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Old 04-05-2012, 19:01
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What one might expect

Now that my dog has a few experiences with LSD, he would like to share some of the effects it had on him. Perhaps it will be helpful for someone who wants to try it for the first time.
The LSD that he used was called "Maya" and supposedly 250µg.

"The first hour or two i always felt very restless. Like something was missing, i thought i was craving nicotine, but i wasn't. You might start to laugh. Feelings on tingling inside. It's almost like the drug is telling you - well, here it comes. I think it's best to be in a comfortable environment the first hours, because this restless feeling might freak you out."

"Visually everything seems like it's slightly moving. Colors start to play together. All bright colors stick out. For example, i went to my bathroom and was suddenly blinded by my orange sheets i left near the washing machine. When looking around i sometimes saw these sharp, bright trails (looking at the stars is amazing). Things might look distorted. When focusing on 1 object i start getting these flashes around my vision. I've noticed this every time."

"Overall i felt this weird energy, but at the same time i felt reluctant to even move. It's nice to sit in a cozy place and just enjoy "

1nigga added 1065 Minutes and 51 Seconds later...

He also told me this:

"It is now almost 21.00. I took LSD at 22.00 (i woke at 18.00), so thats 23 hours ago. 1 hour ago i did 1 light joint with 3 other people. Half an hour ago i did a nice fat joint. Now the LSD visuals came back and it feels more intense than before, but without the fuzzy/weird feeling that LSD gives. Is this normal? Or is it just because i have stayed up for over 24 hours? Because i actually notice my vision goes kind of weird after i stayed up for about 20 hours. But it's not so intense, as it is right now. Maybe someone can relate to this?"

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Old 08-05-2012, 09:18
1nigga 1nigga is offline
Join Date: 21-04-2012
Male from Earth
Posts: 44
1nigga is an unknown quantity at this point
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Re: What one might expect

My dog also wants to add that days after his last trip, he still sometimes sees these flashes, also some shaky objects have been reported. Last time he took about 3x of the dose, so perhaps this is the reason, as these effects didn't happen before.
Old 11-05-2012, 12:08
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Re: What one might expect

Quite a similar experience with Nighter. Nighter dropped an unknown dose a month ago and even now he sometimes thinks his phone is ringing when it is not, sees some inanimate objects moving slightly etc all from the corner of his eyes.

Mary Jane after Alice does make for some awesome visuals. It's a must-do on the comedown.
Old 13-05-2012, 09:07
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Re: What one might expect

jim agrees that a nice bowl is the surest way to ease the comedown. pot has all sorts of interesting potentiating effects right across the board, especially with hallucinogenic and similar drugs that can have the trip rushing back the day afterward. besides experiencing this with acid, jim particularly recalls the day after a dxm trip when he shared a blunt with his friend and spent the rest of the night thinking he could talk to a cat (no ordinary cat this, it drank from a water bottle and ate swiss chalet chicken).

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