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DXM Dextromethorphan

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Old 08-05-2006, 23:11
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Third Plateau Trip Report

Okay well SWIMS done DXM a total of four times, and based on SWIMS expieriances the platues were extreamly obvious. The first time SWIM took 400mg of DXM in the form of cough syrup, it was SWIMS first time taking any dissociative, and it was most deffently a 2nd platue expieriance, SWIMS phone rang and SWIM looked around for it but SWIM couldn't make since of anything that SWIM was looking at to be able to find it, and was so dissconnected that he actually thought he was on the verge of dieing, it was the only possibility he could come up with. He wasn't concerend however, He realised how death was a part of life, and how He was a part of Earth and even if he did die he would still be a part of Earth, but he didn't want to upset my family so he calmly told his mom and she laughed, swim and his mom are close and are open with their drug expieriances with one another, she told SWIM she done it before and it was normal so SWIM went back to his room and wanted to do somthing so SWIM made a fort out of covers and crawled around in it and pretended he was in a war camping out in a jungle. There were no hallucinations involved, just an unbelievable increase in imagination, and the inability to be bored no matter what SWIM was doing. After doing this for about an hour SWIM went outside and sat on the porch and just stared at everything that was going on, it was impossible for him not to enjoy what he was doing. Then his mom asked him if he wanted to go to WalMart with her and he said yes thinking it would be an awesome expieriance. AND IT WAS! It was deffently the most amazing thing SWIM had expierianced in his life, each light seemed to be as bright as the sun and SWIM found it impossible to look at anyone's face, it was as if he had become soooo unsociable that he didn't even know how to look at someone, it was so strong that it seemed like it was actually impossible to do so. However swim felt a connection with with every non living thing there, especially electronics... SWIM felt much like he was a robot mentally, although he were able to walk normally and keep his movements more human like as long as he focused on doing so. And although much more happend that day I'm tired of typing. But yea, my next two expieriances were very simmilar, however he started getting unwanted effects in his mood even though he had been respecting the drug (cold chills, strange feeling whenever he yawned, and most disturbing very high blood pressure) so he decided to call it quits. Later he discovered that the high blood pressure was due to alot of sugar in his blood so excitedly he used DXM again with a group of friends who were smoking weed, and he wanted to achieve a 3rd platue expieriance, he took about 550mgs of DXM via cough syrup and this time he became completly dissoriented, his friends were under 18 so he had to buy blunt wraps for them and this was probly the hardest thing swim had ever done in his life, he had no idea how to ask a casheer for blunt wraps, he had to actually practice what to say with his friends for about 30 minutes before hand. After that SWIM sat in his car and they drove around meeting up with old friends (they live in a city where SWIM used to live) and SWIM found it impossible to ever have any clue what was going on, and his sight started to diminish as he reached the peak of his trip, like while in the car for about an hour all swim could see was the sky, everything else was black. It was very different from a 2nd platue expieriance, however it wasn't like the 3rd platue expieriances he had read about... isn't 550mg more than enough for a 3rd platue expieriance? I only weigh 150lbs. Right now SWIM thinks he was at a upper 2nd platue and was barly touching 3rd at the peak, wich would explain why it seemed so different from other expieriances, SWIM also thinks being around friends as apposed to by myself had alot to do with it. But now its been about 2 months since SWIMS last trip and he is ready to have a real 3rd platue expieriance, anyone have any tips on dosage? And can anyone help me figure out if my last trip was a low 3rd or a high 2...
Old 09-05-2006, 00:18
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We'll seeing that SWIY's 2nd plat trips were at a 400mg range SWIY might want to boost it in maybe at most a 50mg range but becarefull there is a fine line where one can over do it and that could even be as small as 10-15mg and things might get far too intense. But if SWIY thinks he is ready then go for it.

Seem's like SWIY had a very good experience with dex and SWIM thinks its awsome how SWIY's mom didnt care and even took Him to Wal-mart ( that would have been a blast)

But Like SWIM said. Becareful Dextromethamorphan is a very powerfull and life changing substance so just keep that in mind.

(p.s Next time SWIY writes out something that long try and break it up in paragraphs it was quite difficult on SWIM's eye's thanks but very good trip report)

Safe trippin

Old 09-05-2006, 02:53
E_Pleasure E_Pleasure is offline
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Hehe, thanks, yea SWIM wasn't trying to type so much but SWIM gets pretty excited when he talks about this and didn't realise how much it actually was until it was already submited. But yea, SWIM has an unbelievable respect for dex ever since his first time. And 600mg does seem like a nice amount, I really don't want to go 4th platue since having people around really makes him uncomfortable... well besides his imediate familly.... I don't think SWIMS mom is actually cool enough to be a trip setter for a drug like this. I think I might go with 650mg though since I deffently don't want to have another high 2nd and SWIM likes to not take long breaks between trips and is eager to have a full fledged 3rd platue trip. But its a little late so SWIM will probly wait untill tommarow night since he has work tommarow and is off the day after that. I will deffently post SWIMS expieriance though

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dxm 3rd plateau experiences, dxm trip report

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