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No One Here Gets Out Alive
No One Here Gets Out Alive
by Jerry Hopkins & Danny Sugerman
Published by Euphoric
Number of pages:
No One Here Gets Out Alive

I found this book fascinating. I wasn't much of a doors fan but this book made me look into them a bit more and now I enjoy their music more. This book focuses on Jim Morrison. What an intriguing character he is. He is full of surprises. It covers his life from birth to death quite well in the 395 pages it uses. It includes many references to lyrics and poetry and plenty on Jim's philosophies and drug use (mostly cannabis, LSD and alcohol).

The book of course also details much about the doors as it became such a huge part of Jim's life. Some curious performances and legal troubles are detailed.

This is a must for fans of the band and intriguing look at the band who try to open the doors of perception and take things to their extreme. Jim Morisson lived loud and left a legacy.
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By beentheredonethatagain on 02-10-2007, 03:09
Re: No one here gets out alive

Jim Morrison was a crazed man going on what he wrote in his lyrics, Texas Radio and the Big Beat a song that is about a serial killer hitchiking across the country looking for his next victim. When I was growing up my friends all had No one here gets out alive, they read it again and again.
Here is a link to a Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix duet , a friend had this bootleg live album and it is freaky. Do the letters F H I T A mean anything?

sorry but green to adding link, just go to youtube and it will be there, check it out
Last edited by beentheredonethatagain; 02-10-2007 at 03:23.. Reason: tried to add a link
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