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Salvia divinorum All about using (smoking, eating) Salvia Divinorum

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Old 06-07-2012, 11:25
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Piracetam + Salvia: First Time: Uncomprehendable intensity

Before explaining the most intense experience of my life, some quick background info may be useful. As of last April, I had never actually tried Salvia. This was surprising seeing as I was quite the psychonaut, dabbling with mushrooms and lsd when I could and recently discovering the wonders of dxm. Basically I cherished any psychoactive substance which could graze my mind with a different perspective or insight.

Under the influence of these drugs, i was always in complete control. Frying is like a battle with your own mind, and I never seemed to give in to manic or anxious thoughts; I was holding the steering wheel. I made a conscious choice to do these substances, and I was not going to let myself lose control. And I never did.

So flash forward to this cold, quiet spring evening. I had just got home from the gym, around 9 pm or so, and took a reasonable dose of around 4-5g of piracetam, a wonderful nootropic which had been helping me buckle down for schoolwork. I didn't have anything to study tonight, but I liked the way it cleared my head and allowed concentrated thought. Although it was a Friday night, I was quite tired and had no further plans (had smoked weed earlier with friends as usual but was well sober by now).

My friend, let's call him Chris, gives me a call about 15 minutes following the piracetam ingestion inviting me over to smoke some bowls. Sure, I say. I drive over and am there soon. As soon as i get there, I can tell somethings up. I immediately notice differences in Chris and his girlfriends personas, and I soon discover they had smoked salvia earlier and were left in a, well, confused state

Chris: "You want to try it man?"
Me : "Yah dude definitely, I've read a bit about it and it seems interesting, what x is it?"
Chris: "10x, the lowest it can go. I wouldn't expect too much from it, you'll just feel like you're frying for a bit then come down very shortly."

At this point I had completely forgot about the piracetam I had ingested. I mentally prepared myself. I examined my insecurities. My worries. My stresses. I let them go and accepted that I am moving forward as a person and am happy with my life and this will be a positive and enlightening experience. However it should be noted that I was expecting the effects to be dismal in comparison to the more popular psychedelics I had tried.

We go out to the garage and I load a small nug in the pipe, and we put a decent amount of those brown leaves on top. I take a seat in the chair and take a deep breath. I take a mammoth hit and hold it in for, what I'm presuming, to be around twenty seconds. I exhale. Soon I begin to feel the dissociated, pins and needles feeling like dxm or nitrous in my face, and start to see some flanging vision.

From this point on I'm going to explain both physical and mental effects exactly as they happened in order, so try to bear with me and do your best to follow along. I remember very clearly what happened, but it should be noted IMMEDIATELY after the effects came on I was completely unaware of myself or that I had ever ingested salvia in the first place.

Woaaah, I say. I gently place the pipe down. My three friends are closely observing me, although this didn't make me uncomfortable in the slightest. Then, vision completely dissapates. Vanishes. Gone. Just like that. It was comparable to a rocket with every single trace of consciousnesses, memory, ego, and individuality which made me who I am blasting off into this other dimension. For a moment all I saw was white. Not so much white as in what we imagine milk looking like, but rather the complete absence of everything, there was absolutely nothing to be comprehended.

This quickly fades. I jumped out of the chair, knocking the pipe to the ground. I was completely unaware of my body or mind at this point, rather I was a careful observer from another place. When I felt the sensation of "blasting off" as the DMT trippers like to call it, that was the moment when my body flung itself upright to the sky. My friends noted that at this point any trace of individuality or recognition of the world in my eyes or expression was completely lost. My face was completely empty.

I begin to look around the room, rather frantically I might add. I begin to look at the details of the garage. To my shock, various items begin to multiply themselves and follow a sort of frame vision, as if you were looking at a car driving down the street but all you saw was one original textile of the car and then just the hood of the car 100 times which is what registers it as moving. Soon this becomes completely and utterly overwhelming and every item in this very intricate garage is following this strange pattern.

My vision is a complete jigsaw puzzle. I was rendered blind. I could not see a thing. Now at this point I was still standing up as I had catapulted myself unwillingly out of my chair. This is where things turn a bit sour. Overwhelmed by not being able to see anything although I am very obviously opening my eyes and looking around trying to comprehend, I panicked. I began to shuffle around and the jigsaw puzzle that made up my vision began revolving 360 degrees vertically, as if you were to follow one line completely around the globe and it repeatedly did that, so from South America to North America to the North Pole to the other side etc. The sensation whilst being revolved was that of flying.

Flying, not in the way as we sensationalize it in our dreams and wonders but as if I were in the passengers seat of a car flying through hyperspace at the speed of light blindfolded. If I thought my vision were rendered useless before, you can imagine it was now. MY textile illusions were so jumbled, and this is where real hallucinations began.

When the hallucinations began is also where a really.... profound thought process occurred. The voice in my head was still present, but not the same. I was thinking, but it wasn't ME thinking. It was not my voice, or my train of thought. There wasn't even a sound. It was like a fundamental truth. It wasn't like verbalizing, or listening, it was like reading and it just WAS. This voice was telling me that my life, along with every other life of people I love and cherish and got to know and people I will never know, was OVER. Everything I had known and loved and hated and wanted to understand was over. And I... I was ok with it. I really was. I completely accepted it. What I believed is that, as I flew through this unbelievable revolution, my essence and every other thing in this planet, or universe actually, was watching it too and we were all apart of the next progression.

Thing of it, for an analogies sake, like a fractal. Where a triangle forms a triangle forms a triangle. It was the universal and fundemantal progression of everything that was and ever will be. In the midst of my flying jigsaw puzzle of a garage (and my very concerned friends) I witnessed completely random things. A hand turning on a lamp in a dimly lit room. Various trucks piled together making a vibrating sensation. Lines forming together, perfectly laterally with various colors.

As this was occurring the sound I heard was, for lack of a better word, eerie. It was a complete absence of sound yet gave the sensation of screaming. My mind was very frantic while this was happening, and I had very, very brief moments of extreme clarity. Apparently while I was getting flung through this "next step up" universe I had ran directly into the garage door. I fell to the ground and the sensation of flying was different, more like an earthquake, and I think my brain registered something was wrong. With the most concentration I have ever mustered in my ENTIRE LIFE, every ounce of focus and clarity I've ever been able to put forth, I put into coming back, and I looked into the eyes of my friend Chris holding me saying "dude, dude are you okay!"

All I could say was his name. Chris..... Chris.... I....What....Chris... then the flying began again as he guided me to the chair and I followed the same cycle. I had maybe two more moments of extreme clarity before the sensational universal epiphany ended.

It was over.

Yes, I still had some after effects from the drug itself, such as dissociation etc. but... my mind... I've never been more lost in my entire life. I was flung back into this reality. Left to pick up all the places. Where EXACTLY had I gone? Was that another universe? Is there other universe? It was the feeling you imagine of every particle in the manifesting universe coming together for one small second, then scattering again and your human mind is just left, puzzled.

I sat on the couch in that room and just breathed. I just sat there. It was very weird starting to have personal thoughts again. Was I thirsty? Did I have to pee? How do I feel right now? What are my friends thinking???? For days to follow I was still extremely confused, and lost, and totally out of touch with reality and concepts like religion and universal philosophy were completely and utterly exhausted in my brain.

However I found solace in Chris. Chris had done salvia many times before this, with does up to 80x, and he said they were nothing compared to his experiences on mushrooms and DMT tea. We hypothesized that the piracetam, which increases blood flow from the brain, in large doses close to an hour before salvia dosing, completely takes the trip to another realm. So what did we do?

The night after my trip I brought over some piracetam for Chris to try, as he was very intrigued from my experience. We did it by the book, exactly as I did.

Here's what is very strange. Thirty seconds after Chris exhaled his hit, he dropped his own pipe and jumped completely up in the air out of his seat, EXACTLY like I had. His expression, his antics, the words he spoke, Oh my fucking god, it was me. His visuals were just as intense as mine and are saved for another story, but the mental aspect was very, very similar to mine. We talked for hours on the phone afterwards.

So, fellow swimmers, If you made it through this experience, I applaud you. Too long, didn't read? Taking the popular nootropic piraceteam at doses of around 4-5g before smoking salvia will likely induce a life changing experience similar to that of reincarnation or death.

Do I recommend it? Honestly, I'm not sure. Definitely not if you have ever had ANY bad experience with psychedelics before. This trip was explosive and frantic and unpredictable and carried the feeling of universal epiphanies exploding within your brain, although any essence of self was torn out, and that's the POINT.

Just be careful. Have trip sitters. And if you DO try it, PLEASE share your experiences here or pm me. I am not quite sure where the realm I travelled was, all I know is that is was extraordinarily significant.

This was the most profound, intense experience in my life, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't cause harm to my psyche and real, daily experiences. Months later and I'm still trying to pick up the pieces. And I never will. That's the POINT. It's like religion and death you guys. NOBODY knows. And THATS the point!

The similarities between me and Chris' experiences were shocking. Both life changing. Chris had done salvia well over ten times prior to this at dosages much much more intense. If you're anything like us, you may just be inducing with that hit of brown plantae the most intense and confusing experience in your life.

Post Quality Reviews:
Thank you for taking the time to relate this well stated story.
A very powerful experience. Thank you
Well described story, useful information about a mostly unexplored combination
Old 10-07-2012, 07:04
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Re: Piracetam + Salvia: First Time: Uncomprehendable intensity

Wow. That sounds like it was a really crazy trip. I wonder if it really was the piracetam that caused the effects. Salvia alone can cause life changing and extremely intense experiences, even a 10x extract. It is also possible that the seemingly similar effects experienced by your friend were the result of suggestion caused by hearing about your trip.

The only way to be sure as to whether the piracetam had any effect is for others to test out this combo. Preferably someone could try to get a volunteer who is familiar with the salviaspace to do a blind test with out any knowledge of this trip report.

I would try this out but I don't have piracetam or the funds to obtain this compound, so I am sorry that I won't be of any help. But I am very interested to see if this can be replicated.
Old 12-07-2012, 18:34
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Re: Piracetam + Salvia: First Time: Uncomprehendable intensity

Thank you for your response! I definitely feel like there is a direct link between the nootropic and increased blood flow/communication throughout your brain in combination with a psychedlic which totally alters brain chemistry. What really got me is that my friend Chris had done salvia like 15 times before this, and when he replicated my experience, it was the most intense thing in his life. With just one hit of 10x in comparison to a lot milder of a trip he had off of many hits of 80x.

Very intriguing indeed, I really hope someone can report back with this combo!

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