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Drug testing discussion What can you do against drug testing & more...

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Old 05-03-2014, 18:37
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Will I be clean in 6 days?

WELL THEN!! I've had a total of 3 bowls in the past month. Last week i had a total of 3 hits. 2 of them being relatively small.
There was thursday, friday, saturday. 1 hit on each day.
I have a test on friday at 5:00 pm. But clearly I can take nothing but vinegar that day to avoid diluting the test.
I have been taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinagar each day starting yesterday (tuesday) I have had rooughly 3 gallons of water each day. 1 gallon of cranberry juice. A gallon of lemonade (made with lemon juice) and i'm going to drink a glass to sure jell tonight.
Do you believe I will be clean by Friday? I can't afford a home drug test.

ouijaboard added 4 Minutes and 23 Seconds later...

oh and 3 niacin pills a day (100mg each)

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Old 05-03-2014, 21:12
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Re: Will I be clean in 6 days?

The vinegar will do nothing. The best idea is to purchase a drug store THC test.

MY BAD, I just noticed you can't afford a home test, this would be ideal. If you're tested regularly, very inexpensive THC test strips can be purchased on Amazon.

According to NORML, this is the best way to lower THC in urine.

The night before eat red meat or take a creatine supplement, as this will mask dilution which will be tested for. I've taken lots of urine tests for pain management, and never had a dilution called on a sample. Prior to the test, just drink enough to fully urinate around three times. Don't drink a gallon.

Drinking lots of water days before the test is useless. You want to dilute the actual urine sample.
Take a B complex to color your urine yellow, clear urine suggest dilution.
Never give the first urine of the day, as the metabolites are highest.
You could take a diuretic sold in pharmacies for PMS. It was claimed it could turn your urine blue, but I never had this happen. This is not crucial if you smoked just a little.
Drink enough water, prior to the test, to urinate heavily several times.
When giving the sample, urinate in the toilet, then urinate midstream in the cup, as less metabolites are in midstream urine.

You smoked so little I doubt zinc is needed. Google zinc THC, as evidence exists that zinc taken orally the night before and prior to the test, masks THC in urine. Also, it stated THC was masked when zinc was added to urine, WHICH I'D NEVER TRY.
Do not. regularly take high doses of zinc. I found if I took it with food it prevented nausea.

THC has found to metabolize more quickly then 30 days, unless you smoke extremely heavily.
Considering how little you smoked chances are you're clean, but why take chances.


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Old 06-03-2014, 00:40
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Re: Will I be clean in 6 days?

Marijuana can last in the urine from 2 days to 11 weeks, depending on use. Blood, 2 days, Saliva, 1-10 days; and hair, up to 90 days.

I'm assuming your talking about a urine test. Like I said this depends on the frequency of your use. At just 1 time only we are talking 5-8 days before you are clean. I'd probably throw you in the 2-4 times per month category, which is 11-18 days of detection.

I'd consider buying one of those "Get Clean in 24hr" detox drinks. They are gross and expensive but they do work. You can find them at your local drug store or supplement store. At the very least get some B vitamins. Before the test have plenty of water to dilute your urine. By plenty I mean as much as you can take without getting water intoxication. Try for 2 gallons. Or you could always "find" some clean urine to use for the test; not that I'm implying you do this.

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