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Amphetamine Amphetamine AKA speed

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Old 28-04-2012, 16:25
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Amphetamine redose question?

SWIM had never done any kind of drug before, and exactly 3 weeks ago, she orally ingested 120mg of amphetamine salts (instant release) within 20 minutes, and having zero tolerance. This was a big extreme for SWIM because she had zero tolerance- a mild overdose. SWIM had a racing heart, mild paranoia, extreme dry mouth, and difficulty with standing and her vision. She took the 120mg around 5:30pm, didn't sleep that night, felt tweaked out the next day, slept 5 hours the next night, and after that, she was back to feeling normal. SWIM also experienced a lengthy and extremely intense euphoria during this first experience.

Three weeks later, yesterday, SWIM swallowed another 120mg of amphetamine salts and had less intense affects. No racing heart, less vision and standing problems, less of a cotton mouth, and no paranoia. This time's euphoria was also much less intense and it did not last as long as SWIM's first time. SWIM wanted to save the euphoria so she popped 30mg more about 2 hours after the first dose, for a total of 150mg for the night, and the additional 30mg did not seem to enhance the euphoria much for SWIM.

It is the morning after, and SWIM has not slept. She feels fine, much better than her first experience. She has eaten, has a wetter mouth, more regular pulse, no paranoia, no more euphoria (of course, being the day after), and no problems seeing or walking.


SWIM is wondering;
-since she has not slept since taking the 120mg and then the additional 30mg, could she take a nap for a few hours and then take 30mg or 60mg tonight for another less intense experience? SWIM could nap today to prevent psychosis, stay up Saturday night on the next dose, and sleep a lot on Sunday night.

-would taking 30mg even have an affect on her mentally? would 60mg? would it be very damaging to her brain, because it is depleted of chemicals because of the 150mg taken 24 hours ago?

**SWIM is 5'6 and 170lbs.
These two instances are the only time that SWIM has ever used drugs.

Thank you!
Old 28-04-2012, 18:23
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Re: Amphetamine redose question?

Waiting at LEAST a few days before taking it again would be very beneficial. Adderall is also the most addictive thing my dog has ever used, overshadowing benzos, alcohol, hard opiates, etc by a long shot. Like SWIY my dogs first dose was way more than it should have been (120mg vyvanse with no clue what amphetamines did, dear god what fun/excruciating 30 hours that was) and he found himself to be addicted almost instantly.

And since SWIY first two doses were really high, 30mg of adderall will barely do anything for her if she doesn't wait for quite a while for her tolerance to significantly lower. And don't expect to ever experience as much euphoria as the first time, it's just never quite the same after that.

The general consensus between my dog and his buddies is that redosing or taking doses too close together will hardly produce any euphoria, and instead will just begin to produce more focus and attention like the drug is supposed to do.

All in all just wait as long as you can before dosing again because it really won't be worth it.

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Decent advice, very helpful, totally agree on waiting to do more.

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