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nudity , running around in the buff, do you find it therapeutic ? detoxing nude?

I edited different materials that I have been reading on the topic of being a naturist, I had rediscoverd the freedom of going nude, it for me is not something I do often , but when i get the chance , I do it.
this is cut and pasted from many sites, feel free to reply on your views, likes , dislikes , is it wierd that some parents are having thier children following the nudist life? today on CBS a story on a nude family , the kids are split on the lifestyle. it seemed kinda weird that one young son was totaly anti clothes. I will add that story maybe later, but this is a bunch of information on enjoying life naked.

thanks for reading, btdta

American Nudist Culture - A fascinating peek into the American nudist lifestyle and culture from its beginnings to present-day


In spite of the fact that the nudism has been practiced in the United States for more than eighty years, the American nudist culture is still far from gaining mainstream acceptance.

The nudist lifestyle remains largely an enigma, misunderstood by most and shrouded in myths and stereotypes. As a result nudists & naturists in America are often maligned and ridiculed over their beliefs and way of life.

Conditioned to hold an attitude of shame regarding the naked human body, the very idea that nudists & naturists would expose their bare bodies to others in social settings is deemed so disgusting and scandalous by the average American that nudists are often the targets of open hostility and active opposition.

It's time to face the facts and cut out the foolish hypocrisy. Nude is natural and normal. It's the prudishness and the repression brought about by clinging to false notions that there is something shocking, shameful or indecent about the naked human body that is unnatural and abnormal.

Nudism is liberating, it’s totally relaxing and just plain fun. The practice of social Nudism has helped countless men and women find new joy, new peace of mind, new wholesomeness, and greater self-confidence.

Some surprising facts about Nudism...
Nude recreation, one of the fasting growing segments of the travel industry according to a Wall Street Journal article, is globally a $400 million industry. The nude recreation and travel industry has doubled in size in just the past ten years.

Today, the American Association for Nude Recreation includes nearly 50,000 members and 267 affiliated clubs, RV campgrounds, bed & breakfasts and resorts across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, twice the number today than just a decade ago.

In a recent survey of 22,091 U.S. travelers, conducted by TripAdvisor, 48-percent revealed that they would be willing to visit a clothing optional beach destination and bare it all.

That was an increase of 11-percent over a similar survey conducted the previous year when only 31-percent expressed interest in a clothing optional beach vacation.

In California, a 2009 independent opinion survey commissioned by the Naturist Education Foundation found that 40 percent of California adults have been skinny-dipping or nude sunbathing with others.

Nude sunbathing and swimming have a long history in America. Some of the more famous early nude recreation enthusiasts included Presidents George Washington and John Quincy Adams. Presidents John Quincy Adams and Teddy Roosevelt enjoyed nude swimming in the Potomac River and Benjamin Franklin greatly enjoyed daily what he termed "air baths," walking outdoors in the nude.

Tens of thousands of participants assemble each year at hundreds of different locations across the United States and Canada to participate in the annual American Association for Nude Recreation sponsored Guinness World Records "Skinny Dip across North America" event where the objective is to exceed the previous year's record for the number simultaneous skinny dippers.

Nude recreation isn't limited to nudist clubs and resorts. Nude vacationers now have choices such as cruises on such lines as Holland America, Carnival, and Star Flyer sponsored by Bare Necessities Tour & Travel of Austin Texas.

Despite the popular misconceptions many Americans have, most nudists & naturists are not weirdoes, sex-crazed perverts, adulterers or tree-hugging environmental activists (although a healthy respect for the environment is central to the nudist & naturist philosophy).

Far from it they are instead average, normal, people. The difference between nudists and non-nudists is simply that nudists are unafraid when it comes to try new ideas and experiences and they choose to make their own judgments when it comes to lifestyle, even when it may fly in the face of conventional thinking.


Naturist or Nudist?

Ambiguity of terms can cause confusion
While in other countries, especially Europe, "naturism" is the equivalent word to the American term "nudist" the term wasn't widely used here until shortly after one of the "free beach" movement leaders, Lee Baxandall, formed The Naturist Society in 1980. According to, "The Naturist Society: A Brief History" by Mark Storey

nudity taboo?.

In nearly any European country, you could turn on the television during prime time and see a half-naked Neutrogena commercial, yet here, in the US, we're taught to see women's breasts as some sort of dirty sex objects. instead of the real beauty of them.


Many people have been brought up taught that nudity is immoral and we should never allow others to see our true bodies. It is alright to titillate with provocative clothing, or tiny beach wear, but not to show the natural beauty of our bodies, especially genitals or women's breasts. This sense of shame is not inborn: it is learned. Babies have no shame and neither did many early Christians in Biblical times. Fortunately today there is also a very rapidly growing naturist movement that has learned: "Nude is not lewd"

Nudism promotes a healthy respect and trust with each other and after a few minutes of uncomfortableness when first exposed to this experience it becomes much less sexual and more naturally enjoyable. Nudity can be sexual if consenting persons wish it to be and in appropriate settings, but it is not necessary to progress from nudity to sexualactivity. We can learn to respect one another's sensitivities and interests and communicate these to one another.

Naturism is commonly accepted in much of Europe, where it has been shown that sexual attitudes are much more healthy, with less sexual abuse and violence. European women come to America's beaches and don't understand why they have to wear tops. This is a sign of our immaturity.
At clothing optional places bodies are viewed with respect and nudity is comfortable and natural. But the Church teaches unscriptural body shame.

Many women worry that their nudity might be mistaken to mean availability. Many men worry that nudity might become too stimulating. However, these fears are mainly fears of the imagination, not the reality of actual experience.

Men often think of nudism as sexual but become disappointed and self conscious when they find it isn't. Women are often reluctant to become involved in naturism for the same reason men are attracted - sexual. But often women are the strongest supporters when they find it is more about honesty, openness and being free - not primarily about sexuality.

In naturism however, there are many groups that go overboard on the non-sexual aspects which is the politically correct position. We believe discrete sexuality can be combined with healthy nudity if mutual desired. However, the main focus of naturism should not be sexual but sexuality should not be ignored either.

So who are exhibitionists? They are any adults that love to have sex in front of other people because it provides a sexual thrill for them. They are not porn stars or professionals who have sex shows for money. Exhibitionists don't get paid for having sex in front of people, because they don't do it for money but because it turns them on.

Don't expect models or body builders to be your exhibitionist. They can be average normal couples with real bodies and real sexual desires. When a exhibitionist puts on a act for a group of voyeurs, they will go all out and make sure that they have the best time of their lives.

Where do exhibitionists perform?
There is just something about cars that exhibitionists love. A car can come in very handy when swingers are at a dogging location.

This is because exhibitionists can either have sex inside the car or do it outside on the cars bonnet or against the car.
Before exhibitionists have full on sex, they first need to warm up with some foreplay. Most exhibitionist love to kiss and touch in privacy and they don't want voyeurs to be watching them when they are doing these intimate acts.
Why People Chose the nudist lifestyle?
Relaxation and recreation are indispensable components of a good life; they bring both physical and mental peace where otherwise there is chaos. Social contact with others, too, can be a strong positive force for happiness and fulfillment in life. Nudism combines the freedom of living without the status and physical discomfort of clothing with social gatherings of like-minded people.

Nudists as a group tend to be easygoing, accepting, inquisitive and genuine people. The hurdle of overcoming the social nudity taboo helps select for these attributes, which are further reinforced by the socialization that occurs within groups of nudists. As a result, many people enjoy nudism because they enjoy being around people who express these attributes and who enjoy the simple pleasures of swimming, sunbathing, playing games, cooking, gardening, talking, philosophizing, etc. in the nude.

The downsides to being a nudist, especially one who doesn't live full-time at a nudist venue, are very limited. There may be some awkwardness surrounding the social nudity taboo, but open and honest people can get past that quickly, with the added benefit that those friends who are accepting of nudism are more likely to try and enjoy it, which just furthers the cycle of great people with whom life can be enjoyed au naturel.

Benefits of Nudism


(1) Practical Benefits:

There Are Less Hassles With Your Clothing and Laundry
Going nude reduces your laundry bill. Clothes last a lot longer because there are fewer washings and less fading. Also, there's and wear and tear on your clothes. Therefore, a nudist doesn't have to buy as many new clothes.

There's No Danger Of Spilling Food Or Beverages On Your Clothes And Staining Them If You Eat In The Nude

There's No Stress Involved Trying To Decide What To Wear If You Don't Wear Clothes

No Time Is Wasted Trying To Decide What To Wear

Less Time Is Spent Packing Luggage If You Are Going On Vacation To A Nudist Resort

Less Luggage Is Needed If You Are Going On Vacation To A Nudist Resort

If You Are Going Backpacking Nude, Less Gear Is Needed; Therefore, There Is Less Gear To Carry On Your Back

Nude Sunbathing Prevents Ugly Tan Lines

It's Better To Swim Without A Swim Suit Or Swimming Trunks

Before the YMCA became co-ed in the early 1960s, men and boys swam completely nude. Since nylon was a relatively new invention at that time, it was feared that allowing swimsuits made of cotton or wool in the pool would clog up their filtration system.

Most nudist resorts are located near a swimming pool or beach. When you are swimming naked, you don't have to fight the waves as much.

You Don't Have To Worry About Accidentally Losing Your Trunks Or Swimsuit

Nude Swimming Feels Better
When swimming nude, the water simply feels better against your unencumbered skin than when you're wearing a wet swim suit or trunks. Then, when you get out of the water, you don't have to worry about that icky feeling of a wet swim suit clinging to your body.

You Don't Need To Worry About Getting Sand In Your Trunks Or Swimsuit
(2) Health Benefits:

The Sun Helps Clear Up Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a skin disease which turns your skin purple. Those suffering from psoriasis are treated by dermatologists by having the patient sit under a flourescent light, simulating the rays of the sun. Going nude does the exact same thing. It's cheaper, plus it's a lot more fun.

There Are Health Advantages Of Sleeping Nude
Sleeping nude allows the air to travel freely over your entire body. Your body is therefore better able to distribute heat. As a result, you'll be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (under blankets, of course).

There Are Health Advantages of Nude Sunbathing
Nude sunbathing allows your entire body to benefit from the positive effects of the sun.

Nudism Helps Prevent Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is carried by a little bug called the deer-tick. Deer-ticks bite when they lodge themselves between your clothing and your skin. You can brush them off more easily before they find a place to bite if you are nude.

Skinny dipping can help reduce rash from sea lice.
Sea lice, or jellyfish larvae stings cause a painful, itchy rash. The sea lice sting when they get trapped between your suit and skin. The obvious conclusion is to reduce your swimwear to reduce the chances of getting stung.

Fertility May Be Improved By Nudism
Going nude allows the male genitals to adapt better to changes in temperature. Clothing inhibits the natural mechanism of the body, especially if that clothing is tight and restrictive. This, in turn, may result in reduced fertility.

Legally Nude
what is legal?

SAN FRANCISCO — Perhaps it should not be a surprise that San Francisco does not have a law against being naked in public, nor that a small, unselfconscious segment of the city’s residents regularly exercise that right.

That tiny minority was joined this weekend in the autumn fog and cold by unclothed sympathizers at a "Nude-In." One of their objectives was to draw attention to a proposed law — introduced by Scott Wiener, a city supervisor — that would prohibit nudity in restaurants and require unclad people to put a towel or other material down before sitting bare-bottomed on benches or other public seats.
Mr. Wiener said the law was introduced in response to an increase in nakedness in parks, streets and restaurants.

"It used to be that there would be one nude guy wandering around the neighborhood and no one thought twice about it," said Mr. Wiener, who represents the city’s Castro district. "Now it’s a regular thing and much more obnoxious. We have guys sitting down naked in public without the common decency to put something down underneath them."

Mr. Wiener’s effort was destined to grab headlines, but he probably did not anticipate that his legislation would inspire even more people to disrobe.
"Wiener might as well have shot lasers and fireworks into the sky announcing that public nudity is legal," said George Davis, 65.

A self-described "urban nudist" who once ran for mayor and often campaigned in the buff, Mr. Davis now spends most afternoons lounging in his birthday suit in a public plaza in the Castro.

Putting a towel between your backside and a seat is "basic nudist etiquette," said Mr. Davis, adding that the legislation requiring it was "totally unnecessary."

Still, Mr. Davis said, the publicity about the proposed law could be credited for the new faces at the Nude-In, which was held Saturday at the Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro.

Other nearby cities like Berkeley and San Jose have passed laws prohibiting public nudity, but in San Francisco it remains legal. In accordance with state law, public nudity is only illegal when accompanied by "lewd thoughts or acts" or "where there are present other persons to be offended or annoyed." But since state law prohibits police officers from being the offended party, it takes a citizen’s arrest— a rare occurrence in a city that prides itself on its open-mindedness and tolerance — to take a naked person into custody.

Many of the people who took part in the Nude-In said that they already used towels when they sat down, and that they thought Mr. Wiener’s legislation was pointless. The event itself was originally organized not as a protest but as a curtain-raiser for the Folsom Street Fair, which spread over 13 city blocks on Sunday. "This is about body acceptance, not politics," said the Nude-In’s organizer, Mitch Hightower, 50, who runs a pornographic Web site.

Nowhere is brazen public nudity more evident than at the Folsom Street Fair, which is billed as the largest leather and fetish event in the world. The gathering attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year, many of them wearing black leather chaps and nothing else.

"In San Francisco, public nudity is a big part of a lot of social street events, and that’s a good thing," Mr. Hightower said.
Businesses in the Castro are divided over the role that naked people play in the neighborhood’s economic and cultural appeal.

Despite receiving some complaints about nudity from business owners, Steve Adams, says he often sees tourists posing for photographs with the nudists.
"Nudity really doesn’t impact business," said Mr. Adams, whose group represents about 300 businesses. "In fact, it is kind of a draw for tourists.

As long as the people who come to look spend money in the neighborhood, that’s all I care about."
At the Nude-In, bystanders in sweaters and jackets circled the cluster of several dozen naked people, gawking and snapping photos with their smartphones. Two teenage girls posed with a man carrying a "Nude Is Not Lewd" sign and wearing nothing more than a white cowboy hat and a pair of worn leather boots.

"I brought my out-of-town guests here to show them an ‘only in San Francisco’ experience," said Maggie Cahill, 53, a technology manager at a bank who stood scrunching her nose at the scene with friends from Los Angeles. "Where are the supermodel types?" she asked. "We want to know why it’s always the people who should not be naked who get naked."

Some of the nudists at the rally seemed to already be adhering to the sought-after decorum by sitting on newspapers. In fact, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, one of the city’s weeklies, explicitly advertised its usefulness for just that purpose, printing a special clip-out page in last week’s issue. The page pointed out that newsprint was a 100 percent recyclable seat guard, and in bold type it said: "If you go bare, put ’er there."


Nude Beaches, where are they?
Little Beach
Maui, Hawaii
What good is a Garden of Eden type Paradise if you can’t enjoy it Adam and Eve style? Fortunately, the authorities in charge of Makena State Park, on the island of Maui, understand that – and the locals appreciate the tourism dollars naturist travelers bring.
No less beautiful than Big Beach, Little Beach is kept clean and sociable by the Friends of Little Beach/Maui Sunseekers, who also sponsor nude half-day cruises several times a year.
Wreck Beach
Vancouver, British Columbia
The setting of Wreck Beach, Canada’s first and largest legal clothing-optional beach, couldn’t be more different from the tropics – but it is no less stunning.
Located at the confluence of the Frasier River with the Straits of Georgia and English Bay, this 5-mile long beach draws more than 500,000 visitors annually to admire the surrounding white cliffs and emerald-green forest. As befits one of the largest nude beaches in the world, it enjoys the allegiance of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society.
San Onofre State Beach
Orange County, California
Yet another enclave defended by an active "Friends of" organization is the two-mile stretch of beach at the southern end of San Onofre State Park in the sun-drenched OC. A judge just ruled that the clothing optional section of the beach could stay that way, so come down and help the naturist enthusiasts celebrate their 30-year tradition.
Not far away along this surfers’ paradise coast is another Southern California clothing optional recreational area, San Diego’s Blacks Beach.
Cap d’Agde
Vermeille Coast, France
Cap d’Agde is much more than just a nude beach: it is the "World Capital of Nudism." In the "naturist quarter" of this Mediterranean resort town, nudity is legal not only on the beach but also in banks, restaurants and shops.
Of course, France is the home of laissez-faire, so just about every beach in southern France is topless. While the clothing optional atmosphere here is as wholesome as anywhere, there are sections of the beach at night where friskier activities are reported to take place.
Haulover Beach
Miami, Florida
This lovely beach in metropolitan Miami has been featured as one of the Travel Channel’s "Top Beaches" – and 1,000,000 visitors a year give it its reputations as one of the most popular clothing optional beaches in the country.
Haulover was once a very unsavory place, until it was reclaimed from drug dealers by naturist activists; to make sure it stays family-friendly, the city of Miami maintains the amenities, including patrolling lifeguards, barbecue grills, refreshment stands and showers. If you get bored just soaking up rays, there are volleyball games and even occasional surfing contests
Apollo Beach
Volusia County, Florida
More centrally located in the Sunshine State than Haulover, Apollo Beach is at the north end of Canaveral National Seashore, an undeveloped area (i.e., few amenities) shared by hardy beach enthusiasts and a number of endangered species under the protection of the U.S. National Park Service.
"What’s not to love about a nude beach in Florida?" says Steve Vickers, 28, who works for AANR (the American Association for Nude Recreation). "It’s a great place where my friends and I escape for a ‘detox weekend.’"

Available parking (in lot number 5) has not kept up with the demand, so plan to arrive early. And don’t come expecting a bird’s eye view of a shuttle launch: Apollo is closed the week of a planned space shot.
Hanlan’s Point Beach
Toronto, Canada
Hanlan’s Point Beach was an experiment that succeeded: nude sunbathers who had been frequenting the place for years persuaded local authorities to declare it officially clothing optional on a trial basis, and it soon became more popular than the "textile" (i.e., swimsuit) area.
Access to Hanlan’s Point is via a 15-minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto, followed by a 10-minute walk to the clothing optional area of the beach. The Hanlan’s Beach Naturists have equipped the beach with courts for playing volleyball, European "lengoteke" and French petanque.

Gunnison Beach
Sandy Hook, N.J.
Gunnison Beach, the largest clothing optional beach on the Atlantic coast of the United States, is one of several beaches in northern New Jersey’s Gateway National Recreation Area. Located on the Sandy Hook peninsula, Gunnison affords a panoramic view of New York Harbor and the famous skyline of lower Manhattan.
Legally recognized as clothing optional, with official signs, a lifeguard and police protection, Gunnison’s proximity to metropolitan New York means it can draw in excess of 5,000 visitors a day on a sunny summer weekend.
Samurai Beach
Port Stephens, Australia
The Beijing Olympics are over, but there’s no need to wait another four years to watch – or even participate in – riveting Olympic games of a totally different sort: the annual Nude Olympics held every November at Samurai Beach on Australia’s east coast.

Located within the bounds of Tomaree National Park, about 120 miles north of Sydney, ruggedly unspoiled Samurai Beach was one of the first legal nude beaches Down Under. Even when not hosting events like the Nude Torch Relay, the fun-loving Samurai Beach crowd gets to frolic in the Pacific Ocean in gorgeous weather all year round.

Anse de Grand Saline/Anse du Gouverneur
St. Barthelemy
All of the beaches on tiny St. Barts are topless (that good old French influence), and two of them are topless and bottomless, Anse de Grand Saline and Anse du Gouverneur. Lesser known than the clothing optional Orient Bay Beach on St. Martin, these fairly long beaches are consequently less crowded.
On the other hand, neither Anse de Grand Saline nor Anse du Gouverneur have any facilities whatsoever — no food or drink for sale, changing facilities or even public restrooms – so come prepared.

the Beach: In San Diego County, the southernmost and warmest beaches in California, you may find some privacy and relaxation in places such as Black's Beach. San Diego - Black's Beach Directions - Go north from San Diego on I-5. Take the La Jolla Village Drive exit.

Travel west about 1/2 mile and turn right on Torrey Pines Road. Just past the Salk Institute you'll see a sign for the Gliderport. Turn left there and park in the lot. Take the stairs down to the beach. The nude beach is to the right of the trail when you get to the beach.

San Onofre Beach in San Diego County not for from Oceanside and San Clemente enjoys a tucked away location you must hike to. Lifeguards do patrol and may ask people to put their clothes on, it is reported. From Orange County to Los Angeles, there is absolutely no beach you'll be able to run free or go au natural.
As you head north to Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, there also are no places that you can count on to let your clothing down for a swimsuit-free tan line.

San Clemente - San Onofre State Beach. Nude sunbathing proponents recently lost a ruling to allow nude sunbathing to exist at this beach. State Beach officials may now ticket sunbathers.

An hour north of San Diego and 90 minutes south of Los Angeles. Many would say this is the finest nude beach in California.
The nude beach begins 300 yards south of the last lifeguard tower.

Unfortunate for tourists and sun lovers, you have to go where the climate's cooler to enjoy nude sunbathing on a limited basis. When you arrive in San Luis Obispo County, there are a couple neighborhood beaches such as
Pirate's Cove, Avila Beach, frequented mostly by college students from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Locals also enjoy this private location. It's really very interesting that Hispanic fishermen go on the weekends to fish off the cliffs next to nude sunbathers perched on rocks above them or the beach below. It's really very grown-up in its approach to live-and-let live. Each seems to do his or her own thing, not paying much attention to the other.

Even the sea lions dozing on rocks jutting out of the ocean keep a mindful eye on the people at the beach or kayaking past nude with no discrimination about attire as they guard themselves and their young. What's fortunate about this location is a reported warm zone where air currents seem to keep it warmer than the windswept beaches nearby in Guadalupe, Oceano and Morro Bay. San Luis Obispo - Pirates Beach at Avila

Santa Cruz beaches are as free spirited as Santa Cruz, itself. In Santa Cruz, home to the Banana Slug-loving UC Santa Cruz students, the beaches are low-key places where you can pretty much do your own thing as long as you don't bother anyone else or offend. Santa Cruz has always enjoyed a spirited individualism that promotes cutting edge ideas outside the box.

Many of San Jose's silicon-savvy thinkers who made their fortunes in the city escaped the one million population and went over the mountain to the beaches at Santa Cruz where they now can work from home. Some of the beaches get a bit chilly and in the winter, you need to seek the protected coves for sunbathing opportunities. But you'll enjoy more than the beaches in Santa Cruz County, a beautiful landscape with beaches next to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Santa Cruz - Red, White and Blue

Moving north toward the San Francisco bay area, Gray Whale Cove State Beach near Pacifica, Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach is one of the few beaches in California officially recognized as a naturist or clothing optional beach. While the summer weather can be perfect, winter days are a mix of some warm, peak hours and cool, breezy afternoons that can chill the skin.

The wonderful aspects of this location are the rules. Nobody can rightfully hassle you and tell you to put your clothes on. It's your right to do what you want. The beaches of San Mateo County, south of San Francisco, are generally very accepting. Pacifica - Gray Whale Cove State Park - AKA: Devil's Slide

As you go north to San Francisco, the beaches are smaller, more crowded and full of tourists. There are, however, a few tucked away neighborhood treasures such as North Baker's Beach.

North of San Francisco there are several nude beaches in this area, the most popular is Red Rock Beach.

Lake Tahoe is an inland location not near the coast but it does enjoy beaches with summer sunbathing opportunities. Secret Cove Beach on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is small due to high water line.
Arrive by 10 a.m. to find one of the best sunbathing spots. Besides the beach area there are many large boulders that surround the cove. The water in the cove is shallow so it stays fairly warm and is great for swimming, or just floating on an air mattress. The beach is recognized as a nude beach and nearly everyone is nude.

Humboldt and Del Norte Counties in the northern portion of California experience cooler climate and lots of fog.

Sunbathing, let alone nude sunbathing, is not one of the most popular recreational activities because of the cooler climate. This area is quite popular for hiking, fishing and kayaking. The further north you go, the less sunbathing you'll see.

There's a joke amongst locals in places like Sea Ranch on the northern Sonoma coast. They see tourists come in their swimsuits, bringing a blanket or towel to sunbathe at the beach. They usually don't stay long when they discover how cool it can be.
While most the public beaches require clothing be worn, you'll often see girls untie their bikini bra sashes to remove the tan lines from the back. That can be done at most any beach you like.

common-sense rules.

.Gawking is Impolite
Gawking, or staring at nude sunbathers, is impolite. It is always rude to stare at others, but it is especially so when you use binoculars or a camera to look at nude people. If you came to a CO beach to see for yourself what the experience is like, please, join in. You will have a great time. If you came to "look at the nudies," do yourself a favor and buy a magazine and read it at home.

No overt sexual activity. Nude is not lewd, but combined with sex, it undermines our image and could cost us our freedom and enjoyment of the beach.
 Don’t go out of established nude areas. To wander nude into clothing compulsive territory may offend many.



The San Francisco Bay Guardian, 
www.liberated christians

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Re: nudity , running around in the buff, do you find it therapeutic ? detoxing nude

Thanks for this.. it was very eye opening for me in regards to something which I have had a tendency to stigmatize myself in the past... cool post. You seem very knowledgeable about this soooooo, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the concept of a "nudist lodge" or "community" and what the lifestyle is like at these places. Thanks again!

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Re: nudity , running around in the buff, do you find it therapeutic ? detoxing nude

Originally Posted by Reason4rhyme View Post
Thanks for this.. it was very eye opening for me in regards to something which I have had a tendency to stigmatize myself in the past... cool post. You seem very knowledgeable about this soooooo, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the concept of a "nudist lodge" or "community" and what the lifestyle is like at these places. Thanks again!

they are like Hedonism in Jamaica, nudist resorts. they usually are sex swaps, swingers..
but the community is not usualy swingers but just naturlist.
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Re: nudity , running around in the buff, do you find it therapeutic ? detoxing nude

Thank you... sounds exiting lol... My Fiance would never be into this

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