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Old 04-05-2012, 20:34
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Notebook of a AM-2201 head

Hello all,

Unfortunately this is a another cannabinoid horror story. Some days ago, SWIM found in the park a book written by a mysterious turtle and his goldfish, about experiences with a potent compound : the AM-2201.

This is the summary.

Some months ago, this turtle bought 5 grams of high-grade AM-2201 powder, intrigued by the very interesting value and great reports about it, a few milligrams is enough to produce the desired results.
So, after a anti-allergic test, the turtle and his goldfish smokes 2 mgs for each of the stuff for the first time in a pipe.
A powerful psychedelic high kicks immediately for both, for a 80 minutes duration. Great deal indeed.

After that, the animals begin to use it more and more often, and finally everyday after work. In a few weeks, a compound initially bought for recreational (and occasional) use turns into a real addiction. Tolerance builds-up quickly too, and finally the only important thing of the day was the next high.
10 milligrams were easily daily consumed for each.
A third animal attempted to prevent them multiple times because the situation became really dangerous... but the turtle and the goldfish did not recognize the evidence, minimizing the thing despite firsts side effects that begin to appear : sometimes, for a few minutes, a racing heart beat and mild-anxiety high is observed for the two animals.
Neither the turtle nor the goldfish has never talked about it, afraid to admit that it was not a safe product. And inevitably, to recognize the need to reduce consumption of the compound.

At this time, addiction was really start to running. The third creature has finally decidates to quit the group. Turtle and goldfish continues heavy consumption.

"The Fear"

One evening, as usual, our two favourites animals are smoking some AM-2201 blends when the phone ring. Two others creatures want to join them with some good weed.
One hour later they comes, it's 21pm. At midnight everyone is really high, and the goldfish decides to roll a giant AM-2201 blend with some tobacco. But the stuff wasn't pre-dosed and the fish drawed directly in the 5 grams bag... 30-35mgs is sprinkled into the "joint".

The turtle and his goldfish smokes the majority of that mega-blend, none of them is conscient of the presence of that monster dose. The two others animals takes only a few tokes.
That blend will never be finished.

Almost immediately after larges firsts tokes, a strange headspace and racing heart-beat is notified by turtle and fish.


5 minutes later, a VERY strong dissociative headfuck kicks. They laughs and move on the couch in a back and forth movement trance and a overwhelming auditive buzz is notified for both, they already control more than anything and are completely washed away by the effects.
10 minutes later they are in a total immobility open-eyed state, disconnected from the room. Freaky spectacle for the two others animals indeed.

And here the AM-2201 fully deploys its power : a infernal ++++ kicks in a few minutes, a mix between the strongest acid trip and really heavy-dose PCP dissociative mindfrag. The visuals are the craziests ever seen by both of them, and this is experienced animals.
Effects are by far too much massives and they fall down on the couch, with closed eyes. So, they "sleep" side by side for 45 minutes, this is almost a funny scene but at this point they are entirely losts in a total mind frag state.
Neither one nor the other can not speak or even move, forcing them to hear themselves think. Their own voice echoe in their head and are losts in the overwhelming auditive buzz.
CEV's are frankly insanes, sorts of infernals cars race, all of the senses are affected by the craziests scenarios ever imagined in any trip lived by them. Really dark dissociative presence too, as owned by a true demon.
Pure horror passage.
So, 45 minutes later, they finally wake up, and opens their eyes. Both of them are totally cleans after vomiting, yet tired as hell. They did all these things at the same time, and we can say that the turtle and goldfish smoked almost 15 mgs each.

After that, one week has passed with no smoking for anybody. The goldfish smokes very occasionnaly, maybe 20 milligams per month.
Yet turtle continues daily-use, 10 milligrams per day in standards tobaccos blends. Addiction was stronger than "The Fear" for the turtle.

Important note, the animals have totally forgotten the peak and some parts of that crazy trip. Jesus !

Side effects

Some weeks after "The Fear" -and remember, back in the daily smoking for the turtle- this is the scariest passage and the ending of the story. After 5 months of daily AM-2201 use which is corresponding to a +10 milligrams per day, the 5g bag is only half consumed.

So, at the evening, the turtle smokes his last blend of the day, it's 21pm. He's totally sober when he comes to sleep at midnight, quite tired.

And here you can see the AM-2201 true demon.

A strong paranoid trippy-like effects kicks in a few minutes, turtle is totally awake now. He wake up, entirely dress, and goes to outside due to claustrophobic feeling. The turtle knows that this time, something wrong and throw the rest of the bag in the toilet, so approximately $50.
That's a really strong anxiety psychedelic high with trippy-like effects and racing heart-beat. Blurry vision and minors OEV's were even notified.
Finally, the turtle is back to home at 7am, and watch some animes videos until the late effects. Finally he can sleep at 10am. The same tripping high appears again at 15pm of the same day, and forced him to woke up and goes outside... again.

An important point, the first two weeks at the peaks of that "highs", turtle was sometimes briefly replaced in some part of olds trips. Mental visions and feelings olds acid, cactii and 2C-X trips were notified, with extreme racing heart-beat. During only half an hour fortunately.

One month later, the same effects persistings, mental anxiety and confusion are permanently presents, with mild-strong psychedelics "highs" sometimes, during 3 hours, every 6 hours, everyday.
No physical symptoms except that the turtle is thirsty everytime, but not hungry. As if the AM-2201 had replaced the need to eat.
Every nights, psychedelics nightmares about AM-2201 - yes, the poor creature dreams about the stuff... forced our turtle to deal with it with benzos, tea cups and sleeping pills to ignore repeated nightmares. The animal can't work at this moment, and prefers stay alone due to frequents highs.

The generals effects decreases very slowly, weeks after weeks...

On the last page it says that AM-2201 is not another simple pot-like compound, it's a very strong headfuck with potent psychedelics properties. At elevate doses, the typical high quickly becomes in a overwhelming haze and at highest doses, that's completely morphed into a total mind frag horrific trip. Tolerance builds-up quickly too in 5 weeks of daily-use our animal needs some more milligrams to have the standard effects.

Once, in two days, 120 milligrams were smoked by turtle and the goldfish, equally distributed in 30 blends and the effects stagnates at the 10th blend, corresponding at 40 milligrams.
They continues to smoke the rest however, blends after blends, in two days...

Important note, weed always works for all animals of this story even after 3 months of daily AM-2201 use for the turtle.

So, due to high-risks addiction, the terrible side effects and the facility to overdose it, our animals don't recommend that compound to anyone.
The use of such material must be very occasionnaly, at your own risks. Smoke that stuff like pot, in blends moreover, is definitely a mistake.
Old 05-05-2012, 17:08
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

I feel you brother but really,its nothing new here.You couldn't keep your use nor dose under control and you blame the compound for that?

I have used synthetic cannabinoids including am-2201 on/off for 2 years and never had any problems.This stuff is not for weak minded and for those that have addictive personality.Personally I have noticed that usage can get out of control really fast.Actually this still happens to me everytime I get new batch.But I know when it starts to get out of hand,I throw the stuff away and binge for atleast 4 weeks.
Best way to enjoy compound but still avoid any problems associated with it.

Post Quality Reviews:
Binging on the ordered quantity, trashing when if it gets out control, and finally reordering, starting a new binge and addiction is NOT a good way to handle this chemical !!!
Old 17-05-2012, 00:32
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

Of course nobody can blame any compound, the danger is the use made ​​of it.
Totally agree with you, the AM-2201 is definitely not for beginners -or "weak-minded", lol i love that term- and addictive personalities, but the animals of this story have ever done many drugs, with no problems so far.
But it is clear that this is a compound that induces a high risk of abuse, and in many people, certainly related to the fact that the effects are short, immediate and powerful.

Originally Posted by Sgmfrd View Post
Personally I have noticed that usage can get out of control really fast.Actually this still happens to me everytime I get new batch.
And abuse of AM-2201 seems at today undoubtedly trigger powerful side effects for many SWIMmers. And based on the effects recounted here, perhaps even lead to problems in long terms, especially for beginners or "weak-minded". Wait and see for this point...

This story was posted just to warn about the dangers of AM-2201, a "real" RC because very new, still relatively unknown.

Post Quality Reviews:
Quite true in what you say about not blaming the drug, but the manner in which it is used.
Old 17-05-2012, 04:20
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

AM-2201 can get out of control very quickly. My pet fox, for instance, was quite worried about it. His father died in 2000 from alcoholism (cirrhosis of the liver), so he [my fox] is very aware and alert about addiction. He has a schedule of when he can do AM-2201. (Usually on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights due to the odd days he has to work. Those are the nights when he doesn't work the next day.) He has a strictly controlled amount he can smoke every day and only does it at night. (More a personal preference, though.) Some nights he'll feel so high he won't even smoke his entire allotted amount for that night.

You need discipline with AM-2201. Like everyone else, he binged when he first got a hold of it. (Doing it every day, and more per day than he probably should.) After about a month, he realized what was going on and immediately did a 3 week "detox" (which he stuck to and did not cheat) and then implemented the current restrictions. It has worked very well for him. He feels no tolerance building. (Doesn't get higher off two hits after being clean for 3 days than he does after doing it two days in a row. eg, on Wednesday and Thursday.) This was his intended result.

The point is this: If you can control your dose, AM-2201 can be very fun. Make sure your tolerance doesn't spike and you can enjoy it and get very high without smoking very much of it. It should be noted my fox makes a 22:1 homeblend. (Usually 22 grams at a time with 1 gram of AM-2201.) Quality control, if you make a blend, is also key. You need to know exactly how much you're smoking. (And that can be figured out when you put the ratios together yourself.) My fox has been experimenting with 28:1 homeblend and thinks he may actually like that a little more. He smokes less AM-2201 but feels just as high, so it's win-win.

This got sort of preachy maybe, but I thought I should share. Aside from an accidental overdose a few days ago (due to an overly clean pipe that hit with MUCH less resistance than previously) he's never really had a bad experience with this method.

Post Quality Reviews:
good post, very well written. SWIM can sign this for JWH-210 too, almost same story. Seems like at least 1 harsh detox is needed to shove off ignorance and learn discipline/moderation.
Old 19-05-2012, 12:35
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

Absolutely true and to copy another post, the AM-2201 doesn't have "the grip" that the crack has and you wouldn't kill to get the stuff. But if you have large quantities in the hands or that the product is available in the area, the temptation is present and the product will be consumed more it will be stronger and last longer.

To take the example of my goldfish, no lack of effect is reported even after several months of heavy use but it does not seem true for everyone. Spartan discipline regulating consumption (and dosage of course) must be applied indeed, otherwise you succumb to temptation, literally, and the reasons are legion to follow these rules : tolerance, side effects, lack of knowledge about the compound...

If it's not a "hard drug" itself, that's definitely a dangerous compound which should not be placed in any hands.
Old 24-05-2012, 13:42
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

Sorry everyone I may have sounded bit too harsh on my earlier post to this topic.

Synthetic stuff is no stuff to joke about.Addiction potential is huge.SWIM just smoked last from his batch yesterday,gladly its gone now.I ended up smoking over 2 weeks straight,about 3 sessions a day.

Actually last few days I didn't even like the high that much anymore,but I couldn't stop.Everytime I got bored I wanted to lit a joint.Actually I was thinking about smoking this stuff all the time.

This was only 2 weeks period so I won't say this stuff can't fuck you up in long run,but for me only negative side effects were:

-HUGE urge to smoke all the time and because of that you become really lazy/passive to do anything

-Eating becomes a chore,I didn't feel like eating at all if I wasn't high

This substance has huge addiction potential,its hard to not consume when you have this stuff in your stash. So my tips for safe synthetic use are:
1.Have strong mind so you can control your usage so it doesn't get out of control
2.or just order small batches at the time,when your batch is empty you know it time to keep a break (Swim uses this technique)
3.Know your dose

Be safe guys! And have fun with this substance,but still be careful
Old 06-08-2012, 23:25
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Re: Notebook of a AM-2201 head

Finally it's time to write the end of this story and a summary of events.

So the effects kickeds at once for almost a 4 months duration, and the 2 firsts months were really serious with strong anxiety and many trips flashbacks, resulting to 4 months of daily consumption. Dissipates in a few days.
Here are the main :
- anxiety
- tachycardia
- loss of appetite and severe dehydration
- many other effects on a case by case such as blurry vision / OEVs, trips flashbacks, dissociative headspace...
- and, of course, obsessive thoughts about the stuff just like any addiction.

This is some advices given by the turtle to manage the generals effects.

First you should not lose control obviously, because this anxiety quickly turns to paranoia and odd behavior and you must STAY STRONGER THAN THE DRUG even if you must repeat it day and night. This is not simple side or lack effects, it's almost a true dark trip with a striking force of titan and multiple properties, and you should always have your mind occupied because sinisters thoughts returning quickly when you let you wander or do nothing.
Drinks a lot and a lot of water, anyway the dehydration is such you have no choice. Watching TV or comedys forcing to smiling as The Mask or Malcolm in the middle sitcom is a good idea too, as well that walk outside with some good music in the headphones.
A call to a friend and and keep in touch with people are your bests defenses, because this reduces the effects and occupies the mind. Don't be alone if you are not able to overcome the effects anyway.
The hardest passage is sleeping time obviously because at this time you're not busy obviously, and soft lighting and reassuring music may be prepared AND OF COURSE benzos combined with sleeping pills because trust me, the AM-2201 nightmares you wake up. Be careful with possible interactions for others.

Concerning the trips reminiscients, unfortunately sometimes the only solution was to be shielded from benzos to crush anxiety increased by the trip by itself while at other times swept like magic. They always kicks in a few minutes without any particular chronological order almost everyday / night, for 3 hours duration and strong claustrophobia were notified for all. Not cleans trips anyway.
Believe me, I've never seen anything like that and I would not want to anyone this particularly insidious AM-2201 phenomenon. You have no room for error and you must be stronger than ever.

But this compound has no soul and does not have deep introspection that psychedelics have but do not hesitate to see a hypnotist as it is time to reduce the effects because even if the AM-2201 is not able to lock you up forever in the labyrinths they can affect you long term as any trip. Definitely not worse than an odd 10-years old acid trip anyway.

No problems after that, but it's undoubtedly a real fight and even an experienced psychonaut like this turtle has struggled to hold the line against this colossus. All animals of this story have since left the RC scene, dangerous nowadays due to the recently race of the labs to create always more potent compounds. This new generation of ultrapowerful synthetics cannabinoids has virtually no limits, apparently able to trigger just about everything and anything at all levels. I read somewhere that AM-2201 is called "The crack of the weed". Not so wrong indeed.

An important note to conclude, as usual the AM-series will be banned in a few months so be careful with suspect weed given the low dose-range required, especially for this one. I think this is already the case even.

Stay in a safe place,

Turtle sends his bests wishes.

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