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Opiate addiction Support for coping with Opiate addiction and Opiate addiction treatment.

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Old 06-12-2009, 18:15
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opiate detox help!

Ok so I have read alot of posts on this site for opiate withdrawal and im helping a good friend of mine with his addiction, so I wanted to post his experience because its a little different then everyones that I have read. He started his addiction taking roxicet 30mg 8-10 times a day. sick of spending all his money and hurting his family he decided to quit. He was told suboxone was the best method. Well this didnt work as good as he thought it does help with symptoms but when he stops taking the subs he still has withdrawal. The subs are a temporary relief but they are just as addictive.. eventually he did quit. 10 days exactly of pure hell. Then a few months later he had a dentist appointment that required surgery well he was perscribed 5mg percocet.. Bad move thinking that they were so small that he wouldnt become addicted to them was wrong. everything started right back up like he never stopped.. back on the subs! so now hes down to under an 1/8 of an 8mg suboxone once or twice a day. He really needs help to go through this, this time! He has no cravings to take opiates other then the subs to stop the pain.. his symptoms are similar to some oothers jump out of your skin feeling no sleep cold sweats and terrible reastless legs.. no diahrreha the legs and skin crawal feelings are the worst part if these could stop somehow i think that would help. He takes vitiman b6 but it does nothing.. He really wants to stop this time so if anyone has some advice for him to help without taking anymore addictive drugs this would be great.. it seems like everyone just says to take ather pills to stop this addiction but that might just create a whole new problem.. so all natural is how he wants to quit this time. this is day 1 of detow with only 1 small piece of a suboxone left that will most likely be gone by tuesday then its cold turkey time... please help!

thank you everyone.. and sorry so long
Old 07-12-2009, 03:35
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Re: opiate detox help!

Sorry for what you're going through, swim feels for you very much. Swim hasn't quit buprenorphine before, and doesn't know for sure what would help with the legs or "creepy crawly" feeling.

Swim can tell you that the main thing that is very helpful for withdrawal symptoms is clonidine, but swim was never one to feel extremely restless legs or creepy crawly feelings, explosive diarrhea and violent hot and cold feelings were more swim's thing...

Clonidine (or lofexidine, a similar drug, as that seems to be more common in the UK) helps with many of the withdrawal symptoms, so swim would assume it may help with those as well. It helps ameliorate the effect of the adrenaline that surges through your body during withdrawal. It will help you to sleep. It's a blood pressure drug, and can be dangerous if you take too much, and if you take it for more than a couple days it needs to be tapered off to avoid rebound hypertension.

An anti-histamine like diphenhydramine (Benadryl in the US, not necessarily in all countries apparently) or phenergan (promethazine), which is apparently over-the-counter in the UK, lucky for you, will help with the insomnia, as will the clonidine.

Staying in a hot shower will do a lot for you if your body temperature is going hot and cold.

Benzos will help you sleep along with the clonidine and anti-histamine. Other than the otc anti-histamines, you should be getting this stuff from a doctor. Swim suggests you go to the doc.

Good luck!
Old 07-12-2009, 04:39
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Re: opiate detox help!

Regardless of what your friend uses, WD, even after tapering is gonna be uncomfortable. As has been said already these effects can be minimised with anti-histamine (to help with sleep) and loperamide (for diarrhea) and Clonidine. Remember though it's easy to become addicted to another substance when quiting opiates, and although benzo's any help short term, she'd suggest if he really needs something to help him sleep go for Z drugs such as Zopicone, but again only short term use.

But the most important thing is not to just put down the drug but to deal with the psychological aspect of their addiction, changing their thinking. Putting healthy coping skills in place of "Oh I got a problem, I'll take a pill." And if he can get enough subs to use for a structured taper it will be easier. People assume their drug use is the problem, no that's the consequence. Unless other things are put in place, to replace drug use as the the coping tool, it will always be the only thing he has at his disposal when a crisis hits. And trust me, there's always gonna be one of them.

Try to help him to decide how he can avoid using after the WD is over. Once he begins to accomplish things drug free it will motivate him to continue. Be as supportive as you can, let him talk, he's gonna be feeling vulnerable and quite emotional. Reassure him this is normal. Sparkles also found it essential to let all medical professionals know about her past history and to ask them (if possible) to give her any non addictive pain meds when needed. This closes one door that can easily lead right back to square one, as your friend found out recently. Also check out other topics in the R & A forum, there are some excellent tips others have used.

Check out NA/AA, these places are good in early recovery as you have others going through the same thing ,so it can be an excellent support net work. He doesn't have to continue going, just when he need to. Try to help him get into a routine, however simple to begin with. Avoid other users and places he associates with drug use. So focus on that. Try to encourage your friend to get some fresh air everyday too, as this will help him feel more energised and he'll feel less isolated.

Perhaps see the doctor...and be honest, they've heard all of this before and may even have some additional support to offer. I'm sorry but atm Sparkles can think of nothing else that will help, after all his main goal at this present time is getting through this stage. Just keep reminding him he's done this before so he can do it again, positive re-enforcement is another important way you can help him. Please keep us updated as we're all more than happy to provide support as and when he needs it. Feel free to PM Sparkles at any time, if she can support him in any way, encourage him, she will. I hope all goes well.


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Old 08-12-2009, 12:36
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Re: opiate detox help!

Swim wishes Swiy would have elaborated on the extent of his usage a little more, but Swim will make due.

Swim just wants to provide Swiy with a few words of encouragement and reassurance, and, above all else, to let him know that hes not alone in his recovery.

Swim recently underwent a Cold Turkey Detox from Methadone (Methadose).


6 Mo.

Swim became Physically Dependent on Methadone during MMT, which he began in a feeble (Swim's insurance covered the entire cost, so why not right?) attempt to break his year-long Psychological Addiction to OxiContin.

*Fast Forwarding to the Present........Nov. 16th...............Nov. 28th........Dec. 3rd.....*

As of today, December 8th, Swim has been clean for 26 Days, and he can't help but as he reminds himself of just how ignorant and nervous he was just a short time ago.

Swim spent so much time preparing for and waiting to see the worst of this allegedly "wretched" withdrawal that was to be forthcoming that he turned out to be, in a sense, over prepared for what was to come.

The Morning of the first day without dosing was filled with Anxiety, but by early Afternoon, Swim felt like he had somehow been the beneficiary of an extremely helpful supervention: Swim was overtaken by an aura of confidence that absolutely annihilated any feelings of anxiety, fear, paranoia, or depression that manifested themselves within Swim's own mind.

Swim's new aura of confidence remained extremely vigilant in protecting his psyche for approximately 12-14 days, after which, the aura steadily began to dissipate until about the 17th or 18th day.

Despite the loss of the aura, the confidence itself remained, and it proved to be all Swim needed to overcome the withdrawal period.

Swim's "Golden Goose" for the whole withdrawal process was his unwavering belief in himself!

Swim has been rewarded with much self-gratification for drawing on his own inner-strength to disencumber himself from Methadone.

Swim advises Swiy to allow himself (if at all possible) a little time to become mentally "acclimated" to the idea of Cold Turkey Withdrawal.

In Swim's opinion, Cold Turkey Withdrawal is somewhat of a 'hit-or-miss' entity: Those Swiy who genuinely want to quit using at all costs, and have reached a point in life where they are simply done with the Cycle of Addiction tend to have a pretty fair success rate with regards to overcoming the Physical Withdrawals.

This may seem a bit simplistic, but Swim's own experience(s) and observations have indicated that the most important thing to possess when attempting to detox Cold Turkey (or any type of detox for that matter) from any Opiate is the "Mental Preparedness" to quit.

Swiy has to want to stop using more than anything else in the entire world, and if he wholeheartedly does, then Swim guarantees Swiy will succeed.

However, Swim must caution Swiy about the risk of quitting for someone other than Swiyself: Its almost certain to result in failure. If Swiy is being forced to detox by his girlfriend, parents, children, job, or court (etc...), then Swiy is almost certainly wasting his time, and unfortunately, will be extremely prone to relapsing in the future.

Good Luck!

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Old 08-12-2009, 15:11
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Re: opiate detox help!

swim knows swiy wanted natural, but swiy could always order some codeine#1 and than wean off so swiy wont have a bad wd. and/or kratom.

and some valerian/kava/5-htp mix for sleep/

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