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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 04-04-2012, 23:48
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loperamide and drug tests

Alright, I have used the search egine, google, etc, and haven't been able to find a reliable answer. I took around 140 mgs of loperamide on Friday. I had a drug test Tuesday. Will this cause a positive on a drug t? It is a lab test not a quickie. On the test it says opiate 300. Also if I do fail will I be able to get the sample analyzed and prove it was loperamide? Please help.
Old 27-12-2012, 06:04
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Re: loperamide and drug tests

I see that this was posted awhile ago, so assuming your test didn't take months for the results to come back, what happened? Did it come back positive/negative? Google brought me to this post because I was looking for the same exact answer, but I dont see any replies. have you tried the drink method with lope?

SeeDashEm added 7 Minutes and 50 Seconds later...

Oh, I almost forgot.. I do know that if the test comes back a positive for opies, often it will be tested further to determine which particular opiate is present. They will be able to determine the lopermide molecule apart from oxy, hydro, heroin, etc., if found. However, the dosage if high (normally lope is 2mg a pop, so it definitely is) might be problematic for you, but I'm not 100 percent certain they check for quantity. It's more quality. Lol

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Old 28-12-2012, 00:10
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Re: loperamide and drug tests

Loperamide does not share any common metabolites with any other opiates or opioids. Most dipstick/instant cup/immunoassay tests for opiates are based off of morphine as a target compound. Loperamide or metabolites should have no cross reactivity with these types of tests.

Even if it did cause a positive on the screening test, it would be confirmed by a mass spectrometry based method. These are very specific tests which essentially identify the chemical fingerprint of various targeted drugs or metabolites. I do not know of any single lab in the USA that includes loperamide or its metabolites in its routine urine assay for opiates/opioids. In fact, I only know of 3 labs in the USA that test for it at all (and those are in postmortem casework).
Old 25-01-2013, 06:34
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Re: loperamide and drug tests

Depending on why you are being tested, they may also look for abnormally high levels of OTCs or legit prescribed drugs since this can indicate that you are using them for "illegitimate reasons." So even if they determine by gc/ms or other fail-proof methods that it was not an illegal drug, if you're on probation or such, you may be prohibited from using ANYTHING to get stoned, and a super-high level of loperamide _could_indicate that you just had the niagara runs for a while, but would likely flag you as a drug abuser if they positively identified it and quantitatively determined that you had taken a huge amount. As far as standard dipstick immunoassay testing, loperamide would almost certainly trigger as an opiate because it IS one - its mirror-image molecule is a narcotic about as powerful by weight/effect as Dilaudid. It just happens that loperamide, the dextro-rotary version of the molecule, only (mostly) acts on a different set of opiod receptors than the painkiller levo-rotary version (levo-dromoran), which are found in large numbers in the gi tract and are responsible for the constipating effect of many painkillers as well as loperamide. (The real opiod painkillers usually hit those as well as the ones that kill pain and get you high.)

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