the railroad tracks!"
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

lol had to be done in the name of science and my homie was verry presistant . solvent was just 30 units of water heated in spoon
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Originally Posted by 5-MeO-NAZ View Post
I have been told that it is a similar experience to lsd for some, but for others it has been a much more introspective shift in conscious. Depending on the individual, frequency of use, spirituality, mindset, and intelligence. I have heard it also goes quite well with 5/6-APB, but since there is so little known about these compounds I would personally advise against such combinations. As far as duration is concerned from what I have heard/read it is similar to lsd in length. I would also like to add that 25i has a very strange peak, and by strange I mean its like a light switch. Once it is consumed and effects are beginning to manifest, it seems that you are catapulted (rather violently at times) into the peak of the experience and this intensity seems to ride the extent of the experience,(8-12 hours)depending on dosage. On a side note I cannot even come close to describing the power of 25i via text. Remember that 25i is 17x the potency of 2c-i and thresh hold doses have been noted at the quarter milligram range. I cannot stress enough the use of accurate and precise instruments while weighing 25i. Calibration before hand is also a good rule of thumb. Someone who I know recently submitted a T.R. to Erowid on the 6-APB/25iNBOMe combo, whether it has been approved or published I am unsure. I did get a chance to read it and to say it is a trip in itself to read is an understatement. I believe the researcher goes by the name of Lucifer. You have been warned, see you on the other side.
And just as I finish reading this - the voices in my head say "Speak of the Devil - wahahaha" as I go over to erowid and check new reports to see 2 2CI-NBOMe trips marked as yesterday - the first two I've seen - just as a supplier who speaks good English finally contacts me about a sample...

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Dosage: 3.0 mg
Route: Nasally
Duration: 10 hours

Recently received a 1 gram sample of 25I-NBOMe and have slowly been experimenting with the effects, starting at 500 mcg, there was an enhanced perception of color and some 2D hallucinations. At 1 mg effects felt similar to taking 300 mcg of LSD, heavy tracers and fractal formations, still able to walk and talk normally and no out of body experiences, good closed eye visuals tho. The third experience was the most groundbreaking psychedelic experience SWIM has had besides DMT trips. SWIM ingested 3 mg nasally sitting outside a friends house and as the pain from the alcohol dissipated the visuals started, within five minutes i was at a climbing +++, unable to speak unable to hold SWIMs body up in a chair. The clouded would swirl around form a massive fractal then I would leave my body in darkness still viewing these fractals, the most common ones were the jewish star, the cross, the phi spiral and even the torus. SWIM felt overwhelmed and went decided to go to the bathroom at about 15 minutes in and completely lost himself in a halfway not being able to tell the difference between up and down whether the ground was the wall or the wall was the ground SWIM was in a white box. As i would look at a specific wall a being would form in the distance, all too similar to a real human, not like a dmt being and they would be walking towards me, and if i looked away they would no longer be there, finally SWIM gave up trying to stand and fell on the ground. This alarmed the friends who were outside smoking pot one comes inside to help and SWIM says a few words that SWIM can't remember and she helps him onto her bed. There SWIM lays on the bed trying to listen to what the girl was saying but every word seemed to last too long to remember the whole phrase, so SWIM would look down and there another being would be, one time a man in a trench coat with a brief case then a succubus like woman whispering like a snake. At about 30 minutes in SWIM was no long of the bed or the people around or even the house, SWIM was in a cloud with beings appearing, doorways into other colorful dimesions, this lasted about 2 hours. Near the end of this out of body experience SWIM started hearing the people in the house and then started to see the house and where SWIM was. Then swim was driven to another friends house and continued to have +++ visuals for another 4 or 5 hours, then progressed down to a ++ for another 5 hours, all in all it was a 10-12 hour experience and SWIM definitely wants to do this again. The next day was surprisingly clear and with little to no after affects considering SWIM didnt sleep. This drug seems to have a very powerful onset and peaks very quickly and then a slow 6-10 hour come down dependent on your dosage.

SWIMs ratings based on spiritual expansion of the mind and connection to beings.
LSD- 10/10
DMT- 10/10
Ketamine(know it not a psyche :P)- 10/10
Mushrooms- 10/10
25I-NBOMe- 10/10
2C-E- 8.5/10

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

This fat dude from, across the road can't type due to being so fat, so he shouted this at me, it is his fantasy about being on the drug. He also mentioned he'd done acid once before and this was his first of two experiences with this drug:
0:00: Dosed 1000mcg blotter onto gums. Kept for about 20 minutes. Was already a little stoned, but effective.
0:20: Was hungry. Put clothes on and started walking to McDonalds.
:25: Starting coming on. Was a rush. Very intense. Things were slanting and curving, breathing. Ordered the food, then had to sit down because stuff was rushing. Had intense tunnel vision like he was at the end of a cave. He got home after a five minute walk and ate the food. It felt like plastic in his mouth but tasted amazing.
1:00: Finally finished the food. Decided to lay down and watch CEV's. Intense opening shapes, mild OEV's persisted while blinking. Everything looked distorted but not openly different, more like everything had an aura. A double vision of sorts. From getting home until now there was an immense body-load, like electricity shooting through his veins.
2:00: Peaked. Severe hallucination, very pleasurable. May or may not have been watching porn at the time, but suddenly he was having sex. Multiple times with many different partners, not people he knew. Several months seemed to pass with the sex being the only aspect he could remember, just before the end (when he pulled himself out) he remembered thinking he had just seen his life from the future. Sex is this persons only hobby/spiritual purpose so this is the equilevant of other peoples contact with "God". Auditory elements came on after the visuals and physicals faded, where not related. Just sounds and song samples.
3:00: Watched porn and masturbated a whole heap. Really not much deep thinking going on.
4:00 Felt energised but could finally think straight. Watched some trippy visuals on YouTube, was greatly entertained. CEV's were still present and aura distortion as well. It was just dark outside at this stage, around 7, this started to give the trip a less euphoric element.
5:00 Felt incredibly energised, wanted to see nature. Went out for a walk. Partial paranoia set in, was easily logic-ed away. Auditory distortions took place where things sounded like sirens, thought-loops began where he wanted to run away from the police/act not suspicious/hide and alternatively ruled these out while walking. Tried to lay down but had to much energy, at this stage nervous. OEV's were mostly gone, mild distortion. CEV's still strong but no more images, just colours and firework type patterning.
5:30: was lost and started jogging. Felt particularly uncoordinated, but still strong.
6:00 got home. Had a conversation with house mate, he didn't suspect anything. Looked at pupils in mirror and they were huge.
7:00 Went to bed. Persisting CEV's had died down to slowly breaking wave-like colour visuals. Mostly red and blue. Sleep was predicted to be difficult but he went to sleep, last thoughts were happy and he was smiling

Whew, I really hope I got it all down. I live on a big street and distance and time distort things sometimes. He will write up his bad experience with it later. As a warning, DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THOUGHT LOOPS. The worst thing about all psychedelics I(SWI)MO is the thought loops. Trip ruiners.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

I have had multiple experiences with 25i, the first couple were interesting but the last one left me with very bad side effects.
Male, 160lb, does varied (also unknown)

I have taken 25i in blotter form, i took 5 and the effects were very mild, it was a slow moving somewhat relaxed feeling not many visuals from the blotter.

The other method of consumption was by snorting, i am aware the danger of eyeing this substance because it is dosed in mg's so i'm not positive how much i have taken but i do know it was a different amount every-time, The first couple time i have done this it was very intense, every time i took it my whole body had pulses and it made me involuntarily shaky which resulted in throwing up foamy like saliva, as soon as i would throw up my trip would begin, very intense visuals, plenty of colors. But the most intense feeling of this drug is the in the body, feeling like puzzle pieces being pulled in and out of my brain . The trip also seemed to put me in loops, where i would do 3 things over and over, such as a motion or 3 words the first couple time i took this drug i liked it but i do not recommend it because of what happen the last two times.

About a month ago i took 25i by snorting it, i did about half the amount i have done previously, and snorted a little in each nostril, the back of my throat and my nasal passages burned pretty bad for about 30 min, but 15 min after consumption my walls had swirling vortexes on all four sides, i was with 3 other people, two others did it with me and one stayed sober, we decided to get in the car and go to a park (the sober kid was driving) i then started to realize i was completely loosing my mind and i could only pronounce things half way so i could not communicate with anyone, motor skills felt impaired. (after this point i only know what i am saying because of what my friends told me i did.) Eventually we got to a park where i was slightly able to walk, but i could not speak or hear anything, i then started to repeat 3 words over and over because those were the only 3 words i was able to make out. I then looked over and saw two couple sitting on a bench, I then uncontrollably turned to one of my friends and screamed (apparently the loudest and most aggressive scream came out of me saying "your a fucking ass hole", my friend had to grab me and lead me out of sight because we were in a public place ( at this point i had absolutely no control over myself or my actions the trip completely took over) the friend i screamed at pulled me aside for a talk which i don't remember at all and he refuses to tell me what he said to me or what i replied, he then went away from me and left me there and that is when i jumped into the river at the park, all i remember is seeing myself in 40 years and in complete paradise but then something hit me and i ripped off all the fancy clothes i thought i had on and leaped into the river putting a couple gashes into my shin, the friend that pulled me over to the side went and told the driver that i had jumped in the river, so the driver ran to the river to try and find me and luckily he did, he said i was shivering and looked completely gone like a totally different force took me over, they rushed me home and put me inside so i would be in a more recognizable environment, by this time the other two that had taken the 25i were completely sober but i was still gone out of my mind, for the next 3-4 hours it was me trying to remember how to talk, remember who i was and where i was, i smoked some ganja to see if it would calm me down and it helped just a little bit, the comedown was also insane, it was more intense then peaks i have had on Lucy and mentally very hard to stay sane, i eventually came back to reality but the next day i had no clear thoughts and just felt like a complete zombie. but a few days passed by and i felt as normal as ever just a few scars.

But this is where it got me....after about 2 weeks i took a little more, this time (eye wise) it was 1/4 of what i took the other time, i consumed it in the same fashion as the other times. I sat on my couch with my friend and we waited for it to kick in, but this time it was different, my head felt like it was filling up with hot air and on the top right part of my brain i felt all of that pressure explode and i was in extreme pain, the trip imminently came to a dead stop and for the next 6-8 hours all it consisted of was my trying to handle the pain and not have a panic attack because of how strong this pain was, it was more painful then any bone i have broken and felt like a cold knife cutting open my brain and letting stinging fluids out. it has been a month since then and the same pain has come back day after day everyday since then, it is now dimmed down a lot from what it used to be, but my whole body and brain would go numb and i would feel like i was about to go into a trip randomly and i would loose some motor skill in my hands and my face movement.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Title: Cleanest clarity and freedom possible immanent in dance
Substance: 25i-nBOMe, 2C-B
Dosage: 1 mg 25i-nBOMe blotter, 18mg 2c-b at T +4:00
Personal data: Male, 85kg, 178 cm, 28 years old , athletic, exercise daily, but some back pains and undiagnosed ADHD and cyclothymic (slightly bipolar)
Medications and addictions: none except vitamins.
Set & Setting: In the evening, large city party, celebration of national holiday, with good friends, after sauna and relaxed conversations
Rating: 9.5/10

Previous experiences:
* 2C-B (x3)
* 2C-C (x2)
* 2C-D (x1)
* 2C-P (x2)
* 4-ACO-DMT (x2)
* 4-AcO-MiPT (x1)
* 4-HO-MET (x3)
* 5-APB (x1)
* 5-MeO-MiPT (x1)
* Alprazolam (x5)
* Amphetamine (x1)
* Codeine (x1)
* DOC (x3)
* DOI (x1)
* Dichloropane (x4)
* Etizolam (x5)
* Kratom (x4)
* LSD (x2)
* MDMA (x1)
* Methoxetamine (x7)
* Methylone (x3)
* Modafinil (1 week)
* Shrooms (x3)
* Salvia (x1)
* Weed and hash (many times)

Substance appearance: big simple paper blotter with 25i-nBOMe written on it
Closest previous trip: 47mg of 4-ACO-DMT plugged 1 week before
Tolerance: None
Sensitivity: hardhead to most substances
Addiction potential: average
Main effects: mood lift, feelings of clarity, freedom and space, desire to dance and socialize, feeling of grandiosity and spectacular surroundings, colors look great
Side effects: slight tightness in the chest in the middle of experience
After effects: Tiredness and mood swings in the subsequent days
Shulgin scale: ***

One night, our town had major celebration of national holiday that took place on the town main arena located in the forest. I had nothing better to do on the weekend, so I decided to go there with friends, taking some mind-altering substance, if I will have the mood. I was not certain which one, but I had two 1mg 25I-nBOME blotters sent for me as samples from online vendor, and I decided to give it a try for the first time. I had no idea, if these blotters are HCl or freebase supplemented with HPBCD, but I suspect the latter.

In the morning I cleaned up my apt, wrote some stuff in the blog, and had nothing else to do for a moment. My friend s were still busy, so we was not able to meet yet. My mood varies greatly during the day, so, it was nice in the morning, but I became a bit anxious and nervous in the midday. It may be related to the my GF leaving me not long ago, or to the anticipation of taking new strong substance in the public, or maybe it was just rainy and windy weather outside.

Despite never having bad trips (except maybe when I holed on MXE), I'm still not sure it is good idea to experiment with substances so often: I really don't want to become one of these zombies that are on huge doses of clonazepam/adderall/opiates daily. Maybe I'm being judgmental, but we all have our values we consider proper. Mine are being active member of society that is not relying on medications to exist in day-to-day life. I've read/heard/observed too many stories about people who abused drugs, and I certainly don't wish that for myself and my friends.

Anyway, I believe psychedelics are the least evil, and can be even beneficial in the long term, thing I suspect is not true for most other drugs.

So, I dressed sporty, like I usually do, and went jogging to my friend's Grizzly the parents house. It was around 6 km and it lifted my mood somewhat, although I still was slightly uneasy. I arrived early, so I went to the sauna by myself, not waiting for Grizzly with his best friend Sloth (like in ice age movie).

Sauna and beautiful garden near the house relaxed me, and I had nice conversation with Grizzly's dad, who was sipping some beer in celebration of national holiday.

Grizzly and Sloth arrived, went to sauna, had some beer. We ate some grilled meat, and sun arrived finally, giving another boost to our mood.

All in all, I had a nice mental state, very fitting for taking psychedelic, so I put a plain white piece of paper with 25i-nBOMe written on it between my cheek and gum at 20:15.

T 00:00
We left Grizzly's parents and headed to the town's arena. I took around an hour to get nearby, and I started to feel something very soft and mellow. It was feeling of slight sedation, calm mood lift and relaxation. It was a bit harder to stand of my feet then usual, but nothing really complex. Smells became more pronounced, bus smelled of booze and urine, so I was happy when we left it and headed to the forest arena.
My buddy Behemoth wanted to join us, but was slowed down by drunken girl arriving at his apt. She was asking for something to make her more sober, so he gave her 8g of piracetam (not a very wise thing to give her that much, but apparently it helped a little, and she was very hangover-free the next day).

T +01:20
We were walking through the woods to the arena, and substance started to hit me harder.

Sloth asked me if I have something to make life prettier. I had another 25i-nBOME blotter, but he was not seeking psychs. I also had some RC stims/euphoriants, but Sloth is a tweaker, so I did not want to give him his DOC, because it could have ended ugly. He abused speed more then once, and he knows he has a problem with it, so I suggested to give him MXE (very pure) instead. He had no idea, what is it, but took 22 mg capsule without doubt. I warned him, that he should not combine it with alcohol in large amounts, something he has trouble to do, because he is also a heavy drinker. Luckily, this evening he had only beer, traditional for this holiday, and not hard liquors.

I started to feel more happiness and everything around me felt nice. When we soon arrived at the arena, the feeling of spectacular and grandiose was peaking. I saw the stage from the above hill, and felt like this is huge rave with few hundred thousand participants, something like love parade, and not a small town party with barely a few thousand people. Important role in this played big stage with stroboscope, colored lights, loudspeakers and music equipment. I never was at the open air music festival before, and I imagine this party was something like such festival, especially in this state of mind.

So, with eyes wide open I walked through the crowd, not feeling any anxiety, fear, negative emotions or body load at all. I was breathing very easily, as I often feel on phenethylamines. I had not seen any visuals at all, not even hints of them. But this was irrelevant, because everything around me looked so amazing, and above all was feeling of absolute clarity and freedom, like I'm flying. It had very distinct “chemical” feel to it, but in the way that felt very nice. I had zero mindfuck, except that I perceived everything to be enjoyable.

It is hard to describe this feeling, as always with psychedelics, but I can at least try to tell you about some more prominent features.
It was not similar to empthatogens/tryptamines/methoxetamine in any way. It was not warm and cozy, it was not “natural” and “emotional”, but it was very soul-lifting. If I had to choose one word to describe this state, it will be “clarity”. Everything felt clear, transparent, spacey and whiffs of wind bringing fresh air sometimes happening made it even more so.

I met yet another friend, who was one of organizers of this party, and we spoke a little about how he was driving next on-stage performer, female pop singer that tried participate in Eurovision from our country. He said how she seemed a bit whimmy to him, but I guess most pop stars are.
Anyway, this diva was pretty hot, at least her body, and she rocked the stage, singing live and dancing like crazy. I was watching her performance and played backgammon for the first time with Grizzly at the same time, but Sloth went to get our buddy Clam. I wanted to dance, but stage was full of too young kids, so I thought the time has not come yet.

T +02:00
I had no problems understanding backgammon rules and playing, which confirms I was in pretty clear state of mind. But it soon became apparent, that watching at female bottom and listening to music is much more interesting, so we stopped playing. I was calling Sloth a few times, finally was able to get him, and he screamed through the noise that he feels like he drank a liter of vodka. Knowing he is able to handle that, I was ok with this, although I feared a little that he got too much beer in addition to MXE.

My buddy Behemoth finally arrived, already on methylone and with intent to take some 2c-b. Behemoth has become active stimulant user in the last months, something that is also troubling me. I feel somewhat uneasy I found ways into RC and drug scene and shown them to him (something he always wanted, though). My plan was to stick to well-known psychedelics, but temptation to try other RCs and entactogens was too big and I bowed.

After pop singer left the stage, orchestra arrived and started to perform traditional national songs, something that was not very interesting or fun. I like ethnic music when it is more hardcore and sounds unusual, not when it mimics something from the sixties.

T +03:00
We hanged around a little, and then, finally, huge fire was ignited, traditional for this celebration. It was made by authorities to entertain visitors. The huge fire near the tents with drinks and snacks spawned a multitude of sparks that were carried by the wind like a bunch of fireflies. It was charming spectacle, that I observed for a while in awe. It was so beautiful, I was ready to watch this for a long time, and probably did (hard to tell).

Meanwhile, traditional music orchestra finished playing, and DJs appeared. They started playing some techno/house/trance. It was a bit unexpected for me, because I thought our town is too conservative and laid back to play electronic music on such an event, where a lot of older people with families are present. So, this was a pleasant surprise, because I really like electronic music. Usually I listen to the more sophisticated genres, but in this state of mind any music with bass and rhythm was amazing.

With this feeling, I decided I want to dance, finally. At this time, Behemoth took 18 mg of 2c-b, and Sloth arrived with Clam, very calm and unemotional guy.

T +04:00
Sloth was very agitated and crazy from MXE, so he joined me in my passion to dance. We went up to the stage, and some guy tried to convince us to dance right there, at the bottom of the stage. But Sloth was not able to understand him, and I wanted to be in the crowd, to better feel unity.

When we got there, I danced my way closer to the DJs, speakers and colored lights, and then the crazy dancing began. It was the most important part of my trip, and I cannot describe it in a way human can understand and feel. But I will try. For a moment, only bass rhythm existed for me, nothing else in whole world. At this moment, feeling I described few paragraphs above reached its peak, the feeling of clarity and freedom, that manifested itself in bass rhythms and dance. My body was moving without my will, bending and jumping to the music. I felt unity with something higher, but not in a my stical way, but in a very concrete, practical way. You can say God manifested itself in a dance and music for me. At this moment, I understood what is rave culture all about, the principles of PLUR. I knew about them before, but through the mind, logic and reasoning, and now I experienced them directly, as an immanent experience.

I am not mystical or religious person, so I take it for what it was: it was chemical acting on my receptors combined with great set and setting. But this feeling was insanely beautiful and rocked my world similar or even more then many other things, including other psychedelics, entactogens or joy we experience from sex, food or exercise. The main difference was that all these things are too emotional for me, too rooted in real world and human feelings, with all their pitfalls and great moments.

But here, 25i-nBOMe made me feel closer to the some transhuman perpetual being, pure consciousness. There feelings are usually caused by cyberpunk culture for me, but here it was even cleaner, refined to absolute. Note, I'm not talking about some complex, clogged mind, “interesting” thoughts or concepts people often expect from psychs. This feeling of clarity was very simple, yet insanely powerful.

This first dance lasted for some time, I was probably doing pretty crazy movements on the dancefloor, not feeling need to stop or rest. But after some time, I decided we need to take a break, so we returned to Grizzly and Clam. Behemoth was dancing, too, and now he returned with us. He told me 2C-B is unfit for party setting for him, because he is starting to overanalyze everything, trying to understand how people work in social situations, what are their emotions and intents, and this made him too anxious and stopped him from enjoying the party. This is very familiar feeling for me, I get this from 2c-b too. Behemoth later took a lot of methylone (half a g) during that night, that helped him calm down feelings from 2c-b.

But anyway, I felt like I'm on the top of the world, so I decided I can take remaining 18 mg of 2c-b from him, to move my experience even further. So, I took a capsule and swallowed it.

I checked my pulse from time to time, and it was pretty high: 90 to 120 bpm in the calm state. Usually I have very low pulse, around 50 or 60 bpm. After dancing, and esp. when 2c-b started to come-up I felt some tightness in my chest, so I took some ibuprofen as vasodilator.

After that, we went dancing for a few more times, but none were as stunning as the first. During one of these times, when 2c-b already started to act, I had misunderstanding with the girl on the dancefloor: she did not want to be around me, which is not hard to understand, considering I probably acted and looked very strange. This made me sad for a while, because I started to overthink my issues: that I am bad in social rituals and have no idea what to do and how to act in each situation, esp. on the dancefloor. I think now I overreacted to this incident due to 2C-B making me too emotional. I obviously was too drugged to act proper, and I should have done what was right for me then: dance like it is last time in my life, and don't pay attention to people around me. But it was not so simple, because I experienced some anxiety from 2c-b come-up, and wanted to dance in the crowd, feeling united with fellow clubbers.

This was obviously not so simple in this setting, because almost all of them were just drank, and not under influence of other substances, not even speed. It was still good, nevertheless, but I still believe that best way to take psychs at festivals is when everyone is on them, this way you will feel relaxed, at ease and principles of PLUR will work to their best.

T +04:30
We went to nearby forest to allow Grizzly to smoke some weed. He shared it with Clam and Behemoth, not sure about Sloth, but I did not smoke, because I don't like weed anymore.

I suggested MXE to Clam in metaphoric way, but he did not understand, so I told him more directly that he may become something like Sloth in his current state. He reluctantly took 20+ mg capsule. He was affected by MXE later, but still was in very frozen and calm state of mind, not agitated and excited like Sloth. I guess it is just his character, and Clam is always like this.

T +05:30
We were still dancing or just listening to music sometimes, but Grizzly felt tired already, so he headed home. Sloth, meanwhile, told me he is running out of energy, so I gave hime second MXE capsule, with pretty small amount of 16mg of powder inside. It affected him very strongly (note, he also drank beer all this time), and we continued to dance, trying to take Clam with us, but he was not dancing, but just standing on stage being uncool. This did not bother me, though, because I was again with very uplifted mood.

T +07:00
Sloth was out of tobacco, and it was not able to buy one, so we went to the Grizzly's house, that is located nearby. We walked a little, but soon landed on the top of the hill, watching stage from the above, sitting on the grass near the police and guards. Sloth told me that his head hurts a little, so I gave him ibuprofen pill, not thinking there is police nearby. I had a lot of MXE and one 25i-nBOMe blotter with me, so it was probably not wise discussing us taking drugs and handing pills in front of the policemen, but I was in such a nice and euphoric state of mind I did not think of that. Luckily, police was friendly, and only observed stage to stop fights/things like that. After a while, we continued our journey to Grizzly's.

As we left the well lit stage, Sloth started to feel very strange sensations from MXE. You probably could say he really started tripping. He chatted with me a lot in very foggy language, but it all was interesting for me. I felt very relaxed, not worried about anything, cared about Sloth much, because now, after dancefloor bonding, we felt we became much closer. I hugged him and Grizzly a lot during this trip.
Sloth said to me several interesting things. First, he felt like the universe consists of child blocks and he is able to move, adjust and rearrange them by his wish. Second, he had strong urge to eradicate trees and their roots using hands (but not acted to do this, he just imagined that). I read about similar feelings from MXE in other reports, and felt some of this myself.

Third, he wanted to smoke so badly, he was ready to kill some squirrels. He just stood still in the pathway and declared “I want to smoke so much, I will kill squirrel for it without any pity!” Why in the world this is related, remains mystery.

T +07:30
We went to the Grizzly's place, where Sloth still was disoriented and confused. He wanted beer badly, but it was already almost 4 in the morning, so the only place he could get it was back at the forest arena. Clam was very tired by now, and wanted to go home, I, meanwhile, still was going strong from nBOMe and 2c-b I took, so after I ate some pie with milk, we headed back. I had not trouble eating sugary pie, although I did not feel such a strong hunger. Few hours back even smell of meaty food made be very uncomfortable, even slightly nauseous.

T +08:00
We got back to the arena, leaving our stuff in the Grizzly's apt. Sloth got himself a beer, and I bought a pizza using his money, because I left my wallet at Grizzly's. I already started to feel slight hunger, no wonder considering psychs started to wear off, and I was dancing/walking all night long.

We sat on a bench and watched how DJs announced it will be the last song tonight. I had no desire to dance anymore, but was generally happy and consent with myself. Some random old chap of different ethnicity from us came to us and started chatting in his language (we know it somewhat). He told us of his back problems, we shared it, because Sloth and me both have back pains too. Sloth gave him some advice how to alleviate these issues, and let's hope this old drunk man was able to comprehend this advice.

T +08:20
We slowly headed back, and then sat on a grass again, this time in the forest. We discussed drug usage and prohibition a little, Sloth told me how using speed too much makes you filthy and rotted inside, and he is pitiful he did it in the past and will probably do again. Also, he described me how alcohol works for him, from small dosages to huge, each level bringing something new, starting from ease and removing problems to total oblivion and crazy reckless fun.

T +09:00
We went to Grizzly's, took our stuff and headed to our homes. We parted our ways soon, but before it, we shared the best moments again: crazy and united euphoric dancing that brought us much closer. Sloth was not able to communicate with me this way before that, because I often appear as a snob to other people, because I use complex language and often speak about some abstract concepts, but not everyday things. We decided we should talk and socialize more, and try to this more also without drugs.
Sloth asked me to give him two more MXEs, but I declined, stating previous time I gave a person some drug, he took a lot of it immediately and this caused him to be slightly ill afterwards for a week or two, and caused me to be worried. So, I told Sloth I cannot do it right now, but we can discuss it next day (never happened).

T +10:00
As I was going home, mild depression and tiredness occupied my being. I started to think about how my GF left me, my huge mood swings and generalized anxiety, that become much more pronounced in the last months. I started to think if psychedelics played a role in all this, if they made it worse or not, something I am probably doing a way too much. The way back without my friends was something very hard to do, and all I was able to think was: I just need to get home, and it will become better. And it did.

T +10:30
Soon I arrived, took a shower, and had a dinner. Or was it breakfast? Anyway, I did not feel like sleeping yet, and I felt nice again, so I watched some videos on youtube, till my eyes started to close themselves.

T +12:00
I went to bed, and did not even took my usual sleep aid – melatonin. I slept well, and woke up after 8 hours, still tired and sleepy. Soon I went to bed again. Next few days were a bit too emotional for me, first in a good way: I remembered this glowing experience and told everyone of it, removing details of us using psychoactive substances. Then I had some anxiety and insomnia, but got on track again soon.

From the first use 25i-nBOMe impressed me enormously, and became one of my favourites. This is something in the area of what I imagined a perfect festival LSD trip like. The feeling of clarity, freedom and space, being free of anxiety and emotional overload was magnificent. Dancing, feeling unity with clubbers and bonding with friends was felt in a new way, something I never experienced before. I don't tnink 2c-b added anything to this experience. I see 1mg dosage for me as very nice overall, it allows act like sober, at the same time experiencing all the good sides. But I still eager to go higher and try 1.5 mg next time, maybe even 2 in the right setting.

This trip was so spectacular, I have real temptation to rate it 10, but a decided to leave this to ++++ trips a long time ago, if I ever be lucky enough to experience them.

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Holy crap this stuff is good. Its like some1 has got acid, took all the good bits and multiplied them and stuck them in a nice little package labelled 25I-NBOMe.
Report will b written when swims found his head

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Originally Posted by Bras View Post
AFOAF told me:

Body weight & gender: 62 kg male 27 years
Dose: 2mg (total)
Route of administration: Insufflated liquid, water+ alcohol
Daily medications from 2 years : SSRI (atm Citalopram 20mg)
Setting: home with gf
Psychedelics previously tested: 25D and 25C-Nbome, shrooms,psilohuasca,LSD,LSA,MXE,Salvia 20x,DOI,4-HO-MET,4-Aco-DMT,4-Aco-DPT,4-Aco-Dipt,DXM,Ketamine,4-MeO-PCP,Datura,5-MeO-Mipt,2C-I,2C-E,2C-T-4,2C-T-7,2C-P,5-MeO-DMT,AMT,5-MeO-AMT and peyote.

Ouch, datura? Off topic I know.. have you got a trip report of datura anywhere?
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

SWIM Desc:
Weight: 140lbs
Dosage: 500ug @ t+0 and 250ug @ t+1h30m
Route - nasally, complexed w/ water
Prepared: 25i-NBOMe Complexed in water, 250ug/drop. (maybe .1ml?, was a fairly standard sized medicine-type bottle, input on the ml/drop would be appreciated)
Duration: ~7 hours
SWIM prepared 500ug in a few drops of additional H20, insufflated via spray.

Format: At (T+X) SWIM : _____________
T+0 - Insufflated 500ug of 25I-NBOMe, mild burning sensation, lasted 10 - 15 minutes but was definitely not bad.
T+18 - First effects noticed: blinds, SWIM first noticed the blinds rippling like waves as is the usual first thing SWIM notices from hallucinogens. (Previously Psilocybin Mushrooms + LSD + LSA ( morning glory seeds ) )
T+20 - Noticing trails from moving hands passed a light source.
T+1h - Seem to be feeling full effects, SWIM noticed extremely mild phosphenes coming from nowhere, (they faded almost instantly) and decided to take another 250ug to see if it would enhance this perception. (it did not). - The 250ug was administered slowly (1 spray at a time diluted into 6 sprays) over the next hour.
--insert-- Somewhere in this timeframe SWIM noticed a 'floaty' feeling, almost like walking on clouds, sitting inside was not an option, the scenery becoming stagnant.
T+1h:30 - SWIM had picked up Burgers before the experiment and at this point he was eating anything he could find, food tasted great, but more importantly, it was fun to eat.
T+2h - definitely having more fun than on previously experimented Phenethylamines (MDMA, 6-APB, 5-APB), SWIM decides to go outside and explore the beauty of nature (not something he usually does on psycho-stimulants, except from psilocybin on one occasion) - the beauty was magnificent.
T+3h - Effects are still very strong, definitely an increase in potency from the extra 250ug, but it's hard to say exactly what is enhanced. Trails + phosphenes are at the same level, but it was more 'fun'.
T+4h still going strong, effects are the same, not wavy like MDA/MDMA analogues, almost 'gets old' but having so much he doesn't care.
T+6h - starting to come down to baseline, over the next 2 hours its a slow ride.
T+8h - feeling just about totally normal at this point.

Absolutely one of SWIM's favorite experiences, he is very happy he has plenty more of this wonderful compound.

Aminatrix added 2 Minutes and 8 Seconds later...

SWIM would like to add: he currently takes 10mg methadone hcl 1x daily, no interactions were noticed

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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

1mg insufflated water solution
165 lbs
effects felt within 5 min. big body load during the come up. felt tired, weak, and nervous for about 20 min maybe longer
oev included wicked saturated colors, morphing objects, liquid like pastel colors on the walls
hallucinations included 2d looking monsters, goons and goblins, squirmy moving tenticles, creepy hallucinations that could be scary for some people. staring at a wall created a feeling of sliding down a twisting tunnel and seeing the transparent tunnel. laying on a bed creates a feeling of being flipped through pages of reality or like dropping off the top of a rollercoaster over and over again. everything starts to take shape of cartoony faces. like the dresser was a big robot head just chillen. objects have some transparent colored texture moving on them. pink goo was moving around in the sink. fractals on everything. cev included kleidescope effect of images. not colors, but pictures; hard to describe. machanical type cev. spinning fan like images. crazy vivid cev. so weird. focusing on one spot creates the craziest visuals. like if you focus your eyes right, then you can see some crazy shit. very fun, very euphoric. barely any mind fuck. could be trippin ballz sack and still talk to my parents. normal game was a little difficult but still undetectable to others around. music seems like its narrating all of my actions at the time. music creates some weird synchronicity feeling. really cool. its amazing. 4th of july fireworks turn 3d. the scenery and music creates the feeling of hanging out with God. its like God is like, "check out how epic I really am mothafuka!!" which makes me @o@ total ++++ experience. barely any noticable come down symptoms. euphoria lasts all day but the next day gives a mild headache in the morning for a short time and slight groggyness. next day feeling is very mild compared to the next day feeling of lsd as far as negatives go. the 25i doesnt feel nasty on the body at all. peace+love brothas. hope this helps
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

Dosage: 600mcg
Route: Intravenous
Duration: effects, 7 hours+ - after effects, 20 hours
161 Lbs, 5' 11", male
Setting: Home alone

I received a gram of 25I which purported to be HCL but it would not dissolve in cold water. Heating it produced a milky solution but the addition of a little Vit C (ascorbic acid) cleared it instantly confirming it to be freebase. I had intended to mix 4mg in 2ml of water giving 2mg per ml but my scale wouldn't accurately register 4mg so I weighed out 8mg. In my haste I forgot to double the amount of water so ended up with 4mg per ml. Whoops!

0.00 I IV what I believe to be 300mcg of 25I-NBOMe

0.02 Everything is melting around me. Everything is morphing which intensifies really quickly.

0.04 I think I'm going to be sick so I crouch in front of the toilet but realize that I don't actually feel sick and that what I am feeling is something else so I just stare at the toilet bowl as it contorts in front of me. I start to feel a bit weak so I sit against the wall while taking in the morphing scenery around me. I am becoming quite confused.

Soon after I make my way to the kitchen and stand by the sink taking in the objects on the drainer and I'm transfixed by the houseplants which look as if they are waving wildly in the breeze. Everything is tinged with bands of colour, mostly pinks. It all looks amazing.

0.08 approx I am becoming extremely confused. I am struggling to think coherently and I start to struggle to comprehend my surroundings. I feel very weak and am finding it hard to remain standing. I become totally overwhelmed and just about manage to work out that I need to be lying down so stumble off to the bedroom and lay down.

-2.30 This period is pretty hazy at best. Initially I panic that I've done something horrible to myself but this recedes after a while. The overwhelming feelings and extreme confusion come in waves but after a while, I realize that they will pass so I stop worrying about them. I just close my eyes for a bit where I experience the most vivid CEV's. After a while I remember that I've abandoned my used pin on the kitchen unit which bothers me so I go and deal with it but have to lay back down immediately. At times I lay and stare at the woodgrain effect on the built in wardrobe as it morphs wildly or stare at the patterned curtains as they wave as if in the breeze. The motion of the textured ceiling is pretty amazing and flowing with blues and pinks.

3.00 I am becoming able to think coherently and start to work through my dosing procedure and realize that I made a stupid error causing me to double dose which explains everything. The visuals have lost their intensity but are still quite vivid.

03.30 I now feel physically able to get up and about so I wander about the flat taking in the scenery. I notice strong vassoconstrictive effects as the veins in my feet which are normally very prominent are barely noticeable. Objects are morphing much more gently now and much of the magic has gone.

7.00 My vision is pretty much back to normal when I am concentrating but if I relax my gaze, things start to gently morph but I have to let it happen. I make my way to bed and drop off to sleep quite quickly.

10.00 I awaken after 3 hours sleep and just lay in bed for 2 hours, taking in last night's experience. Memories of the negative effects are fading but the memory of the visuals remains vivid.

12.00 I get up. My head feels rather foggy and I have no energy. I try to read some posts on the net but I find it hard to concentrate and my attention span is pretty short. Mood wise I feel pretty upbeat.

20.00 My energy levels are pretty much back to normal if a little subdued. The brain fog has gone and I can think clearly again. Vassoconstriction doesn't seem to have reduced. Still feeling upbeat and positive. Feel like something pretty amazing happened last night.

All in all it was a pretty amazing experience. The side effects were a downer for a short while but became a non issue. The visuals at their most intense were simply incredible like I couldn't have imagined. I am unable to describe them in any meaningful way. I don't suppose I'll ever experience anything like them again. I feel that the IV route was definitely the way to go, it was just the dose that was wrong. I had intended to do 300mcg which I still feel would have been a good dose. It's where I'll be aiming next time.
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Re: 25I-NBOMe Experiences

My experience is not so detailed unfortunately because this was a week ago or so but just note that I am sort of new to Psychedelics.

Dose: 600ug
ROA: Snorted

The come up was really uncomfortably, very intense body feeling and felt like I was going to be sick. But I wasn't sick and after an hour or two the nausea went away. Visuals weren't too overpowering, seeing patterns in walls, monitor screen image rippled in waves, stared at my door and it looked as if it was breathing. I even tried playing Counter Strike. Which was funny looking back because I became so immersed in the game that I was convinced the other team were a bunch of mindless psychopaths trying to kill me so I started to hide around the map trying not to die. Of course my team mates were not impressed and shortly vote-kicked me out of the game. Haha.

It was an interesting experience, it's very mind-altering. Very easy to trail off into nonsensical thoughts, sort of like when you're very tired and your dreams mix with reality. Hard to explain. Either way towards the end I sorted of wanted to return to normal so I popped a valium and went to sleep.

When I woke up I felt really good, smoked a morning joint and just had a great day. Felt, kind of energized and refreshed.

Overall good experience. Really did not enjoy the come-up but it does go away and all in all it was enjoyable and worth it. =)

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