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Old 30-08-2013, 10:47
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Free Way to Make Pupils Smaller on Meth?

For some reason no matter how much meth I do, no matter how small of an amount, my pupils become giant black holes of despair and stay that way for upwards of 12 hours. I've done a few shots tonight and I am currently dealing with finding a way to constrict them so when I go to work in 4 hours I don't walk in and get sent right back out since my eyes have no color to them and I am very obviously on something. I have a few brown cottons but I'm not sure they're even enough to do anything. I am now all out of money so I don't have any way to buy any sort of street drugs from anyone and I have nothing to trade for a front, however I do have hands and a baggy sweatshirt. Does anyone know of anything that I can take that will have the same affect on my pupils as a nice shot of brown would? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Old 30-08-2013, 11:01
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Re: Free Way to Make Pupils Smaller on Meth?

if u have access without needing too much money, benzos might do it (xanax, klonopin) but yea, opiates are your best bet. look at different kinds of eye drops, read the back of them. and snatch them, theres gotta be some kind of eyedrop that helps with that. also you coould say you had an eye test done, (yes its real) they put yellow solution in your eyes which travels through you bloodstream when you get a cat scan. i dunno what you would say as an excuse tho. sorry, hope this helps a little

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dilated pupils, meth

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