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Old 22-04-2013, 15:20
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Butrans Patch

My pain management dr has me on the Butrans Patch which has worked really good up to this point. Now that the weather is getting nicer I am starting to sweat more which is causing the patch to come off. I have lost 2 patches in a week and this happened with a tegaderm dressing on. She is hesitant to prescribe pills for me because of prior abuse. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and any opinions on taking buprenorphine in pill form???
Old 24-04-2013, 01:09
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Re: Butrans Patch

What areas of your body have you been placing the patch? What mcg are you on with the patch?

my friend Jim said he noticed if he uses a piece of toilet paper to dry the patch when it's wet that it helps out.

Obviously, He said it's not very practical to do that all the time.

Jim recommend maybe using the tegaderm patch in the shower and not use it when outside sweating.

He said he feels like messing with the patch in similar situations, but you gotta avoid wanting to pick at it like a band aid

Also, he said the patch doesn't always stay completely flat to his skin for the whole week and will get folds or wrinkles in it.

He gently tries to stretch the patch to smooth out the wrinkles in the morning.

Are you holding your hand on the patch for 45 secs to a minute to adhere it to your body?

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handy tips on use of buprenorphine patches

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