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Old 16-04-2012, 08:26
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dangerous cuts

A while back SWIM met up with a friend to get high. His friend had gotten him some stuff that seemed to do the trick but they didn't smoke very much of it. His friend kept complaining that it wasn't strong enough even though SWIM thought it was pretty decent. SWIM hadn't smoked any for years at that point so it was possible that SWIM's tolerance was letting him enjoy crappier dope.

Later in the night SWIM's friend convinced him to get more from a different dealer, at which point they went on a quick journey and got some. It looked great, crystal clear shards and it all came back very nicely in the bowl. SWIM was letting his friend do all the loading because he can be rather controlling like that sometimes but it didn't bother SWIM since he was getting high regardless. After SWIM's friend loaded the pipe he passed it over for SWIM to take the first hit. SWIM took a huge hit because it was loaded rather generously... during the first hit something from the stem had hit the back of his throat which made him cough a bit.

Thinking it was just dope SWIM assumed it was just excess that got left in the stem from stem loading. However something strange happened, SWIM couldn't hear anything over a loud ringing in his ears and his head started to spin for a minute or so along with blurred vision while he friend was saying something out loud that he couldn't make out even after asking him to repeat 3 times. When the ringing stopped SWIM was extremely high at this point and his friend never took a hit out of the pipe, nor did a friend of SWIM's friend take a hit.

Anyway fast forward a bit, SWIM's lungs were burning a bit for the next week after that. SWIM is pretty sure something was mixed in there but he's not sure what it was exactly. Has any else experienced something like this? Is it possible that it was just some really strong shit? SWIM has heard of ears ringing from doing shots but never from smoking.
Old 29-04-2012, 16:17
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Re: dangerous cuts

There is only one cut that swim knows of that will form an exact 50/50 compounds with the meth molecule and make shards that are indiscernable as cut. All other cutting agents can be easily (visibly) noticed. The cut mentioned first, is not dangerous. When you mentioned feeling something hit the back of yer throat, as if the bowl was overloaded, could you have possibly inhaled some of the melted liquid? Meth is a pretty corrosive compound in itself .
Old 29-04-2012, 18:36
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Re: dangerous cuts

Wow, that's crazy! I'm not quite sure, but it may have just been really good? Although it could be something else...but my advice, maybe SWIY shouldn't hang out with his "friend" anymore. I mean it's kinda obvious that something isn't right...His friend begs him to get more stuff and then doesn't even do any of it?? Doesn't add up!! It sounds like SWIY went thru kinda a scary situation and should either not put himself in that position for it to happen again by not hanging with that friend. Or maybe he can hang with that friend, just not smoke with him....or if he is pretty close with his friend then he should just ask what was up with that stuff and why didn't he use any of it!! Hope this helps a little!

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