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Cannabinoids Cannabinoids & smoking blends.

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Old 16-04-2012, 16:26
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Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

I got this thread idea from a thread in the amphetamine forum on the unlisted side effects of Adderall. Basically, since all side effects of synthetic cannabinoids are "unlisted," I thought it would be nice to have a thread to list them in. If enough people can describe negative or harmful side effects which remain somewhat consistant then this thread could become a useful resource considering I have had a lot of difficulty finding anything definitive as far as side effects online. Please reply including as much of the following as possible:

-Specific Chemical or Blend Name Used (do not post about unidentified blends.. this is not helpful)
-Frequency of Use
-Length of Time Used
-Side Effects Felt
-If side effects abated after discontinuing use
-Route Of Administration
-Any oher useful information

It is important that you include the SPECIFIC chemical and/or blend name or else the side effects you list will be useless in the interest of harm reduction. Anyway, I'll sart since I have recently ceased use of AM-2201:

Drug: AM-2201 blend. (20g. AM-2201/1 lb. Yerba Mate foliage)
Frequency: Every 2-3 hours
Time Used: 5 months without break
ROA: Smoked
Dosage: 3-6 hits

Side effects of AM-2201 use began approximately 3-4 months after beginning heavy use. For me, they included daily or almost daily vomiting, bad breath, anxiety, anorexic effects with tolerance, headaches, paranoia, depression, build up of gunk in lungs, self harm with NO history of this behavior off of drugs, and sleepless nights unless the AM-2201 was redosed every 2 hours or so. I haven't smoked in like half a day so far and I'm already beginning to feel better so the side effects seem to cease rather quickly wih discontinuation of use. I'm interested to hear about what these new drugs have been doing to other SWIMmers bodies...


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Great topic...hope this grows bigger and full of information
Great iniciative - good potential towards harm reduction!

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Old 17-04-2012, 01:16
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Drug- Blend called "Everest" ( Contained am-2201 until very recently new chem is unknown for the moment)
Frequency- 5-8 times throughout the day
Time used-4 months on current blend (total use slightly over 2 years)
ROA- Smoked
Dosage- 1-2 hits (held for 20-30 stopwatch timed seconds each)

Side effects began about 2 months after switching to Everest blend (am-2201 at the time) effects were heart palpitations,tachycardia,paranoia, and anxiety the effects were strongest after overdose induced panic attacks. Recently (2 weeks ago) Everest changed the chem within there blend. New side effects were felt within the first use and continued daily until up to now. Effects were feelings of stabbing pain in certain areas of body along with tachycardia paranoia and anxiety. Its still a bit to soon to tell all of the side effects of this new chem within Everest but the research will continue.

However the side effects of this new chem seem to be significantly worse and harsher compared to the side effects of am-2201 and now that am-2201 is becoming harder to get in the usa and about to become illegal if it hasn't already i have a feeling Everest used a new synthetic cannabinoid that probably just came out on the market so the effects are still very unknown.

Kinda scary :0


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Great second entry.. this kind of information is useful in a world of rapidly evolving drugs
For showing that research chemicals can change within a blend
Old 22-04-2012, 08:37
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

AFOAF used a blend containing AM-2201 for approximately a year, starting off using around a half a gram of blend per day, but ending up quickly building to 6+ grams of blend in a single day, all to himself!

AFOAF noticed that tolerance to Am-2201 built very quickly, and the urge to redose was unlike anything AFOAF had EVER experienced before. AFOAF has never done crack before, but he and others who noticed his addiction compared his actions to those of a crack addict.

AFOAF lost all interest in EVERYTHING that previously interested him, seeking only to get his next fix. AFOAF lost almost all of his friends and damn near lost his family.

AFOAF experienced headaches, stabbing pains in the chest, back of the head just above the neck on the right side, and in random muscles. AFOAF had nonstop explosive diarrhea; as many as 5 or more times per day. AFOAF could not sleep without redosing every 2 hours or so. Extreme stomach pains. AFOAF would vomit and begin sweating profusely from every pore on his body after just a few hours of not touching the drug, making stopping almost impossible. Extreme buildup of gunk in the lungs and a very sore throat.

SWITP added 2 Minutes and 3 Seconds later...

AFOAF would like to point out that AM-2201 would appear by his experiences and those of the others on this forum, to be a very dangerous drug. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION, or just get some cannabis.

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Helpful addition to harm-reduction thread.

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Old 28-04-2012, 06:08
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Drug Used - JWH-210
Length of Usage - Almost 1 Year
Dosage - Varied over time (4g per week to .5g per week)
ROA - Smoked and Ethanol Tincture

SWIM starting experimenting with RC cannaboids after reading about them in a local paper. His first purchase was AM-2201. He overdosed on this a couple of times having one seizure and some very deep experiences into his sub-conscious mind. He switched to the JWH RCs not wanting to have any more seizures and eventually landed on JWH-210.

It should be noted that SWIM suffers from endogenous depression related to what he believes is a dopamine/phenylethylamine deficiency. SWIMs tolerance built up quickly and it was not long before he was consuming JWH-210 at 4g per week. SWIM does not make a lot of money and could not keep up with this rate of consumption so he knew he was reaching a breaking point.

SWIM used most of the last of his reserve funds to purchase a large quantity of JWH-210 but somehow got the idea that he could reduce his consumption and use the drug to resolve his depression rather than recreationally. This plan actually worked and SWIM quickly went from 4g per week to .5-.75g per week consumption. At this drastically reduced rate of consumption the affects SWIM got were quite different.

SWIM no longer felt as though he got high off the drug but his depression went into complete remission. SWIM actually lost all desire to get high on anything. After taking the drug SWIM would get fairly manic (feeling as though any problem could be tackled). SWIM actually improved his life in several ways (started taking better care of himself and his environment). Originally SWIM smoked his JWH-210 but soon after reducing his consumption he switched to an ethanol tincture.

The only negatives that SWIM noticed were a sensitivity to cold, a problem with counting (the counting problem abated after about a month), and a fairly severe reduction in appetite (SWIM was already skinny but lost additional weight during the process). Positives for SWIM were that he had a motivational reversal - while depressed SWIM had a sever lack of motivation but while medicating with the JWH-210 he was extremely driven. SWIM started sleeping less and less but never felt tired. SWIM also felt like he could be much more accommodating to the demands of others, and this was later confirmed by his GF in therapy.

As he approached a year of use SWIM suddenly was no longer able to receive JWH-210. The last large purchase he made with his reserve money actually was his last (although he did indeed make last a long time as he had wanted to do). Within 24 hours of realizing he was finished with the drug SWIM accepted his fate. He had already informed his family that he was self medicating and many of them were severely distressed about it; however SWIM had been determined to follow his own course.

After two days SWIM began to feel physically ill (this passed a couple days later), and after about 4 days SWIM started to experience severe anxiety and insomnia. This lasted about 2 weeks after which SWIM returned to a fairly normal state. He then started seeing a psychiatrist to deal with his depression. To this day SWIM is grateful that he was able to break out of a severe depressive cycle that was leading him down a very bad road (one that may have ended with suicide). Although he tries to replicate the experience so far he has not been able to precisely.

What SWIM misses most is the drive that he had. Although now on prescription medications he has had some success nothing has replicated the feeling he had. SWIM thinks that perhaps people are not meant to be that driven all the time but still misses it just the same.

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Thank you for providing the positive AND negative side effects.
Old 16-05-2012, 23:42
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Drug: AM-2201 blends (4 mgs of AM-2201 rolled in cigarette paper balls distributed on tobacco blends)
Frequency: Daily 10 mgs in 4 hours (20 mgs divided for 2 SWIMers)
Time Used: 4-5 months
ROA: Smoked
Dosage: 5-8 hits

Firsts alerts started 8 weeks after the beginning of daily use. Anxiety and racing heart beat were notified for them, for 15-30 minutes at 1-2 week intervals each time. After "The Fear" experienced for both, one of them has quitted AM-2201, so after 2 months of daily-use without side effects for him except mild anxiety and racing heart beat sometimes, dissipated one month later.
4 months and several days later of daily-use for the other animal, side effects appeared, at once. Anxiety, paranoid, insomnia, tachycardia, dehydration, loss of appetite, olds trips flashbacks. Everyday, every 6 hours for 3 hours, anxiety trippy-like highs appears, often with minors OEVs -when an object is focused-, sometimes with feelings and mental visions of olds trips.
Once, 3 weeks after the onset of side effects, a strong 2C-P trippy headspace was notified for 3 hours without any visuals. Obsessive nightmares and thoughts about AM-2201 was also reported during the firsts weeks.
All of theses effects decreases very slowly... wait and see.

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Post adds to the content of the thread and includes a multitude of side effects and medical problems
Old 20-05-2012, 18:40
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Drug - The Darkness.
Frequency of use - very inconsistent 1-5 times a day
Symptoms - shakes, puking, blurred vision, increased heart rate, headache, difficulty walking, difficulty talking

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Has the potential to be useful but more Info is needed.. eg. length of time used, etc.
Old 22-05-2012, 05:25
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Drug: AM-2201 blend*
Frequency: every 45 minutes, withdrawals after 4 hours.*
Time used: 3 months without break.*
ROA: smoked.*
Dose: 3-4 hits.*

Swim mainly notices the withdrawal and dependence. He cannot eat without smoking just before, and cannot sleep unless he just smoked. Does any swiy know how long withdrawals would be for this habit?
He also has a persistent cough and consistently coughs up mucus etc.

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Yes people know. Read the post below yours, as well as a few of them above it, your symptoms are still light-quit while you're ahead
Old 22-05-2012, 06:59
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

AM-2201 powder
Used daily for two months. Redose time differed.
Always smoked in a cigarette
10 - 25mg per time.

Initially, this stuff scared me a little. The first few hits were, um, instant comeup, trip like a speed freak on LSD and shrooms whilst utterly locked in position.

Body load none too pleasant, but initially left me in a calm, stoned, reflective state. Tolerance built rapidly.

Fun/mad/scary/calm/reflective trips soon stopped, leaving me feeling, well, drugged. Initially in a pleasant way, then I realised I was redosing too rapidly.

Started waking during the night for night hits.

Started having blackouts, nod outs, paranoia, shadow creatures. Massive munchies at times, to the point of gorging when stoned. Zero appetite control and a painfully distended belly. Acid reflux ensued, but when I did gorge, I didn't think of barfing as I don't have an eating issue usually. Felt like Mr. Creosote just before he exploded.

Night hit waking got to 'Have 2 hours sleep then wake for a hit', then '2 hours sleep and you're up for the night, you'll be very tired, but unable to doze relaxedly on the couch during the day to recover' .

Decided to quit. One rough day followed. Quit decision made on the following.

Powerfully strong urges to obtain and use, including planning and deceit of what was coming through the letterbox.
Random headaches on comedown and following day. One went on to become a migraine, but unsure if correlation equals causation on the migraine.
Lost the urge to urinate. When I remembered, the urine was clear, utterly odourless and copious in quantity. It can't be good.
Dehydration. May be the root of the headaches.
Tolerance built to stupid levels.
Desired effect not happening, just a mild stone and awful body feelings.
Stupid eating decisions.
Disturbed sleep with the night cravings.
Normal body tremors and tics would amplify whenever normal anxiety levels were reached, which spiralled.
Lungs felt -worse- than after any cannabis resin/hash/weed binge I've ever had. My lungs aren't in that good shape to start with, but now they felt full of tarmac, heavy, rattly and breathing sounded like I had fluid in my lungs. I bubbled!.
More withdrawn than usual.
Felt a little off balance.
Lost trains of thought partway. This also made some conversation tricky.
Couldn't read more than half a page of a book without drifting off into a world of my own, day dreaming.
Petit Mal increased in both frequency and length.
Can't say for certain, but implicated in a Grand Mal episode. Strongly suspect interference from prescribed seroquel for that, I goofed my timings up basically.
Many more 'eye floaters' than usual, which became benign shadow creatures that demanded my attention before disappearing. Always in my peripheral vision. As with all 'eye floaters', much more noticable in brightly lit surroundings.
Foul armpit odour and excessive sweating/greasy facial skin.
Despite the stink, and usually having a bath a day, personal hygeine became a daily task, a chore. Prior to useage, I looked forward to my morning bathroom routine. Now it became a grudging task.
Foul halitosis. I went from cleaning my teeth after eating, when I got up, before I went to bed to meh, cleaning teeth is a waste of time. Then back to prior toothbrush habits, but I didn't enjoy cleaning my teeth anymore. The halitosis remained.

Day one ( 24 hours ) after last use felt like day three of opiate withdrawal. I felt like I had 'flu. That was a firelock day.
Day two, body felt fine but I was a bit down. Felt a bit disjointed and woozy. Odd dreams. At last, urinating normally.
Day three, MASSIVE anxiety/panic attack. Can't say for certain if AM-2201 had a part to play. Aftershocks of that one lasted four days.

Now on day seven. Lungs feel like those of a lifelong smoker. Normal then. Normal appetites and appetite control back.
Normal personal hygeine restored. Foul armpit odour and excessive sweating abated. Halitosis no longer an issue.
This stuff is insidious though. I reordered whilst out of it more than once whilst thinking about giving up.

One horrid day, a few meh days and I feel back to how I was before I first tried it.

Oops. Forgot to add a few memory issues. Mostly resolved now, but obviously not quite

Added 3/6/12

Ok, I've had another binge since I posted the above. All the above still applies. It's now a couple of days since I last partook.

Somewhere else, UTFSE to find it, is a post of a news article implicating AM-2201 in a kidney failure. I certainly don't want to put any spin in it, and coincidence may be playing a part here.
This morning, whilst urinating, I noticed my urine had gone very dark and had a red tinge to it. Not like blood, more like red ink. It also stank. This happened last time too.

Reduction in the urge to urinate, totally clear and copious amounts whilst using. I mean clear too. Clear like clean water. No colour tinge at all.
Hmm, totally clear urine and headaches begin to develop. Cessation of useage brings forth a vile stream of mildly alarmingly coloured urine, then normality. To happen each time is a little worrying.
During my last binge, I made an effort to clean my teeth, but the halitosis came back. The halitosis ceased almost upon cessation of useage. I made an effort to monitor my fluid intake. I was drinking more dilute to taste juice than usual, but certainly not to excess. Two coffees in the morning, then all other hot drinks throughout the day are tea. I'd guess three pints of juice, two coffees and two teas. Not excessive by any means. Only a pint of juice over what I'd normally consume.

Bad breath, foul 'pit odour coming back shortly after washing well. For that one, I once tried having a good scrub, then -NOT- using an anti-perspirant/deodourant. If you, or anyone in your vicinity has a functioning sense of smell, think of them please if this happens to you. I don't wish to gross anyone out here, but when I started sweating on my chest area as well, I wiped my chest with a sheet of kitchen paper, then sniffed.
Definite faint whiff of the pit there, so all over BO?. Yucky anyway.

I am -NOT- a medical doctor, but even to a layman like me, that strikes as my kidneys are struggling under the stress to remove nasties. They can't, so my body adopts other methods to dump its by-products. As these methods aren't anywhere near as effective as a kidney, I slowly poison myself, then run out of chem. The kidneys recover very quickly and after a day, the vilest pee known to man emerges and the other body stinks stop happening.

I may be guilty here of mistaking correlation for causation and the prejudice that lead to it, but also, I can and have repeated the experience. Any one else get similar?

Post Quality Reviews:
Thank you for personalizing this post a bit- Useful info on the consistency of AM-2201 side effects

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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

- AM 2201 Own blends, Damiana 25g to 1G - 2G of AM 2201
- Become an addiction, smoking hits throughout the day, waking up in night to re-hit.
- 3 months of proper addiction, 6 to 7 months altogether
- Headaches, Acne, Bad temper, Confusion, Short term memory loss, Weakness in muscles, Feeling cold.
- It took me a full month to be completely clear of residual effects, was still having some nausea in the 3rd and 4th week of discontinued use.
- Smoked in joints, occasionally bong.
- 0.5 gram joints

I had an addiction to AM 2201 like many others have had, Its not nice and makes AM 2201 a drug never worth trying IMO, I won't write much more as my addiction report it written up in the AM 2201 section I will try to find the link!

- Meen green
- Daily over three months
- 3 Months
- N/A
- Smoked/Damiana Blend
- Pure rolled king size joints

Now this blend is very interesting and recently back on the market, previously it had been taken off the market as the producer claimed that the country they made the blend in had banned the chemical and so they had to source a new place to make their blend.

Whilst taking Meen green, which was the first synthetic blend I had ever tried, I experienced almost no side effects, as it was a long time ago I took this I can vaguely remember having a bit of short term memory loss much the same as I get when smoking weed. I am not sure of the chemical it contained but would be interested to find out, the only other reason I tried any other synthetic cannabonoids blends was because of this one and I never found another one that matched the effects.

I would say that the chemical being used as to be weaker ( sorry about not being very scientific) as I use to roll pure king size joints, if I had tried this with other blends I have smoked I would have had many panic attacks.

The effects are hard to describe but as my brother put it ( I have never tried MDMA) "It is somewhere between weed and taking MDMA" The effects at starting doses, 1 to 2 joints, Were felt as extreme euphoria, this is the most euphoria I have ever experienced out of the drugs I have taken, You would laugh however not uncontrollably, you would also notice a distinct body high that felt as if gravity no longer existed, You felt as if you were floating almost. As you upped the dose to 3 or 4 joints you would start to get what me and my friends who have tried the blend call time phrases, this is where if you look left to right the images kind of jump into place rather than process smoothly, My cousin noted the first time he used it that he would think of a recent memory such as walking from one room to another and then realize that he is so deep in thought he feels as if he was actually re-doing that memory.

Meen green is a very interesting blend and although I made a life time promise to stay away from blends I have decided to re-try this blend to see if the producers claim of using the same chemical is true. I will get back to you on that one in a trip report on the RC forums. I have many more blends to post about as I have tried quite a few, Hope that information was helpful people. I'll post about some more next few days coming.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Blend Containing AM2201 (was told this by maker, otherwise no proof)

Started with their weak blend and a couple hits would be all I needed for a night. Stepped up to the next strength and started using daily, then their max strength which took use to another level about 4grams per night 6pm-6am.

Have been using for just over a year

Low Tolerance: Very intense deep thoughts, neither negative nor positive really just deep thought into what we are. Anxiety and paranoia only while experiencing its high.
High Tolerance: Hardly feel the high, nodding out after taking a bowl, strong urge to re-dose very often.

Side effect after stopping the first time were the worst. I got very depressed and anxiety ridden by the next day. Sleep was nearly impossible and I felt overly bored with life. After a week my tolerance was gone and I could feel weed again which immediately reduced the horrible state of mind I was in. Since then I have reached full tolerance several times and have taken several extended breaks from the blend, none of the times sense the first have had psychological withdraw symptoms.

-Bong 95% of the time. I used a metal bowl a handful of times always when I couldn’t be at home. Tried vaping in my iolite but it doesn’t get hot enough. I ate about 2grams of the weaker blend one time and it did seem to make my later smoke sessions last longer, but I can’t say with any certainty.

Dosage: at first was no more than a hit or 2. Now it’s the whole bowl and if not where I wanna be another bowl…

Although I still very much enjoy blend I in a way wish I would have never found it, can’t want something you don’t know exists and all that. Although I no longer experience the withdrawal symptoms anymore when I stop I remain very bored with life when not high which keeps me coming back. Have had no problems with not being able to eat with or without the blend but my appetite has definitely been curved losing over 100lbs since I started. I have had several “freakout” sessions where I thought I was dying, but I have been able to have a moment of clarity each time, enough to tell myself I’m having a panic attack and like magic the freakout stops and then I’m left with the awesome intense high that remains.

I have since tried one of the new blends with new chems and I am not a fan. AM2201 was intense but it always felt familiar. The new blend felt very physical and just “off” instead of being pleasantly high. Also I was an idiot and was sure there would be cross tolerance since I was nearly completely tolerant to my AM blend, nope, so 1 bowl down and didn’t start to feel it until I took the last hit, I grew out of the habit of waiting for effect since I’ve been using AM and its nearly immediate. The freak out on the new blend was a lot worse than the AM OD’s I’ve experienced. First there was pain, I got this intense “locking” sensation in the back of my head and then suddenly I couldn’t hear my heart beating anymore. This is not uncommon (the heartbeat thing) so I tell myself I’m freakin and try to change the subject on myself…wait I’m not breathing. So now I realize I’m not breathing, just laying down watching tv without breathing like its no big deal. So that flips me and I decide I have to get up to get the blood moving…collapse…try again…collapse…ok I’ll settle for standing on my knees I guess. Now the Head rush from moving from laying down to being on my knees intensifies into a headache and cold sweats. So I’m on my knees in the middle of my bed, covered in sweat, breathing all weird because I’m having to consciously breath, and it still feels like my hearts not beating and I’m getting weaker. I started looking around my room and saw my phone was on the other side of my room (seemed huge but its not at all) and I couldn’t get it, at this point I accepted my death and was imaging my family finding me in my room dead junky style, not a nice frame of mind. Knowing that it was my ignorance and the OD that caused this I smoked much lower amounts after, and even then it doesn’t feel right, not bad, but not great.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Blend Names - K2*/Puff Exotica/Puff Natural/
Puff Philosophers Stone/Ibiza/Illusion Plus*

Also these now banned products:
Dream/Marley Extra Strength*/Puff Super Strength*/Puff The Magic Dragon*

These blends were purchased in New Zealand where synthetic cannabis products do not carry a list of specific ingredients. The NZ government started banning certain chemicals used in synthetic blends 12 months ago, however we do not know what chemicals they have banned.

Frequency of Use – Every 30 minutes when I’m at home, and I’m home a lot.

Length of Time Used – I have been a cannabis smoker for over 30 years, and it is only in the last two years that I have been smoking synthetic blends. This is due to the fact that it is hard for me to find the real thing. A very unfortunate fact.

ROA – Smoked
Dosage – One cone at a time approximately every 30 minutes.

Side Effects
I have had a number of bad experiences, but I will write about two particular times that were quite frightening for me.

The first bad experience happened on a lovely Sunday afternoon. In order to keep the high continuing, I was smoking fairly constantly. Around 1pm, after smoking the Puff Super Strength, my head started to spin. Paranoia swept in as I was lying on my sofa, trying to keep myself together. I started hearing a sound inside my head, an experience I had never felt before. It was like a techno beat playing over and over. This might have been quite awesome had it not been for the fact that I thought it would never go away. The sound went on and on, I couldn’t switch if off. It wasn’t like a sound in my ear, it was actually inside my head!! I was certain that I would end up in an institution. I had images of being publicly shamed for putting myself in this position. I was unable to move. Finally, after about half an hour or so, I was able to get to the phone to ring some friends to ask them to help me. By the time they arrived, about an hour later, I was better and able to get up and walk and talk properly. The sound inside my head had finally gone away. I swore to myself that I would never smoke synthetics again.

Two weeks later, in the evening, I was smoking cones of both Marley and Puff The Magic Dragon. It was dark, and I had only a small lamp on in the lounge room. Just as well, because I suddenly started feeling quite odd – in a bad way. My head was sort of swimming, and everything seemed slightly distorted. It felt strange to move my body. I became very frightened, and kept thinking why the heck did I do this again? I rang my daughter, who lives in another country. When I dialed her number, the light from the cordless phone was so fucking bright! I could not look at the phone when I was trying to dial her number, and it took me ages to finally get it right. When she answered, I couldn’t speak properly because every time I did, my body felt like it was moving without my consent. Needless to say, my daughter was quite worried about me, so fortunately, after about 10 or 15 minutes I felt “straight” enough to talk properly. But that light was still so Bright.

It is great for me to be able to “talk” about this with people who understand and who do not judge.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Originally Posted by RClover View Post
As you upped the dose to 3 or 4 joints you would start to get what me and my friends who have tried the blend call time phrases, this is where if you look left to right the images kind of jump into place rather than process smoothly, My cousin noted the first time he used it that he would think of a recent memory such as walking from one room to another and then realize that he is so deep in thought he feels as if he was actually re-doing that memory.
YES!!! You are describing the "stop motion" effect I often find myself trying to explain to people. It scared the piss out of me the first couple times but then I started to REALLY like it and stated to chase it which is hard when tolerance builds which lead to extreme abuse. My most common memories of the stop motion is simply realizing I'm in stop motion and grabbing a soda from the fridge next to the bed, Its like I think about it so hard how its gonna play out (just the motion of me picking up my arm, opening the fridge and crackin the tab open) and before I know it I'm drinking it I'm like damn that happen fast although it probably took me at least twice as long as when sober. I will still have the vivid stop motion (like slow motion images snapping into place as you described) memory in my head of my arm slowly moving to grab the handle but it seemed fast at the same time, weird and to me cool. Seems really stupid and weird that the above would be pleasant or memory worthy, but it was so routine it became ingrained in my head. I love the deep thoughts that came with low tolerance high doses, I feel it let me really look at myself, this life, this existence and realize I was barely living and gave me a yearning for more out of life, an admittedly much heavier head, but wouldn't change it as I feel much more open minded now.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

A friend of a friend has two cannabinoid binge stories to share. The first was a 10-month JWH-018 binge, followed six months later by an 8-month various-head-shop-blend / AM-2201 binge ending about 1 month ago.

AFOAF is such a party boy that he wrote about his adventures binging on synthetic pot and rc's on the back of a cocktail napkin. Leaving me to type it up while party boy sleeps it off. So, I'll just type it in his own words verbatim in the interest of drug education.



method: Vape off of alum foil. Very easy (unlike am-2201, not vapeable?). Vaped the pure rc every time, never used blends.

length: 10-months daily, but with a few days and weeks vacation here and there.

dose: started with less than 1 mg, after 2-3 months, up to 30 mg piles. 1 dose at a time at first, then 2-3-no limit doses after a few months.

frequency: every 4 hrs at first, every 45 min, after 2-3 months.

Positive Effects: Euphoria just like pot. At first a single mg was enough to get me so high I was on the verge of tripping too hard every time. But, I was always able to talk my self out of the paranoia, and then enjoyed the pot-like high immensely for the rest of the trip. Never had a bad trip on JWH-018 - loved it right up until the day it became illegal. Quit cold turkey with minimal addiction cravings. Only physical symptom I recall was high energy for several days and general, moderate anxiety. Not hellish like with AM-2201.

Negative Side Effects:

Short term memory loss. On J-dub, I was ridiculously absent minded. I would constantly forget why I entered a room. Or, spend 15 minutes looking for the remote control which was on the coffee table where it belongs all along. Duh! Memory loss abated within a few weeks of discontinuation.

Diarreah. I had the squirts the whole time I was binging.

Weird chest / neck pains.

Muscle cramps: JWH-018 gave me MAJOR, regular muscle cramps and a strange sensation that the chemical was accumulating in my muscles. Has anyone else experienced this muscle rigidity/weirdness?

Edit: All symptoms abated within a month.

Not As Good As Pot: JWH-018 is shorter lived than pot, has higher propensity to psychological addiction than pot, muscle/bowel issues.


Pure AM-2201 / blends including: Mad Hatter, AK-47, Chris' Spice (with AM-2201)

Method: Bong hits of blends/ piles of rc sandwiched between blends. Was not able to vape AM-2201 off of foil like JWH-018. What was I doing wrong?

Dosage: One bong hit of blend at first, several hits after few months. Eventually, piling the pure rc into the bowl up to 25 mg at a time sandwiched between herbal incense.

Frequency: At first, every 4-hours, eventually, every 45 minutes.

Positive Effects: Good substitute for JWH-018. Same general buzz, euphoria. Music enhancement/auditory hallucinations. Like, the other day, I was in a hotel alone smoking spice and I heard a Tom Petty song coming from somewhere. But, I left no radio/tv on. Where was the music coming from? An adjacent room?

I finally traced the music to the bathroom fan which was spinning at a frequency that reminded my tripping brain of that song and my stoned mind filled in (hallucinated) the rest. Also, I now believe that AM-2201 makes me a better bass player because the analgesic effect makes it easier to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the fingers. I never noticed this on JWH but I never tried to play the bass on J-Dub so I can't compare.

Negative Side Effects: Short term memory loss. Lack of ambition. Muscle cramps/rigidity (this is particularly troubling - Anybody else?). Strong psychological/physical cravings. Weird chest pains.

Detox Symptoms: One week of high anxiety, useless distracting speed-like energy, sweating, chills, feeling very hungry and knowing that I need to eat, but yet somehow simultaneously nauseaus and knowing that eating a bite of food is out-of-the-question just not edible. Lost 10-15 pounds, waking up every two hours - classic symptoms.

Knowing what I now know, I believe that tapering-off of this drug (as opposed to cold turkey, which was my method) is entirely possible and probably preferable to suffering the withdrawal symptoms. Tapering-off could theoreticaly be completed in as little as one week by taking minimal maintainence doses only. Better still, try cutting use by 1/3 per day every third day. Has anyone actually tried tapering-off successfully?

Long Term Side Effects: Unknown. Currently using blends (not rc's), but not addicted. In fact, I just took 3 days off of blends and suffered no withdrawal symptoms. Since detoxing about one month ago, have been smoking in moderation - one hit only, waiting at least two hours between hits, to control tolerance with success.

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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

If your body is like mine you may find that only the first couple times of heavy AM abuse withdrawals are even note worthy. In me some strange phenomena happened after my first AM withdrawl (which fuckin sucked but was short) I never had a bad withdrawl again. I take breaks now intentionally to baseline tolerance (about a week for me) and have never had bad withdrawls again, still want to smoke it pretty bad, but none of that restless energy you mentioned, eating problems, anxiety, panic, general feeling of dread. Its not because I'm keeping tolerance down either because when I stop (to lower tolerance) I'm usually barely able to get anything from my strongest blend at about 4gram per night.

Some Long Term Effects I have noticed but cannot be certain its do to AM as I feel like I'm at a crossroad in my life, but they have occurred during my use:

-Video Games: I used to be content with playing them pretty much non-stop, I have no desire at all anymore, I tried playing games I used to love and just get immediately bored.

-Freshwater Fish Keeping: This is my hobby, I've loved it as long as I can remember. I would spend a few hour each day maintaining all my tanks, watching my beautiful monsters (New World Cichlids, catfish, bichir's) and this used to be especially fin while high. I've essentially lost interest in them only doing bare minimum (keeping them healthy) and have been considering getting rid of them. I know this is probably not looked at as a side effect by you, but It is something I loved that I suddenly no longer care about.

-I've become content with being a slob, my room used to be immaculate now I dont think there is a single peice of clothes in my dresser or closets (besides my suits) because they are flung about my floor, something that would have had my going bonkers before, I now couldnt care less.

-Reading: I've always enjoyed the occasional novel, but recently I've been reading like mad. Not when High which I find pretty hard to do lol, but since I feel like my mind is much more open than it used to be the simple things that used to entertain me no longer do and things that allow my mind to wander and use my imagination are lovely.

-Life: I realized I am not happy with my life at all. I have such a huge desire for more out of this life now than I used to before using. I was very much content with just working to exist before, now I just want to live so bad and explore this amazing planet we live, a yearning for knowledge and understanding, I know I've said this before but its like I'm no longer content with this show and need to see whats behind the curtains, if that makes any sense.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

Eatingleg4peanut brings up a very important point for this discussion. Is full-blown withdrawal after heavy-use a one-time-only phenomenon? After one hellish week-long bout of "potpourri flu" does the body become immune from future bouts of physical withdrawal symptoms? Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, eatingpeanut4leg reports loss of interest in all hobbies and has become a slob. This could be because he's become engrossed in cannabinoids, which has become his new all-encompassing hobby. All old hobbies become boring.

However, these side effects also happen to be classic symptoms of depression. Like a checklist of depression symptoms reads eating4peanut's list of long-term side effects, actually. Depression which could be coincidental to cannabinoid use. You should possibly see a shrink about this, dude.
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Re: Synthetic Cannabinoid Side Effects Discussion

After my first withdrawal from AM-2201 blends with 2g a day habit, I had a couple terrible days. But the next time I stopped from 3 grams a day I just had some mild nausea, and the next time I quit I had no symptoms. This seems to be a pattern in AM-2201.

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