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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 03-01-2013, 16:11
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Propylhexedrine gave false positive for meth, will DXM also show in lab report?

Hi you guys. A friend of mine in a rehabilitation center called me and asked me about a problem he's having. Over the last weekend, he ingested a Benzedrex inhaler on Sunday, after having taken a threshold recreational dose of DXM Saturday night. Monday night, after coming back from work, he was tested by an employee and came up positive for meth. He demanded that he be re-tested as he had not done meth. He informed the employees that he had indeed used a Benzedrex inhaler over the weekend, and is now having the test "sent to the lab" for review.
My question is: what kind of test exactly do rehabilitation centers use in cases like this? And though he is not highly concerned about the propylhexedrine showing up as the staff is already aware, what are the chances that they will discover he used DXM also?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The sooner the better, my buddy is wigging out!
Old 19-01-2013, 23:25
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Re: Propylhexedrine gave false positive for meth, will DXM also show in lab report?

None. DXM isn't a scheduled controlled drug. The only drugs they test for are "illegal" scheduled drugs on a federal level. I say federal because marijuana is legal on a state level but still illegal on a federal level. I don't know why he would admit to using benzedrex. He could of just said he took some pseudo-ephedrine for a stuffy nose. Pseudo is known to cause a false positive for meth in rare circumstances. He has nothing to worry about when it comes to DXM. Every drug test is different some detect alcohol and you can fail a drug test if the company frowns upon alcohol use, but that is rare. Some test for ketamine and others don't. All drug tests test for pot, cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines. These are substances you want to avoid close to a drug test. No drug test tests for DXM. They are not considered if you drank some Children's Robitussin.

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