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Old 22-07-2013, 02:28
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What a meth overdoes is like and what you can do

I am actually still recovering from my meth overdose as I write this. I wanted to share this for a couple reasons. First, I've seen a lot of posts/replies on here saying it's impossible to overdose on meth. That's absurd and irresponsibly false. Second, because I think whoever is still using can at least use this as a guide to prevent it from happening to you, or how to handle it when it does. Maybe even prevent it completely.

The first thing you should know (and the scariest) is that you will not know that you have a lethal amount of meth in you until the process I'm about to describe begins. For me, I had not ingested anything for 3 hours when this started. My last dose was really small too. Talk about a surprise.

We all know meth increases our heart rate and raises our body temperature. What we don't feel going on is a gradual decline in your body's resources which it uses to regulate that body temperature. Your body is using massive amounts of fluids to cool you down while you're high. I knew this going in and I drank giant amounts of water and gatorade before and while getting high. The problem is there's no amount of fluid you can ingest orally that can keep you hydrated when doing large amounts of meth.

Here's how it started and what I now know (after talking to a doctor) was going on at each step.

I finished another glass of water and stood up. Immediately the floor felt like it dropped a foot. Woah, that was weird. As I walked I felt unstable. I was only sweating a little. I didn't feel super hot, but I was. I knew something was off, but I thought maybe I just needed some more water.

I made it to the refrigerator and poured some water. I was shaking. I felt a sharp sting in one of my fingers. I had stopped sweating. At this point my body was trying to cool itself, but was running out of fluids to do so.
Because I have doctors in my family I knew I needed to cool down. I turned on an ice cold shower and stood in it. The temperature adjustment made me shake, but it felt like it may be working. Nope.

At this point I was breathing heavily. I knew I needed to calm down, but I couldn't. The thoughts of what I had to do to stop this raced through my head. I didn't have ice packs or even ice (I'd used it all in my water). There's only so much you can do externally to cool down. The problem is at this point your kidneys and bowels don't have enough fluid available to function so you stop purging the toxin from your system. This is the death sentence. I remembered that I hadn't peed in quite a while and I had my steady flow of water going in that time. I knew I had to get hydrated just enough to start going or call an ambulance.

I started drinking enormous amounts of water. Nearly to the point of gagging on it. I could feel the need to urinate, but couldn't go. Now I'm talking to myself trying to calm myself down but trying not to ignore the reality of the situation. I had to call someone. I called a friend and told him I needed a lot of gatorade. I had run out and electrolytes are very important to hydration. He was on his way but had no idea it was such an emergency. In the meantime I put salt in my water to help with hydration (not sure how well this worked)

I took another cold shower while keeping the heavy flow of water coming in. I should have called an ambulance by this point, but I'm stubborn to the point of stupidity. What happened next was something I'd read about and I knew to be a really bad sign. My arms and legs took turns going numb. Sometimes just a little, sometimes completely. I stood over the toilet trying to pee. Couldn't.

At this point my friend showed up, I'm standing naked and trying to get on the couch in front of the fans. Needless to say reality set in for him really quick. I started drinking the Gatorade as I had the water. I don't know if that was integral or just coincidence but I finally peed. That did not mean things got better, but it was a sign of hope and honestly the only thing that kept me from giving in on the emergency call.

At this point my muscles are extremely weak. I'm shaking cold on the outside but my chest is hot as fire and showers don't feel cold to me anymore. My heart was racing like you couldn't imagine. For someone with anything short of a heart of steel (which I luckily have) they'd have had a heart attack by now.

Then came the last stage. Chest pains. Right where my heart is. I was able to lower my own heart rate a little by laying down and calming myself. My friend kept telling me I'm fine and just panicking, but he knew that wasn't true. It was now time to call the ambulance because chest pains are the last step before the heart attack. And despite what most people think, if you're young heart attacks almost always kill you. Older people deal with it better because their hearts have developed some kind of backup system over time (I don't understand this medically, but that's what the doctor said).

With the decision made to call the ambulance one final event saved me... I had the urge to poop. I sat down and I'll spare you the details, but let's just say it was pretty much the most I'd ever gone in my life. It smelled of pure ammonia, but it was exactly what I needed to start improving. My system had enough fluid to start purging the toxins again. My heart slowed down, my temperature slowly dropped and it was over.

The whole process lasted about an hour and a half and it was nothing short of terrifying. As I said, I done any meth for at least 3 hours prior to this and looking back there was zero indication I was in any danger. I didn't have anything else in my system (no alcohol, other drugs, etc...) I had eaten fairly well during my use and was familiar with the meth high so I thought I'd see danger coming. It just doesn't work that way.

If you experience any of these things I described you can try and do what I did, but there's not much time to act. Everyone thinks they're just a little too high and need basic things to help the situation and then suddenly you're near death and there's no time. My doctor said I was probably about a minute or less away from a heart attack and that if I hadn't been able to get my bowels going at that moment it would have been over... even if I had called the ambulance.

Oh, and I should mention for those of you out there who think you can only OD by slamming (IV)... I never slammed anything in my life. This was from snorting and smoking alone.

If you decide to use meth, keep track of your doses. Don't push it or do more than you're used to. If there is such a thing, use responsibly.

Good luck to you all

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Well written post that provides a perfect example of how things can go from a fairly standard, normal and carefree session to life threateningly serious - and how education and understanding of what was happening ultimately might save you.
Old 22-07-2013, 03:26
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Re: What a meth overdoes is like and what you can do

Originally Posted by musicmaster78 View Post
First, I've seen a lot of posts/replies on here saying it's impossible to overdose on meth. That's absurd and irresponsibly false.
First off, thank you for sharing what seems to be a scary situation. It might surely help someone in the future..

Here is my thing, the statement you said above. This is new to me and I can't believe that Drugs Forum or its community let postings like that, which go way against the harm reduction goal,fly

Could you please post links to these posts you have seen so many of so someone can rectify them so someone does not overdose. Thanks a lot.

Be Well, Feel better

Old 22-07-2013, 03:54
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Re: What a meth overdoes is like and what you can do

hey just read your post and i feel you ihave done it to this point your explaining and i took cold showers but after i took 3 cold showers not feeling any turn around in my health i stoped and thought to my self im not really hot im just moving to much and im high makes me feel like im burning up but i was thinking ok well my blood could be not circulating well is maybe why i feel chest pain and weekness i know it sounds crazy but take a warm shower and warm up your legs and your body wont sweat with warm water as much as you would think and then you will feel your body come back alot better than cold showers seem they should and while your at it swallow some warm water cause if your organs are cold there pretty much not pumping any blood just enough to stay working wich strains your heart badly and after i did those thing i layed downwithfan on me trying to maintain my breathing to a slow normal pace it helped me i hope the best for you keepbl up dated i know alot of medical stuff i can work some problomes out

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Old 19-08-2013, 13:57
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Re: What a meth overdoes is like and what you can do

Well written post IMO - not every situation will be the same for every person, but given the situation unfolding I think you did a pretty good job of piecing back together the lead up and the sequence of events as it all went bad in a way that I'm sure most would agree, seemed so standard and unremarkable right up until it quickly spiraled out of control.

One question though - can you just confirm the method of ingestion? Unless I have missed something, it appears that oral ingestion is SWIY's prefered MO here? SWIM also favors this method and your re-count of it really struck a chord with me because of that, more so even because everything you went on to do, including the hesitation to make that call to the ambulance because I would be so sure that I could still bring the situation back into check if I just kept a level head and addressed the priority's... but ironically not realizing that the call should have been made a lot earlier than you had even considered it...

You're a lucky guy - and I dare say that your level head and immediate actions taken to rectify the situation has most likely saved you - which just goes to show how important it is to understand as much about the drug you're taking and how and what its effects are on the body as possible. It probably was too late for self recovery at that point, but it probably bought you valuable time before the ambulance had a chance to get there that someone else may not have had

SWIM would also like to add to this thread but is currently having trouble keeping things short instead of writing a novel. He will try to return to this task at a more suitable time

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Old 19-08-2013, 22:58
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Re: What a meth overdoes is like and what you can do


At the end of the post it mentions smoking and snorting were his routes of administration.

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